Primrose School at Cibolo Canyons

Parent Testimonials

  • I cannot be happier with Primrose at Cibolo Canyons. The communication is awesome! I love hearing and receiving information on what my son is doing everyday. As a parent, it helps me reinforce his positive habits and grow his learning skills when I work with him at home. Family and friends are always impressed with my son's vocabulary and problem solving skills. He is definitely getting ahead in his education with this school and everyone has noticed. I absolutely recommend this school to anyone who's interested in having their child get the most in their early years.

    Jessica K


  • We enrolled our children at the Primrose School at Cibolo Canyons when they opened and we can not be happier. The teachers are caring and wonderful with the kids and also the Parents. I have been very happy with the excellent communication between the school and parents regaurding any illnesses that may be going around in the classroom, helping us to make sure our children stay as healthy as possible. The curriculum is wonderful as well, our children surprise us almost daily with new things they have taught in class. Primrose has been wonderful for my child, as well as my entire family. I highly recommend primrose at cibolo canyons!



  • My husband & I have been so pleased with Primrose School at Cibolo Canyons since we placed our daughter there last May. From the owners, to the school Director to the teachers -- everyone is top notch and cares for the children in the very best way possible. We have specifically been impressed with our daughters teachers she has had since moving to her new class because of her age development level- she is learning so much from them! I like that they appropriately challenge the kids, are teaching them wonderful manners and lessons of course allow them to have fun and be creative through their art work and free play. Our daughter looks forward to going to school each day and even asks on the weekends if school is open so she can go see her teachers school friends. As a full time working mom it is very important for me that the school where my daughter is all day is somewhere I can trust that she is being well taken care of and above all - loved. I rest easy when my husband or I take our daughter to the Primrose school at Cibolo Canyons because they fulfill all of these expectations. I think for any parent who works out of the home and has someone else watching helping to raise their child it is essential that they feel content with the education care their child is receiving and we certainly feel that way about this school its programs. I highly recommend the Primrose School at Cibolo Canyons!

    Sarah M


  • Primrose School of Cibolo Canyons is certainly an extension of our family. Already familiar with Primrose Schools, yet new to the area…we were thrilled about the opening of Primrose School in Cibolo Canyons. We watch in amazement each day, week, and month as our 2 year old son continues to learn and thrive! The curriculm at Primrose School is second to none! Our son can recite from memory the entire Pledge of Allegiance! And more than him just knowing it, he has such a confidence when he says it! We know and believe this comes from the confidence and love being instilled in him each day by his awesome teachers and the wonderful staff of Primrose School of Cibolo Canyons! We love our Primrose School and couldn’t imagine having any other school as part of our son's life!

    The Watts Family


  • My husband and I are so grateful for the opportunity of having our daughter enrolled with Primrose at Cibolo Canyons. All the teachers and staff are genuinely friendly. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing our child is being well taken care of while learning in a very warm environment. We love seeing how much she has learned and how it has become a part of her. She has become such a little singer due to their music appreciation program too. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    Zhehan C


  • I cannot say enough about our experience at the Primrose School at Cibolo Canyons. My son has learned so much it is incredible. He has accomplished milestones I did not even think were possible. He loves going to school everyday. The teachers are kind, gentle, loving, and extremely experienced. As a mother, it is so important to have peace of mind knowing your child is well cared for and loved. I have this peace of mind everyday at Primrose.

    Jessica A