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Franchise Owner of Primrose School Ankit Patel with his wife
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Meet Ankit Patel – proud Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Cherry Hill. As a long-time resident of South Jersey, working dad and an experienced business owner, Ankit is thrilled to bring the Primrose Experience of premier early education and care to the families of Cherry Hill.

Ankit first learned about Primrose Schools in 2015 through his friend and hospitality business partner who opened his own Primrose school in Maryland. Both personally understood the toll that the hospitality industry could have on family life, and as an expecting parent, Ankit knew that his next business venture needed to be more family-friendly and allow him to spend time with his wife, Dr. P., and their future children. He noticed a lack of high-quality early education in their local community, so he decided to combine his strong business background with his passion for education and family to open a Primrose school in South Jersey.

“I have lived in South Jersey all my life, and when my wife and I knew we were expecting our first child, we realized we needed to build a stronger foundation for the children in our community, including our own,” said Ankit. “Our community has been lacking in this area, and all children deserve the high-quality early education and care that our Primrose school will provide.”

With experience in operations, development and management, Ankit will be managing the day-to-day operations of the school. His bachelor’s degree in finance from Drexel University in Philadelphia will also help with the business side of the school. As a pediatric hospitalist, Ankit's wife has a passion for children and their well-being.  

“We believe in the research-based Balanced Learning® approach, which encourages curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion because who children become is as important as what they know,” Ankit said. “Primrose Schools promotes the same nurturing, loving and learning environment I want for my own children, and I can’t wait to see the children and families in our community grow with Primrose.”

Slated to open in early 2018, Primrose School of Cherry Hill will feature the Balanced Learning approach, which nurtures intellectual, creative, physical and social-emotional development. Ankit and Padmavathy’s first child will be one of the first students enrolled in the school, and the family cannot wait to provide the Primrose Experience to the children and families of South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

Primrose School of Cherry Hill is located at 1875 Route 70 East. For more information, visit


See What's Happening in Our School

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    Parents Looking for Child Care in Cherry Hill

    We aren't just a daycare in Cherry Hill, we are a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. We are conveniently located just minutes down the road from James F. Cooper Elementary School off of Route 70 East.

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    Our Programs (Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years)

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

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    We bus to the following elementary school:

    Richard Stockton Elementary School

  • Kandinsky Color Study

    Early Art Master's

    The children looked very closely at Kandinsky’s Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913 painting as we created our own work of art. Kandinsky always listened to music when he painted because he thought that music and art were a great way to express his emotions. We listened to music while we painted, too!

  • Caring for Others

    Retelling a Story

    During the school's food drive, we read a story about a little boy who gave his teddy bear to a homeless man. We acted the part of the little boy who gave his teddy bear to the old man because he cared. The class made pictures of teddy bears. As we fill our box with food to give to people who need it, just like the little boy gave his teddy bear, we are giving a teddy bear (picture of a bear) because we are generous and we care about others!

  • Comparing Buildings

    Building a Community

    Today, the children looked at different images of buildings around our community. The students picked one building that they liked, then put different shapes together just like the buildings they looked at. The students then observed the size of the structures and were encouraged to answer the following questions: • How does the size of your buildings compare to the size of the townspeople? • Is your building bigger or smaller that this person? • How many of these people would fit inside your building?

  • Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday

    Thank to all the Families

    To all the families at Primrose School of Cherry Hill, thank you for your support and all you have done for the school.

  • Making Hygiene Kits for Cradles to Crayons

    Cradles to Crayons

    Cradles to Crayons is a non-profit organization that supply local children in low income families the basic necessities for everyday life. The parents donated soap, tooth brushes and tooth paste so the children could make 'Hygiene Kits' for the organization. The children made over 70 'Hygiene Kits' for the families.

  • Snow Flurries

    First Snow Flurries!!!!

    This was the first snow flurries of the year. The children recognized the flurries. All the classrooms went outside to play in the flurries. The flurries were being caught by hand and tongues. How much fun was it chasing all those flurries.

  • What is inside a school bus?

    Good-bye to the School Bus Visit

    The children see bus coming to the school and when they are traveling. So we had a school bus come and visit. The children got the chance to step up inside the bus and see what is inside. They put seats on, walked to the back of the bus and looked out the emergency window and ask question of the school bus driver. As the bus drove away, they all said good-bye.

  • Where are the Letter "A's"?

    Finding the Letter "A"

    After the Preschool class reviewed our poem "Leaves are Falling" we are playing a game called “Find the Letter.” The game was a cooperative activity where all the children worked together to find all the "A's". We found all the letter A's in the poem.

  • Which Primrose Friend is your Favorite?

    Election Day

    The children were given a chance to vote on their favorite Primrose Friend. The children were given a ballot to complete by placing a mark on the picture of the Primrose Friend. It was a secret ballot. After the voting was done, the Kindergarten class counted all the ballots and announced the winner. This year, the winner is Megy, the pig!!!


    Fall Festival Maze

    During the Family Fall Festival, one playground was turned into a maze to walk through. It was challenging with many twists and turns. The children and their parents had so much fun. We were given a few suggestions from the children on how to make it even better.

  • A treat for you

    A Brew for YOU

    For Halloween, we wanted to thank the teachers for all they do for the children and families. We prepared a special 'Witches Brew; for them along with a gift to take on their break.

  • Math in a Book?

    Math is Everywhere

    Today the students worked with a partner (or partners) to observe math in a book. The students were given a nonfiction book about plants or animals. They worked together to look for math hidden in their book. The students were reminded that math is more than numbers. We looked for patterns, shapes, opportunities to compare sizes and quantities such as taller or shorter, larger or smaller, more or less.

  • My friends sharing tummy time with me.

    Tummy Time

    Tummy time is an important activity for infants to do. It is more fun when done with friends.

  • Red Day at Primrose

    Go Phillies!

    The school celebrated the Phillies getting into the playoffs by wearing Red. Preschool shows off their red.

  • Character Development is an important component of Our Curriculum.

    Primrose Patch

    The Primrose Patch is the children's responsibility to care for it. They must water and weed the Primrose Patch.

  • What was the best part of your day?


    At the end of each day, the children are asked to take a moment and think about their day. After a moment to 'reflect', the teacher will write down their thoughts. It is very powerful when the children see their thoughts written down.

  • Kindergarten raised $460.00 during the Alex's Lemonade Stand.

    Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer

    At the end of every year, the Kindergarten class host an Alex's Lemonade Stand. They must build the stand and serve the lemonade. This is a great child helping other child project for the Kindergarten class to do.

  • The Importance of Infants Playing

    Infants Having A Busy Day

    Infants need to be able to move in an environment that has a variety of materials to explore. They can practice sitting up, learn to roll over and tummy time.

