Primrose School of Oviedo

Parent Testimonials

  • Aiden Bermudez has been attending Primrose in Oviedo for the past year. He has learned a lot during this period of time. The teachers are kind and professional. My Son distinguishes his numbers, colors, and shapes. He also enjoys music and movements with their puppet friend Billy the duck. He always comes home with different projects that he makes during the day as the teachers follow their curriculum. My wife and I are very happy he is in a loving and educational environment.

    Ruben B.


  • I have nothing but positive things to say about this school. Starting with the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Parrot are always greeting their families with a smile. The staff are all approachable, receptive, pleasant, patient and professional. I have the pleasure to have met several outstanding teachers including ms. Garrison and Ms. Bednar. These two teachers have gone over and beyond and their true passion for teaching really does shine. Ms. Garrison is emits a positive energy and make the children feel safe and comforted. Ms. Bednar strives to provide enriched curriculum for her students in aims to prepare them for grade school. I have been extremely pleased with Primrose Oviedo and recommend this school to any family looking for a safe, clean and nurturing environment for their children.

    Varsha C.


  • My daughter has been at Primrose Oviedo since the first day it opened! Lina and Nate Parrott have been amazing. They are so involved and "over the top" when it comes to providing for the children, as well as for their staff. The front office is always so helpful and welcoming, we look forward to seeing Ms. Matlock, Ms. Harris and Ms. Gorman in the mornings and afternoons. Ms. Garcia has been making the delicious meals and my daughter hugs her every day! All of our teacher have been wonderful - Ms. Deyarmin, Ms. DiPolito, Ms. Harris, Ms. Hague have all been instrumental in the development (and potty-training!) of our daughter! This year, we have seen incredible strides in Ms Garrison and Ms. Cox's class. Our daughter knows all of her letters and the sounds that they make, knows her numbers and has identified patterns EVERYWHERE. Our daughter loves going to school and loves her teachers so much, that she has asked if they can be part of our family. We could not be more thrilled with our experience at Primrose. I have included a photo of our daughter and Ms. Garrison.

    Cristina F.


  • As a first time parent, we didn’t know what to expect from a school. After looking at different centers around the area we couldn’t find one that met every need we wanted for our son. As soon as we visited Primrose we knew that was where we wanted our son to go. Our son started Primrose School of Oviedo in their Early Preschool program in October 2011.We are very happy to be able to interact and share with a team as professional as it is Primrose School and we are very grateful for all the help they provide us when we need it. Ms. Matlock, Mr. Nate and Mrs. Lina Parrot have been wonderful. Ms. Gorman and Ms. Harris at the front office are always so cooperative, helpful and really friendly. Ms. Garcia has been making delicious meals and she is very friendly too. All the teachers have been wonderful; Ms. Hague, Ms. Fleming, Ms. Deyarmin, Ms. DiPolito have all been involved in the development of our son. Now our son is in Preschool 2 with Ms. Garrison and Ms. Cox and this year we have seen amazing advancements in his class. Our son has learned a lot during this period of time. He now knows all his letters and sounds. He distinguishes the numbers, colors, and shapes. Ms. Garrison and Ms. Cox always give positive energy and they make the children feel safe and comforted. Also, they have been very special, kind and professional with us. We understand that our son has taken his time to start speaking, and we realized that Ms. Garrison and Ms. Cox have been taking care of him and been very patient too, and for that we are very grateful. Our son loves going to school and loves his teachers so much. My husband and I have great confidence in Primrose’s friendly and caring staff and we feel comfortable leaving our son there every day. We have no doubt in recommending Primrose School to others. We are so glad we chose Primrose School. Thank you so much to all of you!



  • My son started at Primrose School of Oviedo last year and we have nothing but great things to say about the school. My son loves coming to school everyday and he loves his teachers very much. He talks very highly of them to everyone every chance he can. It is as if they are apart of our family now. As he grew this year and learned so many new things, I would ask him "Where did you learn that?" His response is always, "Ms. Lilly taught me!" He is always eager to run in and tell Ms. Lilly and Ms. Fleming about his night or what he did over the weekend or about something that he might have just learned; and no matter what they stop and listen, no matter how many times he retells it or if it just seems to drag on. He has grown so much this past year and Ms. Lilly has done such an awesome job at helping him grow every step of the way and giving him the tools he needs to succeed next year in Pre-K!!! I know that I can comfortably leave my son with them and know that he is being well taken care of and becoming a smart, kind and loving child. I am very excited for him to go to Pre-K next year at Primrose!!! The management staff is awesome and they are always there to help with any concern or question that you may have, and no matter what, when you walk through those front doors they are there to greet you with a big smile and a "Hi! how are you?" This school has been a great stepping stone for my child and I recommend it to anyone.



  • I have been very blessed that my granddaughter is attending primrose again this year you may or may not know that being a grandparent has many blessings as also many stressors. Her mother and father did their homework a couple of years ago and chose Primrose for my granddaughter to attend. Within the first week this school/play showed a lot of promise to come. My granddaughter was making new friends, and had a thirst for learning each day. Although she has moved up to the next class I would like to thank Mrs. Garrison and Mrs. Cox for the love and patience they exhibited throughout the school year. Want to know how I knew what happened in the classroom? Listen to the little ears. They will mock what they have seen and heard. More often than not my granddaughter wanted to play school. The tough decision for her was she going to play Mrs. Garrison or Mrs. Cox. Yes we played teacher many days. Parents listen they will emulate what they have seen and heard. Thank for the staff's help and encouragement. And we look forward to a new year and all of the excitement that it brings.

    Kathy D.