Primrose School of The Woodlands at College Park

Franchise Owners

The McLaughlin’s have been active owners in their Primrose Schools providing a combination of nurturing child-care services and a strong educational foundation for children in The Woodlands and Spr...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Julie McCluskey

Curriculum Director

Daniela Garcia

Assistant Director

Alyssa Mayo

Administrative Assistant

Jean Farley

Infants Assistant Teacher

Courtney Brown

Infants Assistant Teacher

Ashlee Nash

Older Infants Lead Teacher

Tevena Nelson

Older Infant Assistant Teacher

Brittany Pena

Older Infants Assistant Teacher

Jessica Lopez

Toddler Lead Teacher

Sidney Moore

Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Kelsey Brown

Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Nige Evans

Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

Ashley Perez

Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Amanda Johnson

Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Kristen Rachel

Early Preschool II Lead Teacher

Baylee Lilley

Early Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Emily Levin

Early Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Stephanie Meyer

Preschool I Lead Teacher

Daisy Salinas

Preschool I Assistant

Germeisha Fears

Preschool II Lead Teacher

Rebecca Teater

Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Felicia Espinoza

Pre-Kinderagarten I Lead Teacher

Brittani Bumpas

Pre-Kinderagarten I Assistant Teacher

SadeeRae Williams

Pre- Kindergarten II Lead Teacher

Vanity Walden

Pre- Kindergarten II Assistant Teacher

Sarah Niklas

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Sierra Khosla

Explorer Lead Teacher