  • The Toddlers had the opportunity to explore and learn about the word 'heavy'.

    What is Heavy?

    The Toddlers added and removed bottles in a bin to feel what was heavy or light. This activity will help the Toddler understand the word 'heavy' and use the word correctly when describing objects, It also assists when they learn to read and to use the word correctly when they learn to write.

  • Bee  Bots go through the garden

    Bee Bots

    Bee Bots are programmable bees the children can program to follow the directions coded into the Bee Bots as travel through a maze they design. This gives the children an introduction to coding. Kindergarten designed a garden to travel through. The Bee Bots are a wonderful enhancement to the curriculum.

  • What Happens When you Add Ingredients Together

    Science of Cooking

    The Pre-Kindergarten Class experimented with baking soda, sugar and vinegar to see what happens. Making observations is an important skill the children need to practice. While they are making observations, they are drawing what they see.

  • The Infants in the Splash Pad!!

    Even the infants play in the Splash Pad

    The infants can explore water while using the Splash Pad. It is a wonderful sensory experience.

  • It is a Hot Summer!

    Great Summer for the Splash Pad

    This was a great summer for the Splash Pad. With reduced outdoor time this summer due to the weather, the children still had the outdoor play by using the Splash Pad. The water kept them cool.

  • Going for a walk looking for trash?

    PK goes out to Lunch

    Pre-kindergarten thought they were looking for trash on their walk but ended up going out to lunch with their friends at a local restaurant, Pancheros. They were very surprised when they sat down and had lunch.

  • Pre-Kindergarten designs a washing machine

    Project, design and build a washing machine.

    Today we reviewed our diagrams and the plans we made yesterday for our washing machines. We made predictions of how it will work and any challenges that may arise based on our plans. We filled in the "Learned" column of our KWL Chart about these machines!

  • Lincoln Financial Field

    Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Summer Adventure Camp visit Lincoln Financial Field

    The theme of the week was, "On the Ball". The children went on a field trip to where the Philadelphia Eagles play at Lincoln Financial Field. They sat in the Press Box, go into the locker room, run out of the tunnel just like game day and then stand on field. Their final view was of the skyline of Philadelphia. The children came back Eagle fans.

  • Preschool is ready for Field Day

    Field Day

    Preschool made their own tie dye t-shirts for Field Day. An obstacle course with a variety of skills such jump over barriers, crawl through a tunnel, walk across stepping steps and try to get a beach ball in a soccer goal using pool noodles was in the obstacle course. As they went through the course, they looked wonderful in their t-shirts. They were so proud.

  • Splash Pad

    Splash Pad is Open!!

    It is finally open!!!! The children have been so patient waiting until the Splash Pad was opened. Water is going everywhere but the children had fun.

  • Quiet Reading Time

    Sometimes, Just Quietly Reading a Book

    There are times that just sitting quietly looking at a book is what a child needs. Having books accessible to children at anytime, offers the children a quiet moment. Children can strengthen their dexterity by turning the pages for themselves, have the opportunity to exam a story that was previously read, and to recall the story. Children can also develop the sense of 'their favorite story' to visit time after time.

  • Picking Strawberries

    Picking Strawberries

    At Johnson's Farm, the Kindergarten children were searching for strawberries. It took patience as they lifted leaves of the strawberry plants to find the fruit. Each child took home a pint of strawberries to share.

  • Reflections

    Trip to Johnson's Farm

    The Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten classes had a field trip to Johnson's Farm. The children were able to pick strawberries, go on a hayride and plant their own seedlings. When they returned to school, the children were asked to reflect on their trip to the farm and what was the best part of the trip. You can see, there was a wide variety of memories.

  • Spreading Out the Shredded Paper Pulp

    Making Paper

    Children collected paper and made a pulp out out the paper they shredded. The next step was to spread the pulp out on screens to dry. This was a great project to demonstrate how we can make things out of discarded items. It was also a great sensory project.

  • Getting Primrose Patch Ready

    Earth Week

    As part of Earth Week, the children are getting the Primrose Patch ready for planting. The children wore their digging clothes and started to dig. They used toy front loaders, dump trucks and buckets and shovels. To their surprise, the even found a worm.

  • Mystery Reader

    Mystery Reader

    During the month of March, we asked the parents to sign to come and read to the children. It was a wonderful way to emphasize the importance of reading to children. The result was overwhelming. The parents loved reading their child's favorite book to the class and the children loved having their parents read to the class. Some parents were nervous but they did an excellent job.

  • Compare, Discuss and Draw your Observation

    Sand, Soil, Clay, Gravel

    Today we read the book "Jump Into Science: Dirt" by Steve Tomecek and learned about different types of soil. Then, we went around to 4 tables in our room and closely observed soil, sand, clay, and gravel. We drew pictures of what we observed and touched!

  • Red Paint and Shapes

    Little Print, Big Print

    The children engaged in shape play by exploring shapes and other attributes of objects; shows awareness of similarities and differences of shapes; begins to identify some shapes or objects by their mathematical names (e.g., triangle, cone, sphere).

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy 5th Birthday Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    Happy 5th Birthday Primrose School of Cherry Hill!! This is a picture of the original teachers who started at Primrose on our first day!!!

  • Colors of the School

    Celebrating Black History Month

    The children selected paint to match their own skin color. They mixed paint together to get the perfect color. After they made their paint, the older children asked a friend to help them paint their hand. Teachers painted the younger children's hand. The picture shows the 'Heart of Primrose', where we all belong.

  • Painting

    Teacher's Night Out

    The teachers had an evening out after work. They decided to all go to Pinot's Pallett, as a painting party. You can see their creative talents in the beautiful art pieces.


    Ramps, tubes, tunnels and balls

    The Prekindergarten children were given tubes, tunnels, ramps and balls to explore. This was a great way to give children the experience to work together to create a complex ramp system. They used other materials in the classroom to help make the balls start at a high point and use the track to make the ramps go further.

  • Martin Luther King Day

    "For you I have a Dream"

    During Martin Luther King, we gave the parents a chance to share their dream for their child. We displayed the parent's responses in the hallway and many parents, during pick up, stopped to read letter their child.

  • Home School Connection

    Celebrating Martin Luther King

    In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, the children read books, saw a video about his dream of love and heard songs about his dream. As a home school connection, we asked the parent to write a message to their child about the parent’s dream for their child. The template was “For you I have a dream”. The letters were read to the children prior to naptime and then hung in the hallway for all to read.

  • practicing dialing a phone number.

    What is a phone number?

    Today we discussed what we should do if we every got lost. One very important thing you should know is your phone number so that you can have a trusted adult, such as a teacher or police officer, help you call your parents. Then, we practiced dialing a phone number (Primrose phone number) on our large floor keypad.

