Primrose School Building

Primrose School of Wichita East

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose School of Wichita East is a wonderful place for a child to grow and learn. Our son began his journey in the Pre-K classroom and is now in Kindergarten. He absolutely loves it! He is so excited for bed every night, because he is so thrilled to go to school the next day. There are some days when we pick him up he doesn't want to come home! He has made leaps and bounds in regard to his education. Each child is given the time and the tools they need to be successful. I am so pleased with our decision to take our son to Primrose! They send updates and pictures throughout the day, which are wonderful! I feel comfortable knowing he is in a safe and caring environment. Mrs. Robles and Anjana are wonderful, they have helped us every step of the way and are so informative. Ms. Souter, our son's pre-k teacher was truly a blessing! She helped our son learn so much in the year she had him and cared about him as her own child. I will never be able to repay her for all the wonderful things she did for him. He loves his Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Haught, she is wonderful and our son is eager to go to class every day. These ladies are not just staff or teachers, they care so much about every child. Primrose school of Wichita East is definitely the best choice for child care and early education in Wichita.

    Bailey M


  • I adore this school. They cover all the bases of education but they are so much more than that. The staff at this school ginuenly love their jobs and the children they influence. It is clean, safe, and a ton of inspiration for the kids! They have a garden, go on field trips, and always working on new hands on projects that go hand-n-hand with their lessons. I once came in and a young boy was having a missing mommy day, the owner was walking the halls with him. They were talking and exploring and she was comforting as needed. I have been to schools were they expect the children to "adjust" on their own. Even if it meant crying all day. They have monthly activities for the whole family. I never put my baby into a daycare/school situation until I found Primrose and now I am sad knowing she will be moving on sooner or later. I could go on and on about this school and staff. You must check them out for yourself.

    Amber M


  • Our family started having trouble with our old daycare with health and safety concerns, so I met with Anjana personally and she spent two hours telling me all of the right reasons why she was starting this new school in town, her goals for the school, and how wonderful the Primrose family/support system was. She hired the best management team, who also hire the best, they train and ensure that each teacher is living up to the standards that they set. They have the perfect balance of a professional school and a caring environment where the kids love their teachers and they feel loved... they are still firm, butteach wonderful life lessons and courtesy for others. They balance fun with learning and a very clean facility. Everything about this school exceeds your expectations, from the education levels to the personal touches (Our daughter comes home with handmade gifts, they have Holiday Parties, "kids night out", and much more). Any "challenge" is addressed immediately and professionally; they take their roles seriously and it is reasuring to know that my child is safe and happy while I am working... it is the single hardest thing about being a working parent, but our little girl is lucky to be in such wonderful hands!



  • Looking for preschools and daycares wer so overwhelming to me and my husband, we would find ourselves writing out the pros and cons of each one we would visit. We were never impressed with any other facility and staff as much as Primrose! They are genuinely loving, positive role models that I want my children to be influenced by. Every time I walk into those doors to the school, it confirms our decision was the best one to send our kids here. We never worry! Primrose has everything covered from safety to dicipline to the proper amounts of attention and nutrition! We are over the top thrilled to be apart of the Primrose family!

    Lindsay E


  • This is the first school setting our son has been in and first really he has been around a lot of children. Primrose has made him feel comfortable as well as mom and dad :) and has helped our son adapt to the schedule and envoronment. It is a beautiful school. We love values they teach there and is so much more than just "play Time." My husband and I love how safe and secure it is there with the added security doors so I know my son isn't around just anyone!We are so glad we made the choice to have our son attend Primrose! The staff is the best we've seen and they are always nice!

    Shannon N