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Mike Patel

My wife and I are proud parents of two, fun and loving school-aged boys. Due to our demanding work schedules, both of our boys attende...

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Mike Patel


My wife and I are proud parents of two, fun and loving school-aged boys. Due to our demanding work schedules, both of our boys attended early childhood programs from infancy-age 5, allowing us to realize the benefits of early childhood education firsthand. The foundation of skills children build in the first five years of life affects their learning and success later on, making early education all the more critical to prepare children not only for elementary school but for life. 

One of the biggest benefits of Primrose’s learning approach is that classroom experiences go beyond academics. Primrose School teachers guide children as they learn letters, numbers, science and more, but they also weave in character development and life skills opportunities throughout the day so children can develop social and relationship skills.

Today, we are proud owners of three Primrose School locations throughout the DMV region. Our goal is to provide a diverse, inclusive environment for children and families that is representative of the thriving communities in which we’re located. We are committed to creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere in our schools that enable children to exercise their Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts. We are so excited to partner with your family and look forward to meeting you soon!

See What's Happening in Our School

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    More than a Daycare

    Our Balanced Learning approach to child care makes us different than an ordinary Bethesda daycare. Right down the street from Suburban Hospital and next to Battery Lane Urban Park, we are conveniently located on Glenbrook Road.

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    Our Programs

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten

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    Infant Care

    At Primrose, your child will get more than an infant daycare experience. Our teachers help your child develop and grow, building one skill upon another, which is why we are the leader in infant child care.

  • Learning Through Play

    Learning Through Play

    Little ones’ rapidly developing brains turn the ordinary into extraordinary during playtime. Play, especially make-believe or pretend play, allows children to explore, imagine, create and interact with others. Pretend play promotes cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development in children, helping to build a strong foundation for future learning.

  • The Solar System

    The Solar System

    For Science, our Early Preschoolers learned about the solar system. At Primrose, implementing lessons about the solar system is essential for understanding the origin and evolution of planets, along with the conditions necessary for life. Many children are fascinated by the vastness of the universe, and introducing conversations about things like the planets and solar system will engage and nurture their inquisitive minds.

  • Hands-On Learning

    Hands-On Learning

    At Primrose, we believe young children learn best through hands-on experiences. With purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers, our Balanced Learning approach inspires children to think in more ways: with creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. This time-tested approach instills a love of learning and discovery that helps your child develop and excel for years.

  • Professional Development Day

    Professional Development Day

    For our teacher In-service day, we practiced Harmony and Heart lessons. In a time where social and emotional skills are valued more than ever before, our Harmony & Heart program helps children develop in ways that will benefit them beyond early education. They will not only grow as musicians, but also as students and people. This unique approach combines music and exclusive Primrose children's books in a variety of ways so children aren't just learning about rhythm and melody; they're also learning how to be creative thinkers, good listeners and kind people.

  • Benjamin the Bear

    Benjamin the Bear

    During circle time, Benjamin the Bear helps us learn about different colors. Today we were able to classify different foods into groups based on their colors. At Primrose, our early preschoolers are preparing for preschool by engaging in sorting activities to help develop a range of thinking skills and build the foundations for later problem-solving.

  • Og's Birthday

    Og's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Og! Og shows students the best way to establish trust among individuals is through caring. This month, our love for reading and our Bountiful book drive donation is all decided to Og!

  • Inspire a Love of Learning

    Inspire a Love of Learning

    The Balanced Learning® system, consistently delivered in all Primrose Schools nationwide, is designed to provide high quality educational experiences to support children’s social-emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development. It is made up of an exclusive standards-based curriculum that enables teachers to help children gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to move successfully from one level of development to the next as well-rounded individuals. The system also offers developmentally appropriate materials and equipment for all classrooms; multiple forms of assessment; and extensive training for teachers.

  • Math At Primrose

    Math At Primrose

    At Primrose, early experiences with math help children develop reasoning skills, inventiveness and persistence in problem solving. Our math program introduces numbers, measurement and patterns through hands-on learning. Our toddlers learn about numbers and counting through books to grow their math confidence, help to build critical thinking skills, and create a foundation for success in math.

