Primrose School of West Orange

Our Staff

  • Sarah Wysocki, Director

    Sarah Wysocki


    Hello, my name is Sarah Wysocki.


    Born and raised in West Orange, I am very excited to be working in my beautiful hometown and getting to know the next generation. I am a proud West Orange school system alumni and maintain a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Kean University.


    I have been working with children since my high school days but graduated to childcare management in 2014 where I was a Preschool teacher by morning and an Administrator by afternoon. From there, my childcare management career took off and has made me the proud Director I am today.


    I am the mom of a beautiful 2 year old daughter who inspires me everyday to appreciate the little things and moments in life. Having such a strong background in childcare has helped me be a better mom and to have a greater understanding of "toddler life".


    I am very excited to be part of the Primrose family and to help plant the roots to a beautiful new facility here in West Orange. Children are our future and as a young mom in the childcare field, I cannot express how true that is which makes it my goal to not only be there for families and students but for my staff as they lead your children through the beginning of their school career.

  • Amanda Gravesande, Administrative Assistant

    Amanda Gravesande

    Administrative Assistant

    Hello my name is Amanda Gravesande.


    I am your Administrative Assistant. I am very excited to join the Primrose of West Orange family. I have 5 years of Early Childhood experience as well as my Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I love being apart of children's daily lives and milestones. Being fortunate enough to influence who they become and what they know is truly a blessing.


    Outside of work, I enjoy quality time with my loved ones, reading, hiking, going to the beach and watching YouTube videos. I look forward to working the your family and getting to know you all very soon!

  • Stephenie Villanueva, Administrative Assistant

    Stephenie Villanueva

    Administrative Assistant

    Hello, my name is Stephenie Villanueva.

    I am your Administrative Assistant. I have 12 years of Customer Service/Assistance experience. My passion and love for children have redirected my career to Early childhood education, which landed me here at Primrose school of West Orange. I am excited and looking forward to building relationships with our children and parents and serving them however possible. 

    I am a mother to a beautiful, bright little girl and a dog mom as well. In my spare time, I love building memories with my family and trying new food. Spiritual health keeps me grounded and all things fitness! I love to laugh and listen to music. My family and friends would say I am nurturing and an empath. 

    I am looking forward to meeting you all. I am extremely blessed to be a part of our next generations education! 

  • Magdalene John, Education Coordinator

    Magdalene John

    Education Coordinator

    Hello, my name is Magdalene John.  I am excited to be working with Primrose School of West Orange.  I have been working in childcare for 20 years.  I attended the Cyril Pelter College of Education where I received a Trained Teacher Certificate.  After, I attended Terreve College and received a Bachelors of Science in Primary Education.  I enjoy teaching and meeting new people.


    On a personal note, I have four wonderful children who are my lifeline.  I am a proud mother of two boys and two girls.  I love my family and I love spending time talking, dancing and singing together.  I am looking forward to a fantastic year with Primrose and am grateful to be apart of West Orange staff.  I am excited to contribute my knowledge and skills to this great institution. I look forward to a fun filled year.

  • Yasmin Harkeem, Support

    Yasmin Harkeem


    Hello Primrose Families,


    My name is Yasmin, and I am the Support Teacher for Primrose School of West Orange. I decided to work at Primrose School of West Orange because I truly enjoy working with children and their families and meeting new faces. Childcare is a new experience for me professionally, but I have always worked in Customer Service. Children have always been a source of enjoyment for me. As a mother of an 8-year-old, I know how pleasurable and entertaining children can be. My son has the biggest and best personality ever. One of the best things in my life right now is having the opportunity to be his mom.


    My greatest joy is spending time with my son, my family, and friends. I love eating out and socializing. I am looking forward to greeting everyone daily and growing with our children, families, and staff.

  • Shatiaa Burwell, Infant Teacher

    Shatiaa Burwell

    Infant Teacher

    Hello my name is Shatiaa Burwell

    I was born and raised in Newark NJ where I currently reside. I attended Kean University where I studied Biology and took courses in Education Psychology and Speech Communication with electives in Modern Dance, Jazz and Zumba.

    Though I am not a mom as of yet, I spend lots of time around children of family and friends. I’ve always been the nanny of my family. Books I enjoy reading while babysitting are "You Are my Happy" and "The Salamander Room". My favorite hobbies include bird watching, manicures with my sister, watching Hallmark princess movies and planning for the future. That's when I'm not home with my shorkiepoo Kodi Kalu.