  • Push and Pull

    Things that help us Pull

    Our Unit about 'Push and Pull', gave the infants practiced with toys to pull them so they could be closer to them. Then the infants practiced pushing the toys away from themselves. This exercise gave the infants hands on experience to notice the difference while introducing new vocabulary words.

  • Home school connection.

    Luke's is taking Og's Reading Bag home.

    Each week, a child gets to take home the Og's Reading Bag. It is a very special bag. The child takes the bag home and selects their favorite book to draw a picture about and put it into Og's Reading Binder. On Monday, the child brings the book and the bag back to school and shares the book with the class. This week it is Luke's turn.

  • Counter Balance

    Thumbs Up!

    In counter-balance activities, the children will extend body parts out from their bodies to remain on balance. Extensions to one side of the body require extensions to the other side in order to stay on balance. The children were scattered in the space where they had room to work safely.

  • The school has a new lunch provider.

    "I am going to eat the whole thing"

    We have a new lunch provider. The school is supporting a local restaurant by switching to having them provide lunch. Today's lunch was a veggie patty, sliced tomato and lettuce on a soft bun. The side dish was cucumber strips. The children's review of the new lunches is an empty plates.

  • Making a Healthy Shopping List

    Happy Heart - Healthy Heart

    Today we made a shopping list of healthy foods so that we have a balance of all of the five food groups.

  • The Kindergarten class are using math to build a snowman.

    Let's Build a Snowman

    Students rolled a die and placed that number of buttons on the middle section of the snowman template. Then, students repeated this process for the bottom section of their snowman. Then, we counted the total number of buttons and stated our addition sentence represented by the snowman to our group members.

  • Voting for a Favorite Primrose Friend

    Election Day

    On Election Day, the school had an Election for favorite Primrose Friend. The children had a chance to go into the conference room and cast their secret ballot. When the voting was over, the Kindergarten class counted all the ballots. Counting the ballots gave the Kindergarten class a chance to practice making stroke counts and tallies. The announced winner on Election Day was Mia the Mouse.

  • Preschool on the search for Fall outside.

    Looking for Signs of Fall

    Today, the Preschool class, went outside and observe carefully for signs of fall. We used paper and writing utensils to sketch something interesting about fall. We learned sketch means to draw.

  • Outdoor Fun

    Infants Play on Their Playground

    The infants have their own playground so they go outside everyday. They have a musical playground piece that plays music by tapping the keys. It is such an advantage having a playground just made for infants.

  • Presentation of Donations from 'Bea' fun Walk

    'Bea Gone with Childhood Cancer Fun Walk'

    The Primrose School hosted a 'Bea' Gone with Childhood Cancer Fun Walk' on October 2. The walk was to support a child who was enrolled at our school that was diagnosed with cancer. The children had worked all week to collect pennies to donate and they earned $726.00. There was an obstacle course, raffle baskets, Penny Chase and food. The event collected $3000.00. Mr. Patel, the owner, matched the donations collected and in total raised $6000.00. A check was presented to the family surrounded by teachers who gave their time and heart to this event.

  • Can you retell the story?

    Beginning, Middle, End

    Today we read, "Apple Farmer Annie" by Monica Wellington. We talked about the beginning, middle and end of the story. We used pictures to retell the story. The children were asked guided question such as: What is the first thing Annie did? What did Annie do in the middle of the story? What happened last? How did the book end?

  • What kind of bug is this?

    Look what we found on our playground!

    The toddlers were outside when they found a different bug. It was a praying mantis. They noticed the long legs and watched how it moved. It was the perfect chance for a teachable moment while playing.

  • Look at the Fire Truck

    Cherry Hill Fire Department Visits the School

    Cherry Hill Fire Department came to visit all the children at the school. The children were speechless to see all what a Fire Truck has on the truck. Thank you Cherry Hill Fire Department for letting us see a real fire truck.

  • Summer Camp Host Alex's Lemonade Stand

    Alex's Lemonade Stand

    The Summer Camp hosted an Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer Research. They made flyers, and built a stand and they made the lemonade. The children greeted parents and talked about how the donations were going toward cancer research. They counted the money and they raised $350.00. They were so proud of their efforts, as were we.

  • Engineering Zone

    Engineering in Summer Camp

    The children created their own football catapult in the Engineering Zone using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and bottle caps. To test their catapult model out, the children used plastic cubes to see how far the cube would go. The children were very surprised to see the distance the cubes flew.

  • Family Stages, a Children's Play Group

    Family Stages presents 'Hansel and Gretel'

    The Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Summer Camp were entertained by the Children's Theatre group, 'Family Stages', with a presentation of 'Hansel and Gretel'. The twist of the play was the witch ended up liking to eat vegetables instead of Hansel and Gretel. There were giggles and smiles as the actors changed characters and costumes. It was a good chance to be exposed to a live presentation with live actors.

  • "Conductive" Dough

    Summer Camp Learns About Circuits

    Children learned about electrical circuits as they explore “Squishy Circuits” (conductive and insulating modeling dough). They attempted to use their dough to make LED lights, motors, and fans operate through their dough!

  • Experiencing the Power of the Sun

    Making S'mores in the Sun

    What an exciting time to be in Pre-k!! We are using chocolate and marshmallows to see how they react to the suns heat. Its always a fun experiment when it taste good!

  • Toddler on the Splash Pad

    Splash Pad

    The Splash Pad gives the toddlers the opportunity to experience playing in water. As this child is reaching out to touch or to catch the water as it sprays the Splash Pad, is a sensory experience, and it is fun.

  • Happy Fourth of July!!!

    Happy Fourth of July Teacher Lunch

    To help the teachers start their holiday weekend off, we surprised the teachers with a luncheon of mini hot dogs and root beer floats. Thank you teachers!

  • Runner Kids

    Toddlers on the Run

    Runner Kids is an enrichment at Primrose this summer that will work with toddlers on building their balance, coordination and running skills. It is done with obstacle courses and games for the children to participate in. Plus, it is fun!

  • Miss Alexis  congratulates the newly graduated Kindergarten Class

    Kindergarten Graduation

    We are so proud to present the Kindergarten Class of 2022. the children had practiced a poem and sang a song for the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the children danced. There were some tears in the guest's eyes. Well done Kindergarten!

  • Watching the geese and goslings

    Geese Crossing

    This Spring, we had a gathering of geese make their home near the school. After a few weeks, there were baby goslings. The toddlers get very excited when they see the geese and goslings walk across the school. The children start to scream with excitement and they all gather along the fence to watch.

