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    Parents Looking for Child Care in Cherry Hill

    We aren't just a daycare in Cherry Hill, we are a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. We are conveniently located just minutes down the road from James F. Cooper Elementary School off of Route 70 East.

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    Our Programs (Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years)

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

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    We bus to the following elementary school:

    Richard Stockton Elementary School

  • What Sport is our Favorite?

    Which is our Favorite Sport in Kindergarten?

    During Project Time we made a bar graph for our favorite sports! Each student had an opportunity to vote for their favorite sport by adding a bar to the graph. At the end, we discovered that basketball and golf had 2 votes, football had 1 vote, and soccer won with 10 votes! Nice job Kindergarten!

  • Splash Pad is Open

    Splash Pad is Open!

    Summer has officially started with the opening of the Splash Pad. Children were counting down the days until they could use the Splash Pad. All children, including the babies, use have water play twice a week.

  • Pre- Kindergarten Graduate , See How We've Grown

    Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

    The Pre- Kindergarten class is parading around the school to show all the teachers how they look in their cap and gown. All the teachers wanted to see how grown up the children are dressed in their graduation attire. The children paraded to the tune of 'Pomp and Circumstance' while the teachers waived to their former students.

  • Toddlers having a brown bag lunch outside

    Picnic Lunch

    It was such a nice day, we decided to make a picnic lunch to take outside to eat. Their bag was filled with a sandwich, applesauce and water. You see how they sat and ate all their lunch!

  • Releasing the Butterflies

    Butterfly Release

    The time had come to let the butterflies return to nature to find and make their own homes. The children many discussion about should we release the butterflies or release the butterflies. The children did come to the conclusions that it would be better if we returned the butterflies to their natural home. It was an opportunity for the children to see a hands on life cycle.

  • Phonemic Awareness

    Kindergarten Small Group Literacy

    For literacy, the students sorted picture cards according to their initial letter. Afterwards, they were encouraged to come up with other words that start with "c," "f," and "p" on the classroom whiteboard. At the end, we reviewed all the wonderful words that the students devised!

  • Mother's Day Market

    Primrose Mother's Day Market

    For Mother's Day, a market filled with many breakfast food items. The children were given a shopping bag and permitted to 'purchase' anything they to make their Mother a breakfast. The children had full range to select anything and how many items they would need for their Mother's Day breakfast. All nutritional guidelines were followed.

  • The children are having the opportunity to observe caterpillars turning into butterflies at the school.

    Observing Caterpillars

    The children have been studying and identifying living and non-living things. Adding the caterpillars help to further their understand about life cycles and living things. The caterpillars will also build their vocabulary by witnessing how the caterpillars turn into chrysalises. Lastly, the children can try to predict how many days it will take for the chrysalises to become butterflies. The butterflies will be released back into nature completing the cycle.

  • Toddlers getting the Primrose Patch Ready

    Getting the Primrose Patch Ready

    Spring is here and the Primrose Patch is ready for the children to plant the seeds. The patch will be part of our character development curriculum due to the responsibility for the care of the Patch will be done by the children. The children will plant the seeds, water the plants and weed the plants. The children will visit the Primrose Patch to watch their hard work grow.

  • Soil Erosion Experiment

    Soil Erosion Experiment

    The Kindergarten students investigated the effects of erosion with a hands-on experiment. We discussed how water and wind can cause soil erosion - a process that the students demonstrated using a sprayer and straw. Afterwards, the students concluded their scientific investigation by documenting what they observed in their journals!

  • Reading with Miss Eunice

    Reading with Miss Eunice

    Everyday the infants are read to whether it is in a large group or individually. You can see how focus the infants are on Miss Eunice's face and waiting to hear more. Sometimes Miss Eunice reads stories in Spanish.

  • Children's Choice Time

    Building a home for nocturnal animals

    Today, a child from Preschool 1, with the help of some friends, created an enclosure for nocturnal animals, and placed a sun to signify it was their time to be sleeping! This was a wonderful demonstration about how children can take the curriculum into Children's Choice Time and extend the learning while 'playing'.

  • The Early Preschool Children explore the Sun and Moon

    Curious about the moon

    The children discussed the moon and it's different phases! We also learned the sun is the light during the day and the moon is the light at night. Afterwards, we used a flashlight and black paper to replicate the moon! This activity demonstrates the children's curiosity about the natural environment and gives them hands on activity so they can ask questions about the world. And they had fun with the flashlights.

  • Toddlers playing in the snow

    It Snowed!

    Snow Day at Primrose School!! For many of the children, the recent snow was the first time they experienced snow. The school declared their own play in the snow day and all the children were out playing in the snow.

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