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Alicia Abla and Kim Waterman
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Alicia Abla and Kim Waterman


Welcome to the Primrose School of Yukon!

We are the proud owners, Alicia Abla and Kim Waterman. We are both residents of Yukon, and are ecstatic to provide our favorite school to our community. All of our children have had the amazing opportunity to learn and grow through the Primrose School curriculum. Our goal is to provide the same opportunity to children in our community.

“Who children become is as important as what they know” is a belief that is at the core of our Balanced Learning approach®. Our exclusive early learning approach balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.

Your Primrose School Owner, Alicia Abla:

Brandon and Alicia Abla are both working parents who previously struggled to find quality childcare for their children. A very challenging experience with a childcare facility led them to find Primrose Schools. Safety was the priority, but they quickly learned that the Primrose School curriculum exceeded all expectations. The “light bulb moments” bring so much joy to their family. They have always known that they would like to make a positive impact in the community, and bringing Primrose Schools to Yukon became their passion project. As parents, they want to offer the best early childhood learning experience to all children. They also look forward to providing a positive work environment that empowers employees to better themselves and those around them.

Alicia grew up in Yukon and graduated from Yukon High School. She completed undergraduate studies at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and then proceeded to earn her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. She has worked in various settings, most recently as a clinician in pharmacotherapy services at a local health system. Her career to date has been to educate the adult population in health and wellness. She is ecstatic to extend the education efforts to staff and children.

Your Primrose School Owner, Kim Waterman:

Jake and Kim Waterman were both born and raised in Oklahoma City. They knew they wanted their family to grow in Yukon and moved to the city in 2011. They are now the proud parents of two boys who are three years apart in age. The boys are a huge motivator for this family. This has inspired the Waterman family to offer quality childcare and education to their local community. They see the value in a quality program and the impact it will have on children in their earliest years. Both of their boys have attended Primrose, and have thrived in the program. Their boys cannot wait to be a part of Primrose School of Yukon and show your children the ropes at Primrose!

Kim has a heart for working in the childcare profession. She has been in the field since 2008 and has held many roles. Kim began her career as a childcare watch attendant at a local gym and quickly realized this was her passion. She went on to become an assistant preschool teacher, and eventually lead teacher, while pursuing a degree in Early Care Education and Administration. After much thought, she decided to exit the classroom and take on the role of Assistant Director at a local Primrose School. Kim has since held many positions at Primrose, including Director. She immediately recognized the impact this school had on her community. Kim fell in love with Primrose Schools, and the dream of owning her own school was born. She believes that every community, family and child should have a Primrose School in their area.

We are excited to meet you and your family! Welcome to the Primrose Family!

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