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Sima Shah


Meet Sima Shah, proud Owner of Primrose School of Willow Glen. As a longtime resident of California’s Silicon Valley, she is excited to help introduce San Francisco Bay Area parents to the premier child care and early education experience Primrose has provided to many other children around the country.

Research-based and Innovative Education is Sima’s passion. She earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles after immigrating to the U.S. with her husband Amar Chokhawala. Sima worked as a computer engineer while also molding young minds as an adjunct professor of at several local colleges and universities in Computer Science Department. Amar was an early Google employee before he founded his own software company, Reflektion in 2013, where he will continue serving as Chief Executive Officer.

When their first daughter, Amiya, was born in 2005, Sima struggled to find trusted and high-quality care, and eventually decided to keep her daughter at home with a full-time nanny. After the birth of her second daughter, Risa, in 2008, Sima decided to enroll Amiya into a Bay Area preschool. Not long after, Sima found the program lacked the holistic approach she’d hoped to find. It focused too much on structure and teacher guided activities, and did not provide enough opportunities for play and exploration. As a result, Sima tried to create her own “balanced program” by sending her daughter to a structured school three days a week, and child-initiated play based program for the other two days.

It was during this time Sima and her husband first learned about Primrose Schools through an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal; however, there were not any Primrose schools in California at the time.

“I knew that children needed both exploration and structure, and I kept thinking that someone had to already have a program that is more balanced. When I found Primrose, I was so pleased to see that they built their entire curriculum around this idea of balance,” said Sima. “Never having experienced it myself, I was skeptical until I flew out to Colorado to visit my first Primrose school. The moment I entered the school, I was wowed by the entire experience: people, culture, approach, environment and curriculum.

At Primrose School of Willow Glen, Sima will strive to provide a nurturing atmosphere and environment that fosters all aspects of their students’ development. Her goal is to promote the social-emotional aspect of growth, which enhances learning for children. She wants parents to feel welcome and confident that Primrose is the best option for their children.

“In today’s world, if both parents work, a child spends at least 40 hours a week at her education facility. We always think of making our homes inspiring and comfortable for our children. At Primrose School of Willow Glen, we want the same for our students. Our facility will be filled with the same quality of care, attention and comfort children experience at home,” said Sima.

Primrose School of Willow Glen will feature the exclusive Balanced Learning® approach which blends purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion.

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