Primrose School at West Lake

Parent Testimonials

  • We LOVE Primrose! Upon entering Primrose for the first time while searching for a pre-school for our then only child, we knew right away that this is where we wanted her to attend. The warm feeling, the reception we received, along with all of our questions answered, were just a few reasons why we chose Primrose. It was quite an adjustment for our child being that the first two years of her life were spent at home. She cried for the better part of her day for the first few weeks. At this point, we weren't sure that we had made the best decision for her to start school. The staff were very supportive with whatever decision we would make. We stuck it out and we are so happy we did. That little girl flourished and went on to attend the private kindergarten program at Holly Grove Primrose. She grew leaps and bounds during her time in that class. She is the little leader in her public school class that we always imagined that she would be. Our son started Primrose at age 2 also and now he is in Pre-K, loving his experience also. We plan on him attending the Kindergarten program next year just as his sister. The staff at Holly Grove are just as wonderful as they are at West Lake. We could now be any happier or more proud of our kids. Thank you Primrose for giving our kids this amazing beginning to their education.

    Robyn R


  • Do you ever get the feeling that you just KNOW something is right for you or your family? That is the feeling my husband and I got as soon as we visited the Primrose School at West Lake in the fall of 2008. So much so, that we did not visit any other child care facility in our area. Pregnant with our first child, we were extremely nervous about finding the right place for our baby. Where could we put him that we knew he would be well cared for, taught real life values, have healthy meals and snacks . . . and still be able to afford to live each month? Primrose at West Lake fit the bill for us. On our tour there, not a single child was crying – which was very telling in our eyes. Granted, not all moments are like that, but it just seemed that all the kids were happy, well-adjusted and the processes were super smooth. We were able to visit each and every classroom, so that we could see what it would be like throughout our years at Primrose, what they would learn in each class and what the student-teacher ratios were in each of the classrooms. We were given sample menus to see what they fed the children each day (which, if I ate this well every day, I would be thrilled!). The staff was super friendly and very comforting. Our son, now three and a half, is in the early preschool program and we were just as thrilled about sending our daughter to Primrose in 2011 (now in the older toddler program). Both of our kids went to school at a very early age (8 and 6 weeks respectively), a decision we have never regretted. We feel that they have both learned so much by being at Primrose – from the blessing, to the pledge of allegiance, lots of nursery rhymes (with adorable variations!), acceptable manners and behaviors, foreign language, social development skills all the way down to sign language. Primrose is the place for us – now and in the future. We wanted quality education, experts in the early childhood arena, loving individuals who would help guide us when things weren’t going so great and a nurturing environment for our babies. We got all of that . . . and more. Thank you, Primrose at West Lake family, for all that you do for us. You are an amazing team of dedicated individuals and we appreciate your neverending support and guidance!

    Monica O


  • We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Primrose family. Both of our children spent their early years at Primrose at West Lake, each starting around 18 months old and continuing through Pre-Kindergarten. We had one or both children enrolled from 2006 through 2012, and during this time we had such a positive experience! From the first tour to our tear filled goodbyes, we truly felt at home at this fantastic school. We continue to reap the benefits of the balanced curriculum offered at Primrose. Our children learned so much and have grown into caring and outgoing individuals, and we truly believe the "Primrose influence" helped shaped the incredible personalities each of them possess. For example, while exploring in the yard, I showed my son, who was three years old at the time, what I called a cocoon. He patiently explained to me that it was not a cocoon, but rather a chrysalis, and proceeded to recall the life cycle of a butterfly he had learned at school! My daughter was reading on a third grade level when she started Kindergarten and my son completed first grade math workbooks the summer before he started Kindergarten. Those are just a few examples of the academic benefits of attending Primrose. But the best part of the strong academic skills taught at this wonderful school is how much fun the children have while learning...everything is part of a song, dance, game or art project that keep the children engrossed and entertained. Many parents fear a preschool that has such a strong academic base will lack warmth and emotional support, but that is not the case at Primrose. The staff is nurturing and kind. They assist parents with sometimes daunting tasks, like potty training and naps, in a way that is positive for all involved. Children are encouraged to be creative and individuals. They are taught what it means to be a good friend. It is amazing to watch the children do things like collecting cans for the food drive, items to donate to the animal shelter, or books for children in need with such joy and pride. We remain 100% happy with our decision to make Primrose a part of our lives.

    Tonitoo family


  • As a full time working mother, finding the right place to leave my little girl for 9 or so hours every weekday is very important for both her well being and for my peace of mind. I have found that and more at Primrose at Westlake. I am constantly impressed with the level of care and quality of the curriculum that is offered here. No matter how early I drop her off or how late I pick her up the teachers are actively engaged with the children and they are always doing something both fun and educational. My child is so happy here and I feel good every morning driving away after dropping her off because I know she is going to have a great day! The meals and snacks are healthy and delicious. Her horizons have been expanded in so many ways and she will be completely ready for kindergarten when the time comes. The teachers are genuinely caring and have a positive and constructive approach regardless of the situation. Communication between staff and parents is excellent. I noticed my child develop exponentially as soon as I transferred her to Primrose from her previous daycare right when she turned 2. She was out of diapers in a couple of weeks (at night time too), she was learning Spanish, and constantly surprises me with her knowledge. She has developed excellent social skills and while she refuses to eat anything green at home told me that she ate a pea the other day at school because her best friend loves peas. I am confident that her day to day life at Primrose is the very best in every way possible. I am thrilled that I have found the perfect place for my little one.

    Dianne H


  • My son (9) has been in the after-school and track-out program (Explorers Club) since kindergarten. He initially started out at a different after-school/track-out program. We soon moved him over to Primrose because we preferred the structure and smaller class size they offered. The staff in the Explorers Club knows how to fun with kids while maintaining a respectful and calm environment. When it comes time to renew my son’s enrollment each year, we discuss other options with our son for after-school care. He always chooses to continue at Primrose! His decision to stay on is a true testament to how great the Primrose program is. The program continues to grow with his age and he thoroughly enjoys it. My daughter (5) has been at Primrose since she was just over a year old. I have always had peace of mind when leaving her at Primrose. She has been so well cared for in every classroom she has been in. Each teacher has treated her like she was one of their own children. In addition, the learning experience she has had at Primrose has more than prepared her for kindergarten. Her vocabulary, reasoning skills, ability to do basic math and read some has in no doubt been due to her experience at Primrose. I was also impressed recently when the staff worked with my daughter on building up her confidence in social situations. The staff noticed she was getting to be shy and not speaking up for herself within her circle of friends. Primrose worked with her on this and helped her to find her “voice” when it came to interactions with her friends. This is just one example of how the staff goes above and beyond the educational part of child development and I am so thankful for that. I can't say enough about the staff at Primrose. They have always felt like extended family to us. The care and education they provide is tops! I never hesitate to recommend Primrose to anyone.

    Christine E


  • I cannot say enough wonderful things about Primrose at West Lake. Our daughter (age 7 in second grade) and our son (age 5 in kindergarten) both attended Primrose. The teachers and staff have always been top notch--approachable, informative, kind, and compassionate. The facility is well maintained and clean. My children were both well loved and well taken care of while at Primrose. The strong preschool experiences they received prepared them very well for kindergarten. They both enjoyed attending and could not wait to arrive daily because they had so much fun! Thank you, Primrose at West Lake, for loving and caring for my two children. :)

    Kim L