  • We eat different plant parts

    Our Study of Plants

    Today we continued our discussion about plants, and we discovered that we eat different parts of plants! We eat carrots (the roots), celery (the stem), spinach (the leaves), and broccoli florets (the flowers). Eating plant parts everyday helps to keep us healthy!

  • Teacher Relaxing Space

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

    The teachers need a quiet and peaceful area to take a break from their busy day. During 'Teacher Appreciation Week', we created a 'no kid zone' for the teachers to enjoy during their break. Thank you teachers for all you do for the children.

  • Thumbs Up


    The Preschool class were encouraged to remain still to keep their balanced. First we balanced on all four parts of our body( both hands and feet). Then we tried to balance on three parts of our body (lifting up one of their legs and keeping their hands on the ground). Next we tried to balance on two parts of your body(placing their balance onto an arm and one foot). Thumbs Up is our physical development curriculum that breaks skills for the children to practice.

  • What is that?


    The Pre-kindergarten classroom did an experiment in the Primrose Patch to make an observation about biodegradable materials. They dug and buried four different materials, a leaf, a piece of fruit, some plastic and a piece of foam. At the end of the week, they will dig up the samples and see what happened.

  • Look what is on the Door

    Playing with Light

    The toddlers noticed their image on the door. How did that happen? Then they started to block the light and create new imagines. This play was driven by the children's natural curiosity during the day's Choice Time. The observation made a reconnection to another Unit of Learning about light and dark.

  • What is dirt made of?

    What is dirt?

    Today the children explored non-toxic soil samples. We learned that soil is made-up of small bits of rocks, minerals, and dead plants and animals. The children had the chance to explore, classify, experiment with, and describes (properties and uses for) physical elements of the Earth (rock, soil, air, water, etc.). They found dead plants, small rocks and some insect legs. This was a hands-on experiment gave the children the chance to get their hands dirty and make observations on their own.

  • Playing in the Snow

    First Snow of 2022

    The Early Preschool class is exploring the snow. Learning the difference of how much harder it is to walk in the snow and what does snow feel like. How much fun to be outside with friends playing in the snow. Hooray to the teachers for getting them all dressed!!!

  • Pre-Kindergarten checks for shadows.

    Six more weeks of Winter?

    The children made predictions about the daytime sky and compared them to our actual observations when we checked outside! The children recognized that both the sun and moon can be visible during the day time. They blocked the sun to cast shadows on the playground to celebrate Groundhog's Day! You can see, six more weeks of Winter.

  • Here are the babies' eyes, nose and teeth

    Reading to Infants

    Reading to infants is essential to help develop their vocabulary. With a book, the teacher can point and show the infant eyes, nose and teeth of the baby in the book. This is also a warm and nurturing moment when a teacher reads to an infant one on one.

  • Packing Up the Donations

    Eliza Shirley Donation

    The children helped to pack up bags of donated items to give to the Elias Shirley Homeless Shelter in Philadelphia. The children made over 200 bags of essential items for the guest at the shelter.

  • Practice in using directional phrases

    Treasure Hunt

    The purpose of this activity was to give children practice using directional phrases while following instructions. The children were shown the map and explained that they will be using their map skills to take a treasure hunt together! We review directional phrases: left, right, on, under, around, next to, on top of, and below. As a group, we looked at the map and decide what steps to take first. We made sure to use as many directional words as possible. For example, go around a chair, under the table, left of the bookcase, right of the easel, and two steps backwards.

  • Kindergarten Children packing up boxes of food

    Packing Up the Donations to the Cherry Hill Food Pantry

    The school held a Food Drive for the local Food Pantry. The school collected over 30 cases of food from the donations. The Kindergarten class had to sort the food according to cans or boxes of food. Everyone help to pass the cans of food down the line from their classroom to the boxes.

  • Honoring our Military Families

    Veteran's Day Salute

    The Prekindergarten class honored the school's military families by inviting them to join the class in a Pledge of Allegiance outside at the school's flag pole. After the salute, the children gave the guests cards of appreciation for their "protecting us".

  • 16 straws in a bottle

    Straws in a Bottle

    The children worked on their fine motor skills by placing colorful straws inside a bottle . Each bottle had a different number on it . We had to put the correct number of straws inside the bottle.

  • Kona Ice Visit

    Good-bye Summer

    The best way to say good-bye to summer is to have a visit from the Kona Ice Truck. Having an icy treat with friends is the perfect ending.

  • Infants reading books

    Books and Infants

    It is critical that infants are read to but equally important is that infants have access to books. Infants need to hold books, open and close books and learn to turn the pages. By having access to books, infants will become interested in reading and books. It is also nice to share a book with a friend.

  • Working Together to Build

    Building a Home for Animals

    During Children's Choice Time, the children extended the learning of the day by building a home for animals. This was a self initiated activity selected by these children. These children practiced sharing ideas and working cooperatively to build a very detailed home with several rooms for multiple animals.

  • Preschool 2's Hungry Caterpillar

    How long can we make our caterpillar?

    After reading, “Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, Preschool 2 made a long caterpillar with different shapes. We drew a beautiful caterpillar on our shape and wrote their names then attached them all together to see how long it is. This activity assisted in recognizing shapes, such as triangles, circles, hexagons and other shapes.

  • How tall are the Sunflowers

    Toddler checking Sunflowers

    The Primrose Patch is blooming! The toddlers went out to the patch to see how tall and how many Sunflowers have bloom. The Primrose Patch provided the opportunity for the children see the cycle of a plant, from seed to flower.

  • Kindergartens making  sundials

    Experimenting with the sun

    The students created a sundial. We discussed how the sun moves throughout the day, causing the shadow of the dial to move around the circle indicating the time. After creating their scientific instrument, the students had the opportunity to test their sundials outside!

  • Olympic Noodle Hockey

    Noodle Hockey during Olympic Week

    Primrose School hosted their own 'Olympic Week'. It was filled with games selected from all the venues, such as track and field, team sports, equestrian and water events. The children in Pre-kindergarten challenged the children in Kindergarten to a game of noodle hockey.

  • Let the games begin.

    Olympic Week at Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    The obstacle course is ready for the athletes to test their skills with a variety of activities. The children will crawl under the hoops, jump over hurdles, dodge in and out, try the balance beam and lastly try the ring toss. The Olympic Week permits the children to practice respect for others, cooperation, fairness and honesty which are elements of our Happy Hearts Character Development.

  • It started at school...

    School to Home Connection

    In Preschool, the children explored plants. They did an experiment with starting a seed by placing it in a plastic bag and placing it on a window to get the sunlight. The children charted and measured the growth and when the plant was ready, transferred the seedling to a pot. Once it was big enough, the children took the plants home. You can see this child continued to care for the plant in his own garden at home. He took the responsibility of caring for the plant all by himself.