    My teaching background began in high school as a summer camp counselor at Newark Museum for ages 3-5. My passion for working with children then fostered employment at Essex County Turtle Back Zoo in 2014 as an educator specializing in early childhood education. There I lead classes and special events for children ages 6 months -5 years and their families with lessons, crafts, and animals presentations. Fun fact I have worked with snakes, owls, porcupines and armadillos. My experience with infants arises from working as a Newborn Care Specialist also known as a Baby Nurse since 2020 overnight while parents get rest knowing their babies (yes sometimes twins) are fed, changed, well cared for, and safe.

    I actually cried at my interview with Sarah because it has been a dream of mine to achieve a full-time position that allows me to express how much I admire watching children grow and learn and use my previously acquired abilities. I am delighted to be apart of such an amazing team here at Primrose School of West Orange as an Infant Teacher! For me, children are our best teachers and I am looking forward to a year of learning.

  • Kiara Harmon, Infant Teacher

    Kiara Harmon

    Infant Teacher

    Hello friends and family, my name is Kiara Harmon. I'm 24 years old and I am one of your Infant teachers here at the Primrose School of West Orange. I'm currently going to Essex County college for Early Childhood Development. I have a few years of experience working with children as a nanny, but my passion is to be a full-time teacher. I look forward to teaching your children and helping them develop. I am happy to be working for Primrose School of West Orange and I can't wait to meet all the new families.

  • Janine Wardlow, Infant Teacher

    Janine Wardlow

    Infant Teacher

    Hello everyone, my name is Janine and I’m glad to be working with you and your children at Primrose School of West Orange. I was born in Newark NJ, and raised in Orange NJ and I am the 7th child out of 10 and also a twin. I was raised by my grandmother who also worked in childcare. I’ve been working in child care since the age of 18 and I enjoy seeing children shine bright in the classroom. I worked with Infants from 3 months and up, Toddlers, and Pre-K students. I have a beautiful 8-year-old daughter who I adore so much and who teaches me new things every day. My long-term goal is to become a social worker to help people. I’m excited to be working with you all.

  • Nadene Whittaker, Infant Teacher

    Nadene Whittaker

    Infant Teacher

    Hello everyone, my name is Nadene Whittaker and I will be one of the infant teachers at the Primrose School of West Orange. I am a mother of four children, two of whom are twins. I am also a grandmother of two gorgeous grandsons, ages 5 and 4 years.

    I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica but I have been living in the USA for over 30 years. Throughout the years I have worked in the childcare field as a newborn care specialist, a nanny and babysitter. I love working with children because it provides me the opportunity to teach them life lessons, useful skills and playing a part in shaping their futures. Children are unique and I enjoy watching them blossom and develop into amazing individuals.

    In 2015, I obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology with a minor in Early Childhood Education at Lehman College in Bronx, New York. At present I am pursuing my masters in Childhood Studies, Administration and Leadership at Walden University. I am a creative, fun-loving and caring individual. I enjoy listening to gospel music, reading and watching a good movie. Above all I love and care about my family.

    I am looking forward to meeting the students and families who will enroll with us. I hope to make the Primrose experience a great and successful one for you and me!

  • Luteecha Dixon, Young Toddler Teacher

    Luteecha Dixon

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hi my name is Luteecha Dixon, I am a wife and a mom of three daughters and a grandmother of two beautiful grandbabies. The reason why I love working with children is because every day is different. Building a relationship with the child and the parents is very important to me. I love watching each child grow and develop in their own unique way. Each child has their own personality which makes getting to know them each on a personal level my main goal. My favorite activity is listening to gospel music, reading the bible and walking through the park but most of all, I love spending time with my family and friends. My favorite colors are blue and purple. I don’t have any pets. I’m a people person and I love having fun and being around people. I am looking forward to meeting you all at the Primrose School of West Orange very soon.

  • Fanny Espinal, Young Toddler Teacher

    Fanny Espinal

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hello! My name is Fanny Espinal. I am so excited to be one Young Toddler teachers at the Primrose School of West Orange. I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States when I was 2 years old. I speak Spanish, read Italian and speak and read English. I love working with children! This year I will be starting my 8th year in the child care industry. I am looking forward to meeting all the parents and children in January and shaping the minds of all of the Young Toddlers.

