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Dharati & Ambar Patel / Dimple & Jay Patel
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Dharati & Ambar Patel / Dimple & Jay Patel


Meet the proud owner and operator of Primrose School of Wayne, Dharati Patel and her husband, Ambar Patel. Along with co-owners, Dharati’s sister-in-law, Dimple Patel and her brother-in-law, Jay Patel. Their love for family and passion for community are what encouraged them to open their Primrose School.

Dharati and Ambar Patel’s son, Devin, was the first to enroll at Primrose School of Wayne and he was the first to experience the Balanced Learning™ approach. Early childhood education has always been a passion for Dharati, dating back to her very first job in high school teaching at a childcare center. It was then that she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in education, so she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Kean University. Dharati additionally pursued New Jersey certification in grades K-5 with a specialization in Language Arts for grades 6-8. Her degree led her back into a childcare setting where she worked as a director for various childcare centers. She deeply valued her experiences because every day was rewarding. Dharati was able to nurture and provide guidance to children, build trusted relationships with families, and lead a staff that eventually became a second family to her. However, after seven years serving as a childcare center director, she felt it was time to bring her experiences and skills to a school of her own to really bring her vision to life. She chose to partner with Primrose Schools because the Primrose curriculum represents the very best for young students and the culture perfectly matches her values and supports her leadership beliefs.

The Primrose philosophy that who children become is just as important as what they know resonated with Ambar, a former Division 1 Student-Athlete who had always tried to find the balance to excel both inside and out of the classroom. Now in Corporate America, Ambar continues to find a similar balance through social responsibility where he gives back to the local community through volunteer events annually. He values Primrose’s partnership with various organizations because it teaches children that no matter how big or small, everyone stands to make a difference in the world.

Dimple and Jay Patel are parents to three wonderful daughters; Misha, Shayla and Liya. As full-time working parents, they have first-hand experience with the struggles of finding high-quality, curriculum-based child care. They work in the healthcare field, both in a hospital setting and in the pharmaceutical industry, and therefore carry a strong sense of compassion along with dedication to giving back to the community and fostering an environment of well-being. Their unique perspectives will help them fully appreciate the needs of the children and families that they serve.

Together, The Patel family is fully committed to ensuring that they deliver more than a curriculum; it will be a life-changing early learning experience for the Primrose School of Wayne students and their families. The Patels look forward to welcoming you to the Primrose family!

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