Primrose School on Yankee

Parent Testimonials

  • Our story begins when it became time for a stay home mother to resume her career. Our daughter Kassidy was 3 when she was enrolled part-time at Primrose. Shortly there after I was able to obtain employment and Kassidy became a full time student. I was very comfortable with this transition as I know she is in good hands. The care and knowledge she has obtained while at Primrose is incredible. She enjoys her school and her friends. There is nothing more satisfying to a parentthan having your child express how much she loves her school and her teachers. Primrose has an outstanding curriculum, caring teachers, and top notch facilities. Having peace of mind that your child is well taken care of, in a learning environment and has balanced meals during the day is priceless. Keep up the great work Primrose!!

    Heather S


  • Primrose on Yankee has a wonderful and caring staff. Everyone there is always friendly and even teachers who do not care directly for my son, know his name. Our son Nolan loves their Explorers Program for school age children! Once you send your child to Primrose you will not go anywhere else!

    Ashley N


  • We love Primrose because it is a wonderful experience for our son. The school is truly ideal and the entire staff is absolutely amazing. The entire staff displays a caring and loving attitude and they truly embrace the children. Everyday is a bright, happy day to learn and explore at Primrose! I can't imagine any school offering better learning envrionment, staff, or curruiculum. In addition, to an outstanding curriculum they encourage social development. Our son began the year very shy and now he approches children and makes new friendsquickly because of the social skills he has learned at Primrose. Our only regret is William is our youngest of 5 children and we wish would we would have discovered Primrose earlier so that they could have had such an awesome preschool experience!

    Jennifer H


  • Primrose: the first and last name in exceptional child care. Great job Yankee staff!

    Ben S


  • Like almost every mom who has a little one (or two, or three..) in day care, I am busy. I work too many hours, spend too much time away from my family, and find myself constantly torn between two worlds - mother and breadwinner. Leaving my sons to go to work is a choice I make each and every day. Sometime, its the hardest choice I make all day. But, when I drop my boys off each morning, we are greeted by cheerful, kind and welcoming teachers and staff. My boys give me a quick kiss then run to join their friends in their classroom and, in that brief moment, I am reassured that I am leaving my children in the hands of some of the most well trained, caring, compassionate and trustworthy individuals in the child care industry. It is because of this safety and security that I know that I have made the right choice. And this is why I Love Primrose!



  • Gabrielle started at Primrose in preshool and is now in kindergarten. We have been so happy there, never once have we regretted the decision to change daycares. Not only is she getting a great education, she's gaining self confidence, learning to give back to the

    Sabrina W