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Primrose School of Cherry Hill

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  • Is large group Kindergarten right for your child? Worried about before and after school care?

    Is a private small group Kindergarten a better fit for your child? Explore the options at our Lunch'N;Learn luncheon on June 26 at 12:00 at Primrose School of Cherry Hill. RSVP at Look forward to seeing you there.

  • First Kindergarten Graduating Class

    First Kindergarten Graduation

    The Kindergarten class along with their teacher, Miss Lauren, wrote and learned songs about their year together. It was a bittersweet ceremony since we said good bye to some of the children that have been at the school since the first day the school opened. Good Luck to the graduates of the Primrose School of Cherry Hill.

  • Prekindergarten graduation

    Congratulations to the first graduating class of the Primrose School of Cherry Hill!

    On June 7, Primrose School of Cherry Hill hosted our first Graduation Ceremony for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten. Each class sang and danced about their year together. The children selected the songs and along with their teacher,Mr. Avery, they re-wrote the lyrics. After the ceremony, families and friends gathered for a luncheon outside on the playground.

  • Infants outside

    The infants are outside on their own age appropriate playground exploring the musical play equipment. Since the infants have their own playground, they have the ability to go outside everyday. The infants can have a sensory experience with the touch of grass.The next outside sensory experience will be the splash pad during summer.

  • Red Nose Day!

    Red Nose Day

    The teachers and children support the 'Red Nose Day' by wearing red noses. Red Nose Day is a national day to bring awareness to children in poverty and contributing to organizations that support these children in need. It was a fun day while supporting a worthy cause, children.

  • "I made breakfast for Mom and I even went to the 'market' to make your breakfast'.

    "Happy Mother's Day Mom, I made breakfast for you".

    For Mother's Day, we turned the conference room into the Mother's Day Market. Chef Deb put out a variety of breakfast items like muffins, fruit cups, breakfast bars and water. The children could 'shop' and placed the breakfast items they thought Mom would like in their shopping bag for her to take to work. Moms were surprised at the variety of the selection of the breakfast foods.

  • As a friend holds the bag with the eggs...

    What is inside?

    Someone could not wait to see what was in the bag.

  • The infants first egg hunt at school.  They used the eggs as musical instruments by shaking the eggs.

    Even the Infants hunted for Eggs

    What are these eggs? What can I do with them? It was a chance to explore a new item in their classroom.

  • Hunting for Eggs

    Hunting for Eggs

    The playground was scattered with multi-colored eggs for the children to find. For this child, it was a very successful find.

  • March Madness at Primrose School of Cherry Hill!

    March Madness at Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    March Madness at Primrose School of Cherry Hill benefited one of our families foundation, 'Hold the Door for Others'. The foundation supports families through grief process and was founded after the family lost a loved one at 911. By the simple act of holding the door for others, people did make it out of the building. The hallway of the school was turned into a basketball court with many hoops of various heights for all the children. We were asking for a penny a shot. The children raised over $145.00 for the foundation.

  • It was brown day at Primrose School of Cherry Hill in celebration of Peanut the Pony's birthday.

    Happy Birthday Primrose Friend Peanut the Pony!

    The children had the choice of dressing in brown for Peanut's birthday. One child decided to dress like Peanut. The Primrose Puppets are an element of our character development curriculum. Each month, a new Primrose Puppet is chosen and their character trait is the focus of the month.Our statement, "We believe who children become is as important as what they learn", is embedded in our curriculum, in our philosophy and in our culture at the school.

  • Rhythm & Notes

    Rhythm & Notes

    This toddler is trying to stand on one foot during the Rhythm & Notes , our music class at the school. The children are exposed to playing with a variety of instruments, learning about the tempo, following a musical pattern and movement with music. The children's daily schedule includes music from The Music Class everyday.

  • Horton Hears a Who came to Primrose School of Cherry Hill!

    Read Across America!!

    We celebrated 'Read Across America' by celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. Children brought in their favorite Dr. Seuss book or dress up like a character from Dr. Seuss. It was a special treat to have Horton come and visit us.

  • Math Patterns

    What comes next?

    Recognizing patterns is a basic math skill that is reinforced in the Preschool classroom. The class used fruit pieces to create a pattern that they could either duplicate or continue.

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