Primrose School at Vista Lakes

Parent Testimonials

  • We love every single Primrose employee we come in contact with. They’re all so kind! Mrs. Wentzel and Ms. Velásquez are my son’s teachers and they are amazing. They do the coolest things with the class and always send us the best pics. We love our school and teachers!

    Christina A.


  • We have been at primrose vista lakes for 3 years. I love the teachers and how caring and supportive they are to the children. They are very thorough in their care and knowledge of the day's events. They also take the time to acknowledge all three of my children whether they still attend primrose or have moved on to the big kids school. Every teacher seems to know the name of every student. We have been very happy with primrose and their willingness to accommodate our children's ever changing needs.



  • We LOVE Primrose. We enrolled both of our children in Primrose in the Tampa area last year. My daughter flourished in their VPK program. She is now at the top of her kindergarten class! When we moved to Orlando we were delighted to find a new home at Vista Lakes. Out son, Elliot, loves going to school. He has learned so much and is well above where he "should" be as a 2-year-old. His teachers are delightful and love him so very much. The staff is amazing and has welcomed us with open arms. We are so lucky to be a part of the Primrose family and recommend the school to every parent we know. Thanks for giving our children the best start, Primrose!!

    Erika B.


  • I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Primrose at Vista Lakes! As a teacher myself, I tend to be quite critical of the educational experiences my children receive. With that being said, I can honestly say, the teachers and staff at Primrose have exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment we stepped in the door to drop off our application to the warm, welcome we have received every day since, the staff and teachers at this school serve as a wonderful model for others to follow. My daughter is in VPK with Ms. Holland and Ms. Soucie and these teachers are exceptional! When entering the classroom every day I see the love her teachers have for her and all the other students in the room. They truly care about their happiness and always provide the most encouraging environment fostering a love of learning and an excitement to come to school every day. Ms. Holland and Ms. Soucie exemplify the role of what a preschool teacher should be. Both Ms. Holland and Ms.Soucie provide an environment for our young children to thrive and so much more. Whether through the continuous encouragement to try new things and be risk takers, taking time to show an interest and ask children to share what is going on during their time outside of school or through the hand written, personalized "Happy Grams " we receive journaling the exciting things my daughter experiences every few weeks, Ms. Soucie and Ms. Holland are exceptional and are truly setting the path for our young children by encouraging exploration and lifelong learning. I would like to thank the staff and teachers at Primrose for all you do every day. You may not realize it, but every person in your organization has played a role in providing the positive experience we have every time we enter your doors. Whether it is the smiling faces we see when we enter the building who are always willing to help with anything we need; the Director, Ms. Carta, welcoming us with a smile and always being there to answer any questions we have; my daughter’s teachers Ms. Soucie and Ms. Holland and all they do every day to foster a love of learning, or my daughter’s encounters with Mr. Perry whose huge smile and storytelling provide much enjoyment for our children and are one of the many reasons our children enjoy coming to school every day, we appreciate everything each of you do! Thank You!

    Bonnie P.


  • We have two boys enrolled in Primrose Vista Lakes. The eldest is in Preschool, while the youngest is in toddlers. I spend 30-40 minutes every morning in class to play with our Preschooler. I really enjoy the experience and know the teachers well. The staff members and teachers are wonderful. The Primrose curriculum and methodology contributes to a healthy and friendly environment for learning. We debated on getting a nanny, however, the benefits of classroom interactions are indispensable.

    Souza-Phan Family


  • Our oldest son, Brennan, came to Primrose after being care for at home by his Daddy for six months. We weren't sure how he would adjust to new caregivers and classmates. The Primrose teachers and staff were very warm, encouraging and supportive of the transition. Brennan is now three and a big brother. Next month, his baby brother will begin Primrose at Vista Lakes in the infant classroom. We are very excited to keep the boys together at the same school. Primrose has been very encouraging of parent and grandparent involvement, and extremely supportive of our oldest son as he moved to a new classroom and became a big brother all at around the same time. We're thankful to have such a loving, supportive and educational environment for our children.

    Ray B & Katie M.


  • My son Deric started at Primrose Vista Lakes in 2012 when he was 2 yrs old. I was so pleased with such a wonderful first learning experience in a school environment for my first born. Since then, we had moved around a bit and he attended 3 different schools. Making the mistake of comparing them all to Primrose Vista Lakes, I was never happy with any other school for my son. They were just not warm enough, and friendly enough, and my son didn't learn like he did at Primrose Vista Lakes. By then, I had a second little boy, Jayden, who I also wanted to make sure had the best start in life and education. When the opportunity presented itself in 2013 for Deric to go return to Primrose Vista Lakes, I almost cried tears of joy! Unfortunately, at that time, a medical emergency made it so Deric would not be able to attend for another 2 months after the opening came available. Primrose Vista Lakes so graciously told me they would hold his spot for as long as necessary! Finally Deric was able to return after about 2 1/2 months. Joyfully, there was also a spot available for my little one Jayden, and he also started at 2 yrs old, and had the same teacher that Deric had when he started at 2 yrs old. Deric has now graduated from the Kindergarten Program here and will be advancing early (based on the age cutoff) to 1st grade in an A-Rated Public School due to his academic excellence nurtured by Primrose Vista Lakes. I am so pleased that my youngest son, Jayden, will get to go through his initial formative academic years at this exemplary school establishment. My only complaint would be that they don't go all the way to 5th grade!

    Shelayna W.