  • Learning About the Sun

    Primrose Balanced Learning

    At Primrose, each child learns in different ways. The Primrose Balanced Learning approach provides teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate children’s natural curiosity and to fully support each child while building problem solving skills and confidence. Today, we learned about the sun and its important influences on our planet.

  • Happy Lunar New Year

    Happy Lunar New Year

    Happy Lunar New Year! There’s a whole world full of different cultures and traditions for children to discover, and at Primrose, we bring diversity and new ways of thinking into our lessons every day. Our students celebrated Lunar New Year through our Primrose Harmony & Heart music program, which helps children learn about music and cultures from all over the world and create a sense of belongingness.

  • National Kite Day

    National Kite Day

    Happy National Kite Flying Day! Today, Primrose students explored kites by making an arts and crafts and learning about the greater world of scientific discovery and technological inventions. The colors of kites, the heights they can reach, and the wild journeys they take in the sky make them a treasure of imagination.

  • Are you smarter than a Primrose Student?

    Are you smarter than a Primrose Student?

    During February, Primrose students are learning all about changes in the world around us with our Patterns of Change lesson. Similar to the patterns we follow daily, like eating breakfast in the morning or putting on pajamas before bed, the sky follows patterns each day and night. Follow our facebook and test your knowledge to see how many questions you get right!

  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of our Primrose families. At Primrose, we are celebrating Valentine's Day by teaching our students the importance of being loving, kind and caring people. Today, our students are making a Valentine's Day arts and crafts as we discuss what we love most in this world. This month, OG the Bookworm is a great example of how caring for others makes the world a better place.

  • Craftivity


    At Primrose, art and learning to be creative play a very important role in our curriculum. Art is a fun way for children of all ages to express themselves, and it also helps them develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and self-expression. Today, we learned about different colors using paint. Introducing names of different colors at a young age helps kids sort, organize, categorize, and compare objects.

  • Meet Mia

    Meet Mia

    At Primrose, we believe eating a variety of healthy foods and drinks supports children as they grow, develop and learn. Since infant and child cognitive development is dependent on adequate nutrition, Mia the Mouse helps us make healthy eating choices. To celebrate national yogurt day, we made our own frozen yogurt bowls using Greek yogurt and fruit.

  • Spring into Science

    Spring into Science

    At Primrose, we love how science explorations build on the natural curiosity children have about the world around them. For example, students learned about reflection and light energy using mirrors to reflect the sun. The Primrose Balanced Learning curriculum supports children’s innate desire to learn through investigation and experimentation. In the classroom, intentional experiences introduce little ones to new concepts and ideas in engaging ways.

  • Happy February

    Happy February

    As we begin February, Primrose is excited to announce our Og’s Bountiful Book Drive. Primrose will be collecting new or gently used children's books which can be distributed to families in need of books. We are filled with pride to see Primrose children across the country engaging in giving back and learning character traits like compassion and curiosity by participating in Og's Bountiful Book Drive each year.

  • Wonder Time 1

    Wonder Time 1

    At Primrose, Wonder Time is a great way to facilitate children’s fine motor skills. These skills have a profound impact on cognitive development and emotional well-being. During Wonder Time 1, the teacher modeled marching while swinging a scarf back and forth to help foster motor and physical development skills.

  • 2024 Summer Adventure Club

    2024 Summer Adventure Club

    At Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club, your child will discover new things every day and they'll have a great time doing it. They'll explore hands on activities like sports, robotics and more that encourage them to think with creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. School may be out for the summer, but learning is still in.

  • Primrose School of Downtown Bethesda Staff

    Primrose School of Downtown Bethesda Staff

    Primrose School of Downtown Bethesda Open House Staff.

  • sorting

    Math with Molly the Cow!

    Sorting our colored bears!

  • sorting

    Math with Molly the Cow!

    Sorting our colored bears!

We'd love for your family to meet ours.