Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada

Our Staff

  • Haley Kinson, Director - Admissions

    Haley Kinson

    Director - Admissions

    Haley Kinson is the Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada Director of Admissions. She received her Bachelors of Development and Families Studies from The University of North Texas. Eager to continue to learn she went on to pursue her Masters of Social Work from The University of Texas at Arlington. Throughout her schooling she knew she always wanted to work with children and families. She interacted with many families through her internships at Cancer Support Community, GRACE Grapevine, and Medical City Arlington. Haley knew she wanted a rewarding career where she could make an impact and build positive relationships with families.

    “I look forward to growing with your families and seeing the positive impact Primrose is making in your child’s life everyday through our nurturing environment and Balanced Learning approach.”

  • Rebecca Sartorelli, Director - Operations

    Rebecca Sartorelli

    Director - Operations

    Rebecca Sartorelli is the Director of Operations at the Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada. She received her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of North Texas. Her career is a blend of working with individuals – in both early childhood education and in hospitals – with a focus on quality engagement, customer service and process improvement. She was inspired to return to her roots in early childhood development to aide in the business operations of the school. While she is part of the leadership team, she is also a parent here at Primrose.“I believe that we are better together as we work to help guide and nurture your children’s love for learning! I am inspired every day by the joy and wonder your children bring – as they discover magical moments in learning.”

  • Holland Skupien, Assistant Director, Education

    Holland Skupien

    Assistant Director, Education

    Holland Skupien is the Assistant Director, Education at Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada. Holland received her Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Education from Dallas Baptist University and holds her teaching certification in Texas. After working in the Early Preschool program for over a year, she is eager to continue her career at Primrose Westlake Entrada on the Leadership Team where she can bring her knowledge and passion of curriculum delivery to all classrooms. Holland is most excited to work with teachers and children to truly partner and develop an education that sets each child up for success in their future. Holland believes in the Primrose Schools philosