Primrose School of NE Green Oaks

Parent Testimonials

  • As a first time parent I have really appreciated the teachers and staff at our Primrose school. They are so knowledgeable that I find myself asking the teachers questions about next milestones before the pediatrician because they know my daughter so well. I know my daughter is happy because every morning she lights up when we walk through the doors and she is in a good mood when I pick her up. I think the length of service of the teachers speaks volumes as well. When touring my husband and I were both very impressed with how long the teachers had been at Primrose and we know it can't be an easy job! As a working mother, having our daughter at Primrose has been so very comforting since I know I don't need to worry about her while she's in their care. I would highly recommend this school to any prospective parents (and, I don't make recommendations lightly)!

    Sara L.


  • For years we've been hearing about how great Primrose School was but there's nothing like experiencing it first hand! People that work there have made our child's home-to-school transition so much easier for the baby as well as us - parents. Baby Remis is loving his teachers and the environment he's in. We know we've made the best decision to allow our baby boy experience so many great things Primrose has to offer.

    Ramas P.


  • The entire staff makes you welcome. You know that your child is loved and is great hands when you walk out of the door. They make a team effort to help your child to succeed. I love my Primrose family.

    Serena S.


  • We love ""our"" Primrose! As it has been said, it takes a village to raise a child and primrose is our village! We appreciate the love, support and education that they provide to our son! NE Green Oaks Primrose has been a staple of the Arlington community for many years and I believe it is because they have worked very hard to ensure that their brand and brand promise means something! As a type ""A"" mom, I appreciate that they stand behind their promise and go the extra mile to pay attention to those critical details that allow you to go to work and not worry every minute about your child! This ""culture"" and standard begins at the head and trickles down through every level of the staff and teachers! If there is a weak link it is immediately resolved and the train is back on track! If you are looking for a premier child education and enrichment center for your child- you must consider Primrose!



  • Primrose NE Green Oaks has been such a blessing for our family! When we were looking for a daycare/school, we visited a couple of well-known centers that were close by. I was seven months pregnant with my first child and almost in tears. While there wasn't anything tangibly "wrong" with them, my gut instinct just told me those were not the places for my child. When my husband and I first walked in the doors of Primrose NE Green Oaks, everything changed. It was bright, everyone was friendly and very caring, and even the infants seemed bright-eyed, alert, and engaged. My son started attending when he was six months old and has been there for two years. With the love and attention he receives, you would think he's the only child attending, but they make every child feel that way. He has learned so much and is so excited to go to school each day to see his teachers and friends, that it's amazing. The curriculum is a great balance of structured learning and also letting the kids be kids. The administration and teachers are the best of the best and take the time to discuss any concerns you may have about your child and make you feel like you are an important part of the Primrose family. As any parent, I want what is best for my child and wouldn't settle for anything less, which is why I feel so strongly about Primrose. We are so thankful to be part of the Primrose family!!



  • Sydney has been able to really develop herself here in regards to working with others. She has developed her people skills learning how to be respectful, considerate, encouraging and helpful. I love the teachers as they are all very patient and yet firm with giving kids boundaries and direction. I also like that they get the kids out of the school for some exciting and wonderful field trips. Which gives them some culture and a bigger picture of our wonderful world. Thanks for all you do to make this happen.

    Jeff D.