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Primrose School of Cherry Hill

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    Parents Looking for Child Care in Cherry Hill

    We aren't just a daycare in Cherry Hill, we are a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. We are conveniently located just minutes down the road from James F. Cooper Elementary School off of Route 70 East.

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    Our Programs (Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years)

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

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    We bus to the following elementary school:

    Richard Stockton Elementary School

  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten on a hayride to the pumpkin patch.

    Primrose School goes to Johnson's Farm

    The children in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten visited Johnson's Farm. They rode a hay-wagon on their way to the pumpkin patch. They also visited the apple orchard and pick apples right off the tree. The children came off the bus with bags of apples and a pumpkin they picked form the farm.

  • Grandparents came to Primrose School for a story and special snack.

    Grandparent's Special Snack

    Grandparents came to hear a story and share a special snack. One Grandfather decided he wanted to read the story. The children all listened very intently to the Grandfather as he read the story. After the snack, it was time to go to the playground for more fun.

  • Miss Danielle is introducing the children and their names on the first day of school.

    First Day in Preschool Pathway!

    Preschool Pathway is a program for the children who miss the cutoff for their school's date for entering Kindergarten. These children have birthdays in the Fall. This curriculum is a way to align the child without having to repeat a year.

  • First Day of School in Pre-Kindergarten!

    First Day of School!

    School has started, Pre-Kindergarten is starting the year in their uniforms and ready to get their new school year started.

  • Kona Ice visits on the last day of school.

    Celebrating the last day of summer with Kona Ice

    The school said goodbye to summer with the Kona Ice truck. It was a fun summer. The children used the Splash Pad, visits from Mad Science, Acting Bugs came to put on plays with the children, Playtyme Sports taught us about golf, the Summer Camp went on field trips including visiting the Phillies and Art Adventure taught the summer camp about stop action art. It was a great summer and we can't wait until next summer.

  • Splash Down Family Event

    Splash Down

    Splash Down, is our annual family event that gives families a chance to play with their child in the Splash Pad and enjoy a pizza dinner with classmates and their parents. Fun for all!

  • Kinetic Sculpture during Art Adventure

    The ART of STEAM

    Art Adventure visited PK to create a 'Kinetic Sculpture'. A kinetic sculpture is an art piece that moves. The children layered beads and foam into any pattern they wanted. Once they were finished, the top piece was glued on and it permitted the foam pieces to move. The children were totally engrossed with the activity from Art Adventures.The activity provided the children the opportunity for hands on experience with art and science and S(science) T(technology) E (engineering) A (math) and S (science).

  • Cups and Popsicle sticks build are the start of the STEAM project.

    Building a foundation

    When children are given simple materials, they begin to build. This is the foundation of a structure built using cups and Popsicle sticks. The builder had to balance the stick from cup to cup in order to connect all the cups to build the foundation, which had to be strong enough to support other floors.

  • What is energy?

    Mad Science visits Primrose Cherry Hill

    Mad Science came to the school to present a hands on presentation about energy. They learned about kinetic and potential energy . The students explored different examples of each including Jack-in-Box, wind up cars and a marble track. The children had a blast!

  • Bring your Teddy Bear to school for a picnic.

    Teddy Bear Picnic

    Today the children could bring their favorite Teddy Bear or stuffed friend to school. The children had the chance to tell about their friend and why they are so special. Since the friends came to school, we had a picnic outside. The children selected shady places on the grass, on the climbers and under the climbers for the picnic.

  • The Adventure Club visited the Phillies stadium for a behind the scenes at Citzen's Bank Park.

    Adventure Club visits the Phillies and bring them a lucky bamboo.

    What does it look like inside a major league stadium? The campers got to see the locker room, the press box, dugout, go on the field and eat lunch while sitting in the stadium. The Phillies players feel that their winning streak is due to 'lucky bamboo'. The children brought a Primrose Lucky Bamboo so the Phillies winning streak will continue.

  • The Primrose Friends are celebrating, along with the children, National Sun Glasses Day.

    Happy National Sun Glasses Day

    All the children today received a pair of sun glasses to wear in celebration of National Sun Glass Day. Since today's weather was near 90 degrees, it was a opportunity to talk about protecting your eyes on these hot summery day. The Primrose Friends got into the day and set a good example and reminder to wear sun glasses.

  • Bringing Stories to Life.

    Acting Bugs, acting classes bringing stories to Life.

    Acting Bugs is an enrichment that takes a book and let's the children act out the story. Miss Carol brings the stories to life by dressing the children in costumes and props to make the story come alive. After the children practice their 'play', another classroom comes in to be the audience. At the end of the play, all the actors takes bows to the audience's applause.

  • Early Preschool children had their first Splash Pad of the season.

    Splash Pad Season has started.

    Summer has finally arrived which it meant it was time to open the Splash Pad for the Summer. Each week every classroom has two mornings to use the Splash Pad. For these children, it was the first time to watch the water come up from the beach ball, rain down from an umbrella, spin off the spinning wheel and squirt up from the ground. The exploration of the water was totally fun.

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