About Primrose Schools

Primrose is an accredited private preschool that provides a premier educational child care experience. As The Leader in Educational Child Care®, we partner with parents to help children build the right foundation for future learning and life. Our goal is to help children have fun while building Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®.

From the 360 Parenting Blog

Oct 1

You would be hard-pressed to find a successful adult who does not constantly exercise the art of cooperation. From the moment we learn this valuable skill as children, it gets put into action in almost every aspect of our lives.

Sep 29

I’ve heard that three of the most stress-filled times in one’s life include changing jobs, moving to a new house in a new town, and raising small children.

Sep 19

What makes your child feel safe? Maybe it’s cuddling with a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal, wearing superhero pajamas, or being held in your arms.