  • What Sport is our Favorite?

    Which is our Favorite Sport in Kindergarten?

    During Project Time we made a bar graph for our favorite sports! Each student had an opportunity to vote for their favorite sport by adding a bar to the graph. At the end, we discovered that basketball and golf had 2 votes, football had 1 vote, and soccer won with 10 votes! Nice job Kindergarten!

  • Splash Pad is Open

    Splash Pad is Open!

    Summer has officially started with the opening of the Splash Pad. Children were counting down the days until they could use the Splash Pad. All children, including the babies, use have water play twice a week.

  • Pre- Kindergarten Graduate , See How We've Grown

    Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

    The Pre- Kindergarten class is parading around the school to show all the teachers how they look in their cap and gown. All the teachers wanted to see how grown up the children are dressed in their graduation attire. The children paraded to the tune of 'Pomp and Circumstance' while the teachers waived to their former students.

  • Toddlers having a brown bag lunch outside

    Picnic Lunch

    It was such a nice day, we decided to make a picnic lunch to take outside to eat. Their bag was filled with a sandwich, applesauce and water. You see how they sat and ate all their lunch!

  • Releasing the Butterflies

    Butterfly Release

    The time had come to let the butterflies return to nature to find and make their own homes. The children many discussion about should we release the butterflies or release the butterflies. The children did come to the conclusions that it would be better if we returned the butterflies to their natural home. It was an opportunity for the children to see a hands on life cycle.

  • Phonemic Awareness

    Kindergarten Small Group Literacy

    For literacy, the students sorted picture cards according to their initial letter. Afterwards, they were encouraged to come up with other words that start with "c," "f," and "p" on the classroom whiteboard. At the end, we reviewed all the wonderful words that the students devised!

  • Mother's Day Market

    Primrose Mother's Day Market

    For Mother's Day, a market filled with many breakfast food items. The children were given a shopping bag and permitted to 'purchase' anything they to make their Mother a breakfast. The children had full range to select anything and how many items they would need for their Mother's Day breakfast. All nutritional guidelines were followed.

  • The children are having the opportunity to observe caterpillars turning into butterflies at the school.

    Observing Caterpillars

    The children have been studying and identifying living and non-living things. Adding the caterpillars help to further their understand about life cycles and living things. The caterpillars will also build their vocabulary by witnessing how the caterpillars turn into chrysalises. Lastly, the children can try to predict how many days it will take for the chrysalises to become butterflies. The butterflies will be released back into nature completing the cycle.

  • Toddlers getting the Primrose Patch Ready

    Getting the Primrose Patch Ready

    Spring is here and the Primrose Patch is ready for the children to plant the seeds. The patch will be part of our character development curriculum due to the responsibility for the care of the Patch will be done by the children. The children will plant the seeds, water the plants and weed the plants. The children will visit the Primrose Patch to watch their hard work grow.

  • Soil Erosion Experiment

    Soil Erosion Experiment

    The Kindergarten students investigated the effects of erosion with a hands-on experiment. We discussed how water and wind can cause soil erosion - a process that the students demonstrated using a sprayer and straw. Afterwards, the students concluded their scientific investigation by documenting what they observed in their journals!

  • Reading with Miss Eunice

    Reading with Miss Eunice

    Everyday the infants are read to whether it is in a large group or individually. You can see how focus the infants are on Miss Eunice's face and waiting to hear more. Sometimes Miss Eunice reads stories in Spanish.

  • Children's Choice Time

    Building a home for nocturnal animals

    Today, a child from Preschool 1, with the help of some friends, created an enclosure for nocturnal animals, and placed a sun to signify it was their time to be sleeping! This was a wonderful demonstration about how children can take the curriculum into Children's Choice Time and extend the learning while 'playing'.

  • The Early Preschool Children explore the Sun and Moon

    Curious about the moon

    The children discussed the moon and it's different phases! We also learned the sun is the light during the day and the moon is the light at night. Afterwards, we used a flashlight and black paper to replicate the moon! This activity demonstrates the children's curiosity about the natural environment and gives them hands on activity so they can ask questions about the world. And they had fun with the flashlights.

  • Toddlers playing in the snow

    It Snowed!

    Snow Day at Primrose School!! For many of the children, the recent snow was the first time they experienced snow. The school declared their own play in the snow day and all the children were out playing in the snow.

  • Daily Temperatures are being done by Thermal Scanner

    Thermal Temperature Scanner

    As another step to creating a safe environment for the children and staff, temperatures are now being taken with a Thermal Scanner. It is hands free, which reduces common surfaces being touched. It can be used by the infants up to the adults. The children have transitioned to using it with great joy. Some children even check their temperatures when they leave school.

  • Celebrating Holiday Cultures

    Celebrating Holiday Cultures

    At Kwanzaa, families celebrate by having a feast with food that grows. Today we pretend to have a Kwanzaa feast using toy food. We tried to partner with friends to find a foods that were alike or different. Learning about holiday celebrations, expands the children's awareness of the community they live in.

  • Flag Ceremony on Veteran's Day

    Veteran's Day Salute

    To celebrate Veteran's Day, we invite parents who were active duty or Veterans to join the children in a Flag Raising Ceremony and the Pledge of Allegiance with the children. The Kindergaarten and Pre-kindergarten classes gathered around the flagpole to watch the flag being raised and then we all recited the Pledge of Allegiance together. Many parents joined us in our salute.

  • Election for Primrose Presidential Mascot

    Election Day at Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    On November 3, the children participated in a school wide vote to select the Presidential Mascot for the school. This was an opportunity for the children to gain a further understanding about civic duty. The message was, it doesn't matter who won it is important that you participated. The children were given Voter ID badges, secret ballot and a sticker that said they voted.

  • Team Appreciation

    Training Day Team Building

    During our Saturday training, the teachers participated in a team building game called "The Poncho Game". The teachers followed the directions to make a poncho. After they modeled the ponchos, all the teachers wrote words of appreciate to each other. It was very inspirational to hear words of appreciation from fellow team members. When the exercise was over, the teacher read all the appreciation and had a keepsake to remember to take time to appreciate each other.

  • Look what we grew in the Primrose Patch!

    Harvest Time for the Primrose Patch

    It is harvest time in the Primrose Patch. The children were amazed when they pulled out the carrots from the ground and picked the green beans off the vine. All the vegatables were washed and served as a snack.

  • First Day of School, Tuesday September 8

    We are Ready!

    Back packs are ready for the New School Year!

  • Taking Care of Babies

    Taking Care

    The Early Preschool classrooms were learning how to take care of babies as part of their exploration of caring for each other this week. They practiced diapering the baby dolls, dressing them and feeding them. This was also an opportunity to talk about using the potty in helping children transitioning into their next move in September to Preschool.