  • Giselle Perez, Young Toddler Teacher

    Giselle Perez

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hello, my name is Giselle Perez. I am a 2021 graduate of Saint Peter's University. I have three siblings and I am the eldest. I have always enjoyed working in Child Care including Special Education. Growing up in West Orange and attending the public schools as well, I was part of a group called "Big Brother, Big Sisters" which is a group that works and cares for special needs students. I started babysitting in the Montclair community in 2018 and have been fortunate to meet many great families in the Montclair community.  It is a warm reward to be part of many children accomplishments, from their first steps, to first words or to any firsts.  

    During my free time I like to explore the outdoors, listen to music, dance and gather with family and friends. I am so grateful to be a part of the Primrose School of West Orange and I look forward to learning and growing with your children.

  • Chanel Givens, Toddler Teacher

    Chanel Givens

    Toddler Teacher

    Hi, my name is Chanel Givens and I have over 6 years of child care experience and I will proudly have my Associate's degree in Education very soon. My favorite thing about working with children is getting to hear their little laughs and giggles. It makes my days so much brighter. My favorite children's book is, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" because it emphasizes growth and development which is very important in your child's early stages of life. In my personal time I love to try new foods and painting. 

    I am a proud teacher of the Primrose of West Orange in the toddler classroom. I chose to work at Primrose because I admire how all Primorse schools are conducted. What I love most about working with children is having the opportunity to watch children grow and shape young minds. It is what keeps me going everyday. My goal in life is to own my own daycare one day. I am the only child in my family and I come from a family of singers. Singing is also one of my passions in life. 

  • Valene Ramdhanie, Toddler Teacher

    Valene Ramdhanie

    Toddler Teacher

    Hello, my name is Valene and I am one of your Toddler teachers here at the Primrose School of West Orange. I am a longtime resident of West Orange and a former nanny of 20 years. I love traveling, learning about different cultures and trying new food. I enjoy exploring outdoors and learning new activities. Having a teenage daughter has taught me a lot as a parent and a working mom. My daughter and I love volunteering at the food bank together. I love working with kids and seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they learn new things. I am happy that I get to see them grow and make a difference in their life. 

  • Vizion Roman, Toddler Teacher

    Vizion Roman

    Toddler Teacher

    My name is Vizion (vision).

    I am 24 years old. I am originally from New York and moved to New Jersey in June 2022. I graduated Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences with my Associate's degree as a Medical Assistant in 2019. I always dreamed of being a pediatrician because working with children is my passion. I don't have any children of my own just yet but it means all the more love and time for your little ones. I am proud to be working for Primrose and watching your children grow and develop each and everyday.

  • Rakiyah Staniger, Toddler Teacher

    Rakiyah Staniger

    Toddler Teacher

    Hello, my name is Rakiyah Staniger

    I graduated with my BA in Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies from Kean University in 2019. I’m working on getting my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have 8 years of childcare experience working in different school environments from daycares to schools specialized for children with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

    On a personal note, I was born and raised in Newark, NJ and I am an only child. I love to travel and do DIY projects during my personal time. My favorite color is pink and one of my favorite childhood movies is, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, with Jim Carrey.  I am also a co-creator of a blog that speaks on various topics related to internal and external beauty.

    I am so grateful to be a part of the Primrose School of West Orange as one of your Toddler teachers and I look forward to learning and growing with your children.

  • Ashley Cardoza, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ashley Cardoza

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello Primrose family! My name is Ashley Cardoza. 

    I am one of the Early Preschool teachers here at the Primrose School of West Orange. I am going to be 26 in February, I was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Orange and West Orange, New Jersey. I am currently working on getting my Associates Degree in Education and hopefully will become an Elementary School teacher one day. I have worked in childcare for the past 6 1⁄2 years and even took classes in High School for 2 years. I started my childcare journey at a young age of about 10 years old by babysitting my sister's friends' children. From then on I have continued to grow and improve my child care experience, especially after I had my daughter almost 6 years ago (2 days after my birthday). I am excited to be a part of the Primrose of West Orange team and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

  • Kayla Middleton, Early Preschool Teacher

    Kayla Middleton

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello Primrose friends and family!

