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Primrose School of Cherry Hill

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    Parents Looking for Child Care in Cherry Hill

    We aren't just a daycare in Cherry Hill, we are a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. We are conveniently located just minutes down the road from James F. Cooper Elementary School off of Route 70 East.

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    Our Programs (Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years)

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

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    We bus to the following elementary school:

    Richard Stockton Elementary School

  • Water, Water Everywhere!

    The Splash Pad is open!

    What perfect summer activity, play in the Splash Pad. The children get multiple times to play in the Splash Pad during the summer months!

  • Join Us for our 'Open Air, Open House' on August 6 from 4:00 - 6:00.

    We are hosting an outdoor Open House. Walk around the playgrounds, view and meet the teachers in their classrooms from the playgrounds. See examples of the Kindergarten Curriculum and learn about our Explorers All Day Program as a Virtual Learning Support. RSVP at

  • Primrose School of Cherry Hill is Open

    WE ARE OPEN!!!!

    Our school is now open.

  • Be safe, take care and be healthy!

    We will all get through this together and stronger than ever!

    The teachers went given a small survival kit to help them remain safe and healthy during the time we are closed due to the COVID-19. We will all we back together soon!

  • Re Connecting children to teachers and teachers to children

    Cookie Drive at Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    The children have been asking about their teacher and the teachers have been asking about their children, so it was time to make the connection to each other. We hosted a 'Cookie Drive'. Cars could drive around the parking that was lined with teachers giving away cookies. It gave the children to have a conversation or give pictures to their teachers. It was an opportunity for the children to see their teachers wearing masks before coming back to school so the children are not so surprised the first day back to school. There was a steady stream of cars during the entire drive. It was a fun event with the chance to make a connection children to teachers.

  • Water , water every where

    How much water can I pick up?

    Early Preschool 2 classroom was experimenting with water and large eye droppers. The activity allowed open experiment with a new tool and attempting to squeezing up all the water. Once the water is picked up, they release the water in the tray, which made a splash and gave the children a giggle. This simple activity strengthen fine motor muscles and practiced eye hand coordination.

  • Thumbs Up

    Can you jump inside the hoop and land on the red mark?

    Thumbs Up is part of our Balanced Learning Approach, it isolates specific skills children need to strengthen as part of their physical development. This day, children were asked to jump into the hoop. The activity strengthen their legs while making a control jump.

  • Infants love to be read to, it is a vital element of their development.

    Infant Story Time

    You can see the infants are excited about having a story time. It is also noticeable that the infants recognize that a story is about to be read to them, that is why they are crawling over to the teacher. The teacher is welcoming the infants with joy and a nurturing spirit.

  • Thank you Master Sergeant

    Honoring Primrose School of Cherry Hill Veteran

    The Kindergarten class wrote thank you letters to the Master Sergeant who's children attend our school.The cards were hand delivered to Master Sergeant and then pictures were taken. The Master Sergeant is planning on returning to the Kindergarten class with maps to show all the countries he has visited.

  • Where are the leaves coming from?

    The Leaves are Falling

    Early Preschool noticed leaves on their playground, this was another change on their playground. Where were the leaves coming from? The children were given binoculars to investigate. They looked up at the trees and watched as leaves were falling. This was an introduction to using instruments to make observations.

  • Searching for Fall

    Preschool visits the Primrose Patch

    For our STEAM Activity today, our class was able to go on a Nature walk and explore Fall. Luckily, the rain had stopped just in time! After reading the book ‘Exploring Fall’ by DeGezelle, students grabbed their own magnifying glasses and examined things that they believed to be signs of Fall. Some of the signs we discussed were the changing colors of plants, leaves on the ground, certain plants dying, and even some animals collecting food in preparation for winter. Other signs may be what kind of clothes people have on (sweaters and long pants), the chill in the air, or the lack birds who may have already migrated! We had a blast exploring our environment!

  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten on a hayride to the pumpkin patch.

    Primrose School goes to Johnson's Farm

    The children in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten visited Johnson's Farm. They rode a hay-wagon on their way to the pumpkin patch. They also visited the apple orchard and pick apples right off the tree. The children came off the bus with bags of apples and a pumpkin they picked form the farm.

  • Grandparents came to Primrose School for a story and special snack.

    Grandparent's Special Snack

    Grandparents came to hear a story and share a special snack. One Grandfather decided he wanted to read the story. The children all listened very intently to the Grandfather as he read the story. After the snack, it was time to go to the playground for more fun.

  • Miss Danielle is introducing the children and their names on the first day of school.

    First Day in Preschool Pathway!

    Preschool Pathway is a program for the children who miss the cutoff for their school's date for entering Kindergarten. These children have birthdays in the Fall. This curriculum is a way to align the child without having to repeat a year.

We'd love for your family to meet ours.