Primrose School of Brassfield

Parent Testimonials

  • If I had to tell somebody why to choose Primrose, I would use the word perfection. You can’t get any better than this environment. There is such a trust level that they establish, the curriculum is very enriching, it’s very well-rounded, the teachers are very warm. So you feel like it’s a family environment.



  • My daughter Ella has been going to Primrose for 2 years. From day one, we have loved the school and all the staff! Primrose at Brassfield has been such a wonderful experience for her and for me as a parent. Her teacher, Mrs. Jarrett, was amazing! Ella just loves her so much! Everyone in the front office was always so kind and friendly.I alway enjoyed chatting with her teacher and the staff upfront. I always felt that Ella was in good hands when I left and she never wanted to leave when I picked her up! She learned new things, and meet some wonderful friends along the way. I could not have asked for a better Preschool experience!! Ella just graduated and it was a sad day for was hard to say good bye to Primrose, but she will always remember her time there.

    Jessica R


  • It's wonderful to enter the friendly environment of Primrose Brassfield and be greeted warmly by all of the staff you meet. It's especially heartwarming to know my grandchild likes her school and her teachers. Every experience over the years has contributed to her becoming poised, self-confident, well-adjusted and happy. It is edifying to be able to take her to school and spend time with her there too. We are given opportunities to read to her class, attend parades, play outside and celebrate birthdays. We are so glad we found Primrose for her and grateful that all of the staff is so invested in providing quality care and an excellent education. Kudos!

    Minnie W


  • I am so thankful we found Primrose. The owners, directors, and the rest of the staff are so welcoming and truly care about each child. I was nervous about taking my son out of his previous daycare because he had just started there 4 months before, but I was extremely unhappy with it. I figured relocating him a second time was going to be difficult on him, but I am so glad I did. When I toured Primrose and met the staff, I had this immediate feeling that they were compassionate about what they did. I feel comfortable each day taking him to school and entrusting him in the care of the school. My child has had a great year in the Pre-K class and Primrose has done so much to prepare him for Kindergarten. They have an excellent program that sets children up to succeed. I am so glad I found a place where I felt confident my child was going to be well cared for and loved. A place where he would thrive and feel safe. I know if I am asked about childcare centers and what I think, Primrose will be at the top of my list for recommendations. So proud to be a Primrose Mom



  • My daughter Zoe was 3 months old when we made the decision to put her in the care of the professionals at Primrose. I grappled with the idea of staying home with her, but decided to try Primrose before I gave up my job. I am glad that I did. From day one, I have felt completely comfortable knowing I was able to entrust Zoe with the women at Primrose. Not only is she being taken care of in the same capacity as she would if I were home with her, but I know she is better served by being around other people and other babies. As she has grown in the past few months, it is clear that she loves coming to Primrose. She smiles when we walk in from the parking lot and absolutely adores both Pat and Trish. Every day when I go to pick her up she's involved in a different activity. Sometimes, she in a group with the other babies, sometimes she's playing by herself, and sometimes she's given one on time from one of her teachers. I know how important it is for her development to have all of these experiences, and I am so grateful she is able to have them. >In addition to her teachers, the staff itself has been a blessing. Everyone makes a point of saying hello in the morning and getting to know Zoe. Because of the small setting, they are able to tell instantly if Zoe is not feeling well, and have called me at work to let me know. They are also more than willing to check on Zoe if I know she's not feeling well and I call to check in. While the first few days of dropping Zoe off were hard, it seems like a distant memory. I know my daughter enjoys being there, and I know her teachers enjoy having her! I am very proud to call myself a Primrose Parent!

    Allison K


  • We have had our son at Primrose School of Brassfield since he was an infant and we couldn't have asked for a better child care facility for him. The teachers are fantastic and have been a great support to our son and us. We are amazed at everything our son has learned and love to see all the crafts he brings home at the end of the day. Primrose uses sign language as a tool to communicate in early childhood development and it has been most helpful to the whole family in understanding our son before he started speaking. I would highly recommend Primrose School of Brassfield to any parent who is looking for an excellent child care facility.