Primrose School of Stone Oak

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose is special to the Crump family because they are like our extended family! My youngest son has attended since he was 3 months old and our oldest started Primrose when he was almost 2. Primrose of Stone Oak has seen our boys grow over the years and has taught them language, math, arts and science and so much more...they've helped my boys with social skills and prepared them for elementary school. Thank you to all of our family at Primrose of Stone Oak - you have built the educational foundation for my children!

    Sheryl C.


  • Our experience at Primrose of Stone Oak in San Antonio has been outstanding! Everyone on the staff is very professional and has been instrumental in my daughters education. We are glad we found Primrose and fortunate to have talented caring staff!! Thank you Primrose!

    Isolda S.


  • We really appreciate the care our children receive at Primrose of Stone Oak. The teachers and management take special interest in the children and their development to help each feel unique and valued. I also think that the combination of life skills and academic skills are balanced to provide for the development of the full child.

    Sara O.


  • My son, John Adam Roussell III attends Primrose of Stone Oak. He has been there since February of this year and he has been doing just great. His teachers are Ms Fuleihan and Ms Locascio. I love it at Primrose because the environment is so great and the staff is wonderful. I have 2 other kids (MyeJoi Milam and Ronald Milam) who attended Primrose so I trust them completely which is quite a load off a Mother's mind when your child is in someone else's care -- and that's a biggie for me because anyone who knows me know that I do not like having my kids out of my sight. John Adam has been doing just great, he's meeting new friends, learning new things and is just growing up so fast -- I can hardly believe it. Another thing I like about Primrose is that the teachers really work with you when it comes to your kids -- if there are problems they approach you to see how we can fix things together and I really really like that -- to me that shows that their being a teacher and in the class with my son is more than just a job -- and I definitely like that.



  • My family has had a very positive experience at Primrose of Stone Oaks. My son, Benjamin, started when he was eleven months old and at almost seven years old he still attends the summer camp. Primrose has offered my son the most structured, caring, and educational environment that helped him grow into a smart, even tempered and polite child. Primrose provided me the assurance that my child would be safe and cared for while he was there. The staff provided a friendly and family oriented atmosphere which my son needed to make him feel comfortable. We are now moving away from the San Antonio area but I will be looking for another Primrose in that area for my son.

    Yolanda C.


  • I came to San Antonio and was discouraged by the childcare options until I found Primrose of Stone Oak. The organization, notices and procedures were refreshing and just what I was looking for. I immediately saw a change in Anna's experience. New words, concepts and songs were in our home weekly. She loves to mimic her teacher and reads books to her stuffed animals and our dog. It is just a precious sight because it is just exactly as her teacher does - holding the book, semi-circle and everything. The staff is great and has always taken their time to chat with me. This was much needed as a new stay at home Mom in a strange town. I highly recommend Primrose to prospective parents!

    Lisa S.