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Franchise Owner of Primrose School Ankit Patel with his wife
Ankit Patel
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Ankit Patel


Meet Ankit Patel – proud Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Cherry Hill. As a long-time resident of South Jersey, working dad and an experienced business owner, Ankit is thrilled to bring the Primrose Experience of premier early education and care to the families of Cherry Hill.

Ankit first learned about Primrose Schools in 2015 through his friend and hospitality business partner who opened his own Primrose school in Maryland. Both personally understood the toll that the hospitality industry could have on family life, and as an expecting parent, Ankit knew that his next business venture needed to be more family-friendly and allow him to spend time with his wife, Dr. P., and their future children. He noticed a lack of high-quality early education in their local community, so he decided to combine his strong business background with his passion for education and family to open a Primrose school in South Jersey.

“I have lived in South Jersey all my life, and when my wife and I knew we were expecting our first child, we realized we needed to build a stronger foundation for the children in our community, including our own,” said Ankit. “Our community has been lacking in this area, and all children deserve the high-quality early education and care that our Primrose school will provide.”

With experience in operations, development and management, Ankit will be managing the day-to-day operations of the school. His bachelor’s degree in finance from Drexel University in Philadelphia will also help with the business side of the school. As a pediatric hospitalist, Ankit's wife has a passion for children and their well-being.  

“We believe in the research-based Balanced Learning® approach, which encourages curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion because who children become is as important as what they know,” Ankit said. “Primrose Schools promotes the same nurturing, loving and learning environment I want for my own children, and I can’t wait to see the children and families in our community grow with Primrose.”

Slated to open in early 2018, Primrose School of Cherry Hill will feature the Balanced Learning approach, which nurtures intellectual, creative, physical and social-emotional development. Ankit and Padmavathy’s first child will be one of the first students enrolled in the school, and the family cannot wait to provide the Primrose Experience to the children and families of South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

Primrose School of Cherry Hill is located at 1875 Route 70 East. For more information, visit


See What's Happening in Our School

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    Parents Looking for Child Care in Cherry Hill

    We aren't just a daycare in Cherry Hill, we are a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. We are conveniently located just minutes down the road from James F. Cooper Elementary School off of Route 70 East.

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    Our Programs (Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years)

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

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    We bus to the following elementary school:

    Richard Stockton Elementary School

  • Painting

    Teacher's Night Out

    The teachers had an evening out after work. They decided to all go to Pinot's Pallett, as a painting party. You can see their creative talents in the beautiful art pieces.


    Ramps, tubes, tunnels and balls

    The Prekindergarten children were given tubes, tunnels, ramps and balls to explore. This was a great way to give children the experience to work together to create a complex ramp system. They used other materials in the classroom to help make the balls start at a high point and use the track to make the ramps go further.

  • Martin Luther King Day

    "For you I have a Dream"

    During Martin Luther King, we gave the parents a chance to share their dream for their child. We displayed the parent's responses in the hallway and many parents, during pick up, stopped to read letter their child.

  • Home School Connection

    Celebrating Martin Luther King

    In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, the children read books, saw a video about his dream of love and heard songs about his dream. As a home school connection, we asked the parent to write a message to their child about the parent’s dream for their child. The template was “For you I have a dream”. The letters were read to the children prior to naptime and then hung in the hallway for all to read.

  • practicing dialing a phone number.

    What is a phone number?

    Today we discussed what we should do if we every got lost. One very important thing you should know is your phone number so that you can have a trusted adult, such as a teacher or police officer, help you call your parents. Then, we practiced dialing a phone number (Primrose phone number) on our large floor keypad.

  • Push and Pull

    Things that help us Pull

    Our Unit about 'Push and Pull', gave the infants practiced with toys to pull them so they could be closer to them. Then the infants practiced pushing the toys away from themselves. This exercise gave the infants hands on experience to notice the difference while introducing new vocabulary words.

  • Home school connection.

    Luke's is taking Og's Reading Bag home.

    Each week, a child gets to take home the Og's Reading Bag. It is a very special bag. The child takes the bag home and selects their favorite book to draw a picture about and put it into Og's Reading Binder. On Monday, the child brings the book and the bag back to school and shares the book with the class. This week it is Luke's turn.

  • Counter Balance

    Thumbs Up!

    In counter-balance activities, the children will extend body parts out from their bodies to remain on balance. Extensions to one side of the body require extensions to the other side in order to stay on balance. The children were scattered in the space where they had room to work safely.

  • The school has a new lunch provider.

    "I am going to eat the whole thing"

    We have a new lunch provider. The school is supporting a local restaurant by switching to having them provide lunch. Today's lunch was a veggie patty, sliced tomato and lettuce on a soft bun. The side dish was cucumber strips. The children's review of the new lunches is an empty plates.

  • Making a Healthy Shopping List

    Happy Heart - Healthy Heart

    Today we made a shopping list of healthy foods so that we have a balance of all of the five food groups.

  • The Kindergarten class are using math to build a snowman.

    Let's Build a Snowman

    Students rolled a die and placed that number of buttons on the middle section of the snowman template. Then, students repeated this process for the bottom section of their snowman. Then, we counted the total number of buttons and stated our addition sentence represented by the snowman to our group members.

  • Voting for a Favorite Primrose Friend

    Election Day

    On Election Day, the school had an Election for favorite Primrose Friend. The children had a chance to go into the conference room and cast their secret ballot. When the voting was over, the Kindergarten class counted all the ballots. Counting the ballots gave the Kindergarten class a chance to practice making stroke counts and tallies. The announced winner on Election Day was Mia the Mouse.

  • Preschool on the search for Fall outside.

    Looking for Signs of Fall

    Today, the Preschool class, went outside and observe carefully for signs of fall. We used paper and writing utensils to sketch something interesting about fall. We learned sketch means to draw.

  • Outdoor Fun

    Infants Play on Their Playground

    The infants have their own playground so they go outside everyday. They have a musical playground piece that plays music by tapping the keys. It is such an advantage having a playground just made for infants.

  • Presentation of Donations from 'Bea' fun Walk

    'Bea Gone with Childhood Cancer Fun Walk'

    The Primrose School hosted a 'Bea' Gone with Childhood Cancer Fun Walk' on October 2. The walk was to support a child who was enrolled at our school that was diagnosed with cancer. The children had worked all week to collect pennies to donate and they earned $726.00. There was an obstacle course, raffle baskets, Penny Chase and food. The event collected $3000.00. Mr. Patel, the owner, matched the donations collected and in total raised $6000.00. A check was presented to the family surrounded by teachers who gave their time and heart to this event.

  • Can you retell the story?

    Beginning, Middle, End

    Today we read, "Apple Farmer Annie" by Monica Wellington. We talked about the beginning, middle and end of the story. We used pictures to retell the story. The children were asked guided question such as: What is the first thing Annie did? What did Annie do in the middle of the story? What happened last? How did the book end?

  • What kind of bug is this?

    Look what we found on our playground!

    The toddlers were outside when they found a different bug. It was a praying mantis. They noticed the long legs and watched how it moved. It was the perfect chance for a teachable moment while playing.

  • Look at the Fire Truck

    Cherry Hill Fire Department Visits the School

    Cherry Hill Fire Department came to visit all the children at the school. The children were speechless to see all what a Fire Truck has on the truck. Thank you Cherry Hill Fire Department for letting us see a real fire truck.

We'd love for your family to meet ours.