Exterior of a Primrose School of Woodbury

Primrose School of Woodbury

Franchise Owner

My husband Travis and I would like to welcome you to Primrose School of Woodbury. We are the proud owners and operators of the Primrose School of Woodbury. We have 2 beautiful children (Primrose Sc...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mrs. Katie VanOvermeiren, Director of Operations

Mrs. Katie VanOvermeiren

Director of Operations

Mrs. Erin Vanderwerf, Director of Curriculum

Mrs. Erin Vanderwerf

Director of Curriculum

Mrs. Krissi Bohlsen, School Administrator

Mrs. Krissi Bohlsen

School Administrator

Ms. Erickson, Private Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Erickson

Private Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Shetka, Toddler & Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Shetka

Toddler & Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Powell, Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Powell

Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Callow, Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Callow

Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Vanderbeck, Early Preschool Teacher

Ms. Vanderbeck

Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Guertin, Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Guertin

Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Hammarsten, Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Hammarsten

Early Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Shepler, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Shepler

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Jones, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Jones

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Taiwo, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Taiwo

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Patraw, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Patraw

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Snyder, Private Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Snyder

Private Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Short, Explorers Program Teacher

Ms. Short

Explorers Program Teacher

Ms. Branch, Explorers Program Teacher

Ms. Branch

Explorers Program Teacher

Mr. Short

Bus Driver & Explorers Program Assistant

Mrs. Jurvis, Administrative Assistant and Substitute Teacher

Mrs. Jurvis

Administrative Assistant and Substitute Teacher

Ms. Nelson

EPS & Pathways Teacher