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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Kent and Becky Cookson, Chris Lang and Shannan Meyer
Shannan Meyer and Chris Lang
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Shannan Meyer and Chris Lang


Welcome to the Primrose School at Lowry! Like all Primrose Schools, we are locally owned and managed. Chris Lang and Shannan Meyer are the owners of the Primrose School at Lowry, working together since 2008. Both Shannan and Chris are Colorado natives with many years of dedication to the early childhood field. They pride themselves on ensuring that our school offers the best early care and education to the children and families we serve.

As a team Chris and Shannan work hard to ensure that our school provides the best educational childcare, preschool and kindergarten in the Denver community. Both Chris and Shannan’s children are Primrose graduates so they know firsthand the importance parents place on the safety and education of their children. It is their honor and privilege that parents entrust their children to our care and they are committed to living up to that trust.

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