    My name is Kayla Middleton and I am so excited to be a part of the Primrose School of West Orange team. I’m from Jersey City, but I currently live in East Orange. I am 24 years old and have been working in childcare since I was 19. I also have 4 younger siblings who I love with everything in me.

    I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelors in Child Advocacy and Policy and have 2 minors. 

    I am currently attending Caldwell University to get my Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling. 

    Fun Fact: I have an art business which usually takes up my weekends. I hope to incorporate art therapy and open up my own private practice one day. 

    I am so happy to be here at Primrose School of West Orange and fueled with excitement to meet everyone.

  • Genesis Quezada, Early Preschool Toddler

    Genesis Quezada

    Early Preschool Toddler

    Hi friends and families, my name is Genesis Quezada. I am 23 years old and I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work at the University of Rutgers. I have been a Preschool teacher for about 3 years and have worked with the Primrose franchise for several years. I have recently relocated from Florida and am adjusting to the cold weather. I am the youngest of 2 children, even though I am the youngest, my mom has always treated us equally, which I have appreciated. She has encouraged me to be the person I am today. I love working with children and helping the, achieve their life goals/skills. I am excited to be working at Primrose School of West Orange and can’t wait to meet all the new families this upcoming year.

  • Natasha Hood, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Natasha Hood

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hello! My name is Natasha Hood.

    I will be your child's Preschool Pathways teacher here at the Primrose of West Orange. I have over several years of experience working with children from infants to pre-k. As a child, I was a ward of the state and was bounced around from school to school, so I am very familiar with the importance in learning. I look forward to teaching your child and learning more about them and your family so that I can make their Preschool Pathways experience one they will never forget.

  • Maria Palaguachi, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Maria Palaguachi

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hello! My name is Maria Palaguachi.

    I am one of the Preschool Pathways teachers here at the Primrose of West Orange. I have nine years of experience working with children and families, as well as students with special needs. I have an Associate's degree in Education that I proudly worked hard to achieve. I am passionate about educating the new generation and teaching them values and manners that will lead them to success in their future. I am bilingual and fluent in Spanish. I am excited to meet the children of West Orange and to guide them into the journey of education.

  • Samantha Perez, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Samantha Perez

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    My name is Samantha Perez and I have been blessed to have started a career in Early Childhood Education at a young age. My experience started with Executive Baby Childcare in 2017 and since then my love, passion and dedication for children has been a huge part of my life. I've had the pleasure to be the lead teacher of Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K. I’m extremely patient and caring and I treat every child the way I'd want my own to be treated. I am committed to being a part of a classroom that is safe, fun and sets a loving foundation for a lifetime of learning. I look forward to having a positive impact on the children in my class and being a part of their growth and discoveries. With an amazing team of parents and students I know we will have an unforgettable experience. I am so happy to be a part of the Primrose School of West Orange family.


    Things about me

        ◦    I love reading and dancing 

        ◦    M&Ms with peanuts are my favorite 

        ◦    Any shade of pink is my favorite color 

        ◦    Fall is my favorite season

  • Savoy Williams, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Savoy Williams

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hello, my name is Savoy Williams.

    I am a recent graduate of Albright College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History. During my time as an undergrad, I volunteered as a literacy tutor and assistant teaching to underprivileged schools in Reading, PA. I have 6 years of professional child care experience. My goal as a child care professional is to lessen the disparity of education between different economic classes of children. I believe all children should have the freedom and opportunity to learn the skills they will need in life to become successful members of society.

  • Tatiyana Carter, Preschool Teacher

    Tatiyana Carter

    Preschool Teacher

    Hello, my name is Tatiyana Carter.

    I am one of the Preschool teachers here at the Primrose of West Orange. I am from Montclair, New Jersey and I am a 2022 graduate from Nyack College in New York with a degree in Communications. From as young as a little girl, I always had a passion for working with children. Starting with babysitting my little cousins, to babysitting family friends children, to working at different summer camps, helping my mom in her Pre-K classroom, to finally working in a Preschool classroom of my own. Aside from my love for working with children, I also enjoy dancing, cooking and making new memories with family and friends.

  • Tamirah Richards, Preschool Teacher

    Tamirah Richards

    Preschool Teacher

    Hello Primrose Families!