  • Cleaning up the playground after the storm.

    Cleaning Up After the Storm

    The Early Preschool classroom brought out all the big trucks to clean up the playground after the storm. It was a team effort. It was an opportunity to talk about caring for the environment and their favorite playground.

  • "I Want My Hat Back"

    'I Want My Hat Back"

    The Preschool class read a book, "I Want My Hat Back". After reading the book, every child designed their own hat. By letting the children make their hats, it was a chance for the children to be able to retell the story which strengthens comprehensive of a story. As another part of our COVID health precautions, each child has their own writing materials labeled and placed in their own bag.

  • Water, Water Everywhere!

    The Splash Pad is open!

    What perfect summer activity, play in the Splash Pad. The children get multiple times to play in the Splash Pad during the summer months!

  • Primrose School of Cherry Hill is Open

    WE ARE OPEN!!!!

    Our school is now open.

  • Be safe, take care and be healthy!

    We will all get through this together and stronger than ever!

    The teachers went given a small survival kit to help them remain safe and healthy during the time we are closed due to the COVID-19. We will all we back together soon!

  • Re Connecting children to teachers and teachers to children

    Cookie Drive at Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    The children have been asking about their teacher and the teachers have been asking about their children, so it was time to make the connection to each other. We hosted a 'Cookie Drive'. Cars could drive around the parking that was lined with teachers giving away cookies. It gave the children to have a conversation or give pictures to their teachers. It was an opportunity for the children to see their teachers wearing masks before coming back to school so the children are not so surprised the first day back to school. There was a steady stream of cars during the entire drive. It was a fun event with the chance to make a connection children to teachers.

  • Water , water every where

    How much water can I pick up?

    Early Preschool 2 classroom was experimenting with water and large eye droppers. The activity allowed open experiment with a new tool and attempting to squeezing up all the water. Once the water is picked up, they release the water in the tray, which made a splash and gave the children a giggle. This simple activity strengthen fine motor muscles and practiced eye hand coordination.

  • Thumbs Up

    Can you jump inside the hoop and land on the red mark?

    Thumbs Up is part of our Balanced Learning Approach, it isolates specific skills children need to strengthen as part of their physical development. This day, children were asked to jump into the hoop. The activity strengthen their legs while making a control jump.

  • Infants love to be read to, it is a vital element of their development.

    Infant Story Time

    You can see the infants are excited about having a story time. It is also noticeable that the infants recognize that a story is about to be read to them, that is why they are crawling over to the teacher. The teacher is welcoming the infants with joy and a nurturing spirit.

  • Thank you Master Sergeant

    Honoring Primrose School of Cherry Hill Veteran

    The Kindergarten class wrote thank you letters to the Master Sergeant who's children attend our school.The cards were hand delivered to Master Sergeant and then pictures were taken. The Master Sergeant is planning on returning to the Kindergarten class with maps to show all the countries he has visited.

  • Where are the leaves coming from?

    The Leaves are Falling

    Early Preschool noticed leaves on their playground, this was another change on their playground. Where were the leaves coming from? The children were given binoculars to investigate. They looked up at the trees and watched as leaves were falling. This was an introduction to using instruments to make observations.

  • Searching for Fall

    Preschool visits the Primrose Patch

    For our STEAM Activity today, our class was able to go on a Nature walk and explore Fall. Luckily, the rain had stopped just in time! After reading the book ‘Exploring Fall’ by DeGezelle, students grabbed their own magnifying glasses and examined things that they believed to be signs of Fall. Some of the signs we discussed were the changing colors of plants, leaves on the ground, certain plants dying, and even some animals collecting food in preparation for winter. Other signs may be what kind of clothes people have on (sweaters and long pants), the chill in the air, or the lack birds who may have already migrated! We had a blast exploring our environment!

  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten on a hayride to the pumpkin patch.

    Primrose School goes to Johnson's Farm

    The children in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten visited Johnson's Farm. They rode a hay-wagon on their way to the pumpkin patch. They also visited the apple orchard and pick apples right off the tree. The children came off the bus with bags of apples and a pumpkin they picked form the farm.

  • Grandparents came to Primrose School for a story and special snack.

    Grandparent's Special Snack

    Grandparents came to hear a story and share a special snack. One Grandfather decided he wanted to read the story. The children all listened very intently to the Grandfather as he read the story. After the snack, it was time to go to the playground for more fun.

  • Miss Danielle is introducing the children and their names on the first day of school.

    First Day in Preschool Pathway!

    Preschool Pathway is a program for the children who miss the cutoff for their school's date for entering Kindergarten. These children have birthdays in the Fall. This curriculum is a way to align the child without having to repeat a year.

  • First Day of School in Pre-Kindergarten!

    First Day of School!

    School has started, Pre-Kindergarten is starting the year in their uniforms and ready to get their new school year started.

  • Kona Ice visits on the last day of school.

    Celebrating the last day of summer with Kona Ice

    The school said goodbye to summer with the Kona Ice truck. It was a fun summer. The children used the Splash Pad, visits from Mad Science, Acting Bugs came to put on plays with the children, Playtyme Sports taught us about golf, the Summer Camp went on field trips including visiting the Phillies and Art Adventure taught the summer camp about stop action art. It was a great summer and we can't wait until next summer.

  • Splash Down Family Event

    Splash Down

    Splash Down, is our annual family event that gives families a chance to play with their child in the Splash Pad and enjoy a pizza dinner with classmates and their parents. Fun for all!

  • Kinetic Sculpture during Art Adventure

    The ART of STEAM

    Art Adventure visited PK to create a 'Kinetic Sculpture'. A kinetic sculpture is an art piece that moves. The children layered beads and foam into any pattern they wanted. Once they were finished, the top piece was glued on and it permitted the foam pieces to move. The children were totally engrossed with the activity from Art Adventures.The activity provided the children the opportunity for hands on experience with art and science and S(science) T(technology) E (engineering) A (math) and S (science).

  • Cups and Popsicle sticks build are the start of the STEAM project.

    Building a foundation

    When children are given simple materials, they begin to build. This is the foundation of a structure built using cups and Popsicle sticks. The builder had to balance the stick from cup to cup in order to connect all the cups to build the foundation, which had to be strong enough to support other floors.

  • What is energy?

    Mad Science visits Primrose Cherry Hill

    Mad Science came to the school to present a hands on presentation about energy. They learned about kinetic and potential energy . The students explored different examples of each including Jack-in-Box, wind up cars and a marble track. The children had a blast!

  • Bring your Teddy Bear to school for a picnic.

    Teddy Bear Picnic

    Today the children could bring their favorite Teddy Bear or stuffed friend to school. The children had the chance to tell about their friend and why they are so special. Since the friends came to school, we had a picnic outside. The children selected shady places on the grass, on the climbers and under the climbers for the picnic.

  • The Adventure Club visited the Phillies stadium for a behind the scenes at Citzen's Bank Park.

    Adventure Club visits the Phillies and bring them a lucky bamboo.

    What does it look like inside a major league stadium? The campers got to see the locker room, the press box, dugout, go on the field and eat lunch while sitting in the stadium. The Phillies players feel that their winning streak is due to 'lucky bamboo'. The children brought a Primrose Lucky Bamboo so the Phillies winning streak will continue.

  • The Primrose Friends are celebrating, along with the children, National Sun Glasses Day.

    Happy National Sun Glasses Day

    All the children today received a pair of sun glasses to wear in celebration of National Sun Glass Day. Since today's weather was near 90 degrees, it was a opportunity to talk about protecting your eyes on these hot summery day. The Primrose Friends got into the day and set a good example and reminder to wear sun glasses.

  • Bringing Stories to Life.

    Acting Bugs, acting classes bringing stories to Life.

    Acting Bugs is an enrichment that takes a book and let's the children act out the story. Miss Carol brings the stories to life by dressing the children in costumes and props to make the story come alive. After the children practice their 'play', another classroom comes in to be the audience. At the end of the play, all the actors takes bows to the audience's applause.

  • Early Preschool children had their first Splash Pad of the season.

    Splash Pad Season has started.

    Summer has finally arrived which it meant it was time to open the Splash Pad for the Summer. Each week every classroom has two mornings to use the Splash Pad. For these children, it was the first time to watch the water come up from the beach ball, rain down from an umbrella, spin off the spinning wheel and squirt up from the ground. The exploration of the water was totally fun.

  • Is large group Kindergarten right for your child? Worried about before and after school care?

    Is a private small group Kindergarten a better fit for your child? Explore the options at our Lunch'N;Learn luncheon on June 26 at 12:00 at Primrose School of Cherry Hill. RSVP at Look forward to seeing you there.

  • First Kindergarten Graduating Class

    First Kindergarten Graduation

    The Kindergarten class along with their teacher, Miss Lauren, wrote and learned songs about their year together. It was a bittersweet ceremony since we said good bye to some of the children that have been at the school since the first day the school opened. Good Luck to the graduates of the Primrose School of Cherry Hill.

  • Prekindergarten graduation

    Congratulations to the first graduating class of the Primrose School of Cherry Hill!

    On June 7, Primrose School of Cherry Hill hosted our first Graduation Ceremony for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten. Each class sang and danced about their year together. The children selected the songs and along with their teacher,Mr. Avery, they re-wrote the lyrics. After the ceremony, families and friends gathered for a luncheon outside on the playground.

  • Infants outside

    The infants are outside on their own age appropriate playground exploring the musical play equipment. Since the infants have their own playground, they have the ability to go outside everyday. The infants can have a sensory experience with the touch of grass.The next outside sensory experience will be the splash pad during summer.

  • Red Nose Day!

    Red Nose Day

    The teachers and children support the 'Red Nose Day' by wearing red noses. Red Nose Day is a national day to bring awareness to children in poverty and contributing to organizations that support these children in need. It was a fun day while supporting a worthy cause, children.

  • "I made breakfast for Mom and I even went to the 'market' to make your breakfast'.

    "Happy Mother's Day Mom, I made breakfast for you".

    For Mother's Day, we turned the conference room into the Mother's Day Market. Chef Deb put out a variety of breakfast items like muffins, fruit cups, breakfast bars and water. The children could 'shop' and placed the breakfast items they thought Mom would like in their shopping bag for her to take to work. Moms were surprised at the variety of the selection of the breakfast foods.

  • As a friend holds the bag with the eggs...

    What is inside?

    Someone could not wait to see what was in the bag.

  • The infants first egg hunt at school.  They used the eggs as musical instruments by shaking the eggs.

    Even the Infants hunted for Eggs

    What are these eggs? What can I do with them? It was a chance to explore a new item in their classroom.

  • Hunting for Eggs

    Hunting for Eggs

    The playground was scattered with multi-colored eggs for the children to find. For this child, it was a very successful find.

  • March Madness at Primrose School of Cherry Hill!

    March Madness at Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    March Madness at Primrose School of Cherry Hill benefited one of our families foundation, 'Hold the Door for Others'. The foundation supports families through grief process and was founded after the family lost a loved one at 911. By the simple act of holding the door for others, people did make it out of the building. The hallway of the school was turned into a basketball court with many hoops of various heights for all the children. We were asking for a penny a shot. The children raised over $145.00 for the foundation.

  • It was brown day at Primrose School of Cherry Hill in celebration of Peanut the Pony's birthday.

    Happy Birthday Primrose Friend Peanut the Pony!

    The children had the choice of dressing in brown for Peanut's birthday. One child decided to dress like Peanut. The Primrose Puppets are an element of our character development curriculum. Each month, a new Primrose Puppet is chosen and their character trait is the focus of the month.Our statement, "We believe who children become is as important as what they learn", is embedded in our curriculum, in our philosophy and in our culture at the school.

  • Rhythm & Notes

    Rhythm & Notes

    This toddler is trying to stand on one foot during the Rhythm & Notes , our music class at the school. The children are exposed to playing with a variety of instruments, learning about the tempo, following a musical pattern and movement with music. The children's daily schedule includes music from The Music Class everyday.

  • Horton Hears a Who came to Primrose School of Cherry Hill!

    Read Across America!!

    We celebrated 'Read Across America' by celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. Children brought in their favorite Dr. Seuss book or dress up like a character from Dr. Seuss. It was a special treat to have Horton come and visit us.

  • Math Patterns

    What comes next?

    Recognizing patterns is a basic math skill that is reinforced in the Preschool classroom. The class used fruit pieces to create a pattern that they could either duplicate or continue.

  • Children need to have a sense of trust as part of their development.

    Building Trust

    Having the quality Teacher that understands the importance of building that trusting relationship, is an important element in a child's development. Children need to learn that someone is going to respond to their needs and care for them. At the Primrose School of Cherry Hill, we accomplish this by having consistent and caring teacher in the same classroom everyday to provide the continuity of care and trust.

  • Special Valentine Delivery

    Who doesn't love an Assistant Director?

    The Kindergarten class hand delivered their Valentines. This child wanted to give the Assistant Director an extra special card and hug.

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Who is that baby in the mirror?