    My name is Tamirah Richards. I am excited to work with your children and watch them shine bright in our classroom. I have almost 8 years’ experience in child care which most of my years teaching have been with the Pre-Kindergarten age group. I’m from Connecticut and decided to move to New Jersey 10 years ago. I love experiencing and learning new things in life. I, myself, have children, but I always consider my students my bonus children. I can’t wait to see them excel this year and learn all that they can. I look forward to meeting and growing with you and your family.  

  • Ashley Jitnarine, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ashley Jitnarine

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is Ashley! I’m excited to be a part of the Primrose School of West Orange! Before teaching, I worked as a Pharmacy Technician for 9 years. I then worked at the Primrose School of Paramus for two years, a sister school of West Orange. I love teaching and I’m so excited to be joining your children this school year! 

    Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love traveling and going on adventures! 

    I can’t wait to learn and grow with your children.

  • Jacqueline Smith, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Jacqueline Smith

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


    Hello everyone, my name is Jacqueline Smith and I am the newest teacher in the Pre-K classroom at Primrose School of West Orange. 
    I have a degree in Psychology and have a lifelong love of learning.  I have many years and extensive experience teaching and working in childcare.  I've worked with infants through Pre-K and truly enjoy helping them grow and develop. It brings me joy to see the wonder on their faces while experiencing and learning new things.  A few other children related experiences for me include teaching Sunday School, being a Youth Group Leader, taught babies how to swim, and volunteered in the special needs classrooms.  I also come from a fairly large family.  I have four brothers, one of which is my twin along nephews and lots of cousins.  So, needless to say I've always been surrounded by children and they always have a beautiful way to put a smile on my face.

    I am very excited to be part of the Primrose team and will always keep your child's best interest at heart. I love learning new things and hope to inspire and be a role model for them all.
    For me personally..... " Kindness is key"


  • Jerome Jones, Chef

    Jerome Jones


    Hello Primrose School of West Orange, my name is Jerome Jones and I am your Head Chef. I have 30+ years of experience in the culinary field, specializing as a garde manager and in food preparation.

    I was born in Norfolk Virginia where I spent my childhood. I moved to New Jersey in the mid-80s and currently reside in Irvington.  In my early 20s I found a passion for the culinary world where I have held various positions.  These experiences have lead me to act as a line cook, sous chef and head chef. 

    Family is very important to me.  I am also a sports and music enthusiast. Free time is spent watching or going to sporting events in addition to attending jazz concerts/festivals.

    I found out that food can bring people together both professionally and personally. Being in this industry has allowed me to do what makes me happy and given me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures along the way.  

    “Love what you do; Do what you love.”  Wayne W. Dyer.

  • Giovanni Faust, Sous Chef

    Giovanni Faust

    Sous Chef

    My name is Giovanni M. Faust. I was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey. Although I have a passion for the Culinary Arts, I have an even greater passion for being a positive role model for the youth. Thus far in my professional career, I worked with children with special needs, coached basketball for a local after school program, and participated in an art program for students at Somerset Community Action Program. I am proud to say that I played an integral role in helping these youngsters build on their many talents, and focused on bringing out their confidence. I believe these are major elements in becoming a successful young adult. I am eager to bring this same positivity to the Primrose School of West Orange; I am dedicated to inspiring children to be the best they can. Peace…Love…and Happiness! 

  • Sandy & George Garas and Rocco Varma, Franchise Owner

    Sandy & George Garas and Rocco Varma

    Franchise Owners

    Hello! Welcome to the Primrose School of West Orange!

    We are the Garas and Varma Family —friends and proud franchise owners of Primrose School of West Orange. As working parents ourselves and longtime members of the community, we are excited to offer the Primrose experience that’s enriched our lives and our children’s lives to even more families in West Orange.

    Like many working parents, we struggled to find quality care and early education for our children, we wanted to find the perfect solution for our family and bring that to the West Orange community. This need, combined with our passion for children and early education, inspired us to open a school of our own.

    We understand the importance of pursuing a career while providing a nurturing environment for your children. Parents at our school can rest easy, knowing their children are receiving the best care and highest level of early education that will help set the foundation for future success. We can attest to that because our kids all started at Primrose schools! We love Primrose and we are confident about the quality of care it provides. Our hope is that our school will feel like an extension of your family and will provide parents a peace of mind knowing their children are growing their Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.

    We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our Primrose family!

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