    As you can see, the infant in this picture does not see himself but sees another infant. This is an important milestone when a child recognizes themselves and just another child in the mirror. It doesn't make a difference to the infant doing the kissing, they still wanted to kiss that infant.

  • Healthy Hearts

    "I can do it by myself"

    Involving children with preparing their own meals, is a proven way for children to try different foods. You can see the confidence this child has in the ability to open up and spread his own cream cheese. These experiences of preparing their own meals exemplifies on our 'Healthy Heart' curriculum. We work with children to make healthy choices and enjoy food.

  • Happy New Year!

    Wishing everyone the New Year that is filled with Happiness and Good Health

    Primrose School had a celebration of ringing the New Year!

  • Let's measure and compare which is longer.

    How long is our structure?

    After lining up several building tiles, the girls wanted to compare the length.

  • The Kindergarten children were asked that question while being introduced to the creative writing process.

    "If I were trapped in a Snow Globe..."

    The Snow Globe experience is the completed outcome of their writers' workshop in Kindergarten. This activity took them through the stages of writing. They first used a web to organize their ideas then wrote a rough draft and the final edit. Once they answered the question, they illustrated their writing by creating their snow globes with images of themselves acting out their answers.The children had the opportunity to express their creativity and experience the writing process. All of this came from one question,"If I were trapped in a Snow Globe."

  • The Preschool children made a thank you card for the families at Primrose School that are in the military.

    Thank you to our Primrose Military Families

    Primrose School celebrated Veteran's Day by making a thank you card for the Primrose Families that are active duty military.

  • Primrose School Thanksgiving Feast.

    Thanksgiving Feast

    Primrose School celebrated Thanksgiving by enjoying a traditional holiday meal of turkey, mashed potato and cranberry sauce made by our Chef Debbie. The Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten families were invited to join their child for lunch. The children decorated the tables and made festival hats for the lunch. A sense of community was created during the feast.

  • The Kindergarten class is just hanging like bats.

    The Kindergarten class have turned into bats!

    After exploring bats, the Kindergarten class decided to pretend to be bats by hanging upside down.

  • Kindergarten were exploring bats.  They labeled the parts of the bats .

    Bats, spiders and owls

    The Kindergarten class was exploring this seasons familiar insects and animals. They expanded their vocabulary by using words such as 'nocturnal', there was a math experience by measuring the wing span and science by understanding that bats hang upside down.

  • Summer Camp and Pre-kindergarten visit the historical battleship New Jersey.

    PK and Summer Camp visit the battleship New Jersey.

    The camp and Pre-kindergarten visited the battleship New Jersey. The children had the chance to 'sleep' in a bunk, eat in a mess hall and what life was like aboard a ship.

  • How many blocks can fit in the square?

    How many blocks can fit into the square?

    The children were asked to fill the entire square with blocks. It was a group effort to complete the task. This gave the children experience in shapes, sorting and estimation. During the month of August Erwin, the Primrose Friend of the month, promotes friendship and being a good friend. The activity blended a math experience with a friendship experience.

  • STEAM Challenge

    STEAM Challenge

    Different STEAM Challenge plans were placed around the table for the children to select to build and improve upon the plan. The children were given, cups, tape, binder clips and craft sticks to work with on their plan. As you can see, their plan was very detailed and many changes and improvements were made to the original design. STEAM offers children to explore and experience building with many types of different materials to expand with their imaginations.

  • Combining Math and Science in the Primrose Patch

    How tall is the plant?

    Caring for the Primrose Patch gives us the opportunity to combine science and math in nature. Watching a plant grow from a seed to a seedling to a plant with flowers gives the children a chance to use estimation and science as they observe a life cycle.

  • Private Kindergarten at Primrose School of Cherry Hill in 2018

    What the Primrose Private Kindergarten has to offer; Accredited Primrose Kindergarten Curriculum Certified Teacher Access to the school from 6:30 - 6:00 Small class sizes Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon snack included. Hosting an Open House on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 6:00

  • Caring for the Primrose Patch

    Primrose Patch

    During the month of August, our Primrose Friend Ally talks about responsibilities. The Primrose Patch is wonderful hands on experience of caring for the plants the children planted. Every week, the children go down to the Primrose Patch to observe the change in the plants and to weed and water the garden. Sometimes responsibilities are not fun but when you do it with a friend, the job gets done much faster.

  • Small Reading Group Time

    Noggin Joggin

    Best way for children to learn the concept of print is by reading to them daily and provide opportunities for them to explore books independently. During this 'Noggin Joggin' experience, the child wanted to share a story with the other children as the teacher.

  • Layout of Text

    Concept of Print

    Children need to know that letters make up words and words make up sentences that has meaning. The children were making Thumbprints on their letter "T". As part of our Literacy Program, we provide opportunities for children to understand the concept of print.

  • Primrose Friends Billy and Megy are conversing with a toddler.

    Primrose Friends are used in our curriculum to promote language development as well as build the character development.

    Primrose Friends Billy and Megy are enticing a toddler to have a conversation with them as he develops his verbal skills.

  • Enrolling in Summer Camp

    Thinking of transitioning to a school setting instead of a child care setting. Join us on Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00 -6:00 to see the difference.

    Come and visit the classrooms during our Open House Thursday and see how Primrose School of Cherry Hill is an educational setting for young children.

  • Poster for the Primrose schools 360 connect initiative

    Meaningful Relationships

    ​Our Primrose 360Connect™ email delivers daily peace of mind and engagement in your child’s learning experience. As a Primrose parent, you’ll receive an update on your child’s activities, naps, meals and milestones. We also include photos so you can see what a great day your child is having.

  • Primrose School is accepting registrations for enrollment.  Call the  school to schedule a tour.

    CELEBRATE !! The teachers are celebrating the opening of Primrose School of Cherry Hill by being the first to play on the playground.We are opening on February 5.

    Availability for infants, toddlers, preschool and prekindergarten aged children.

  • Opening in January

    Primrose School of Cherry Hill

    The Primrose School of Cherry Hill due to open in January.

  • Learn how Primrose School of 'Balanced Learning Approach' is succeeding in preparing young children.

    Primrose Schools Exceeding National Trends

    Learn how Primrose Schools 'Balance Learning Approach' is succeeding in preparing young children.

  • basketball court

    NOW ENROLLING FOR SUMMER CAMP! The splash pad and basketball court is ready for the summer campers to 'dunk' the ball after using the splash pad.

    The basketball court is ready for the summer campers to play basketball. The outside activities are just a part of the summer camp program we have planned for the campers this year.

  • The playground is getting ready for the children

    Primrose School 'Thumbs Up' Physical Development has your child spending time everyday on physical deveolpment.

    Another playground is completed and ready for the children.

We'd love for your family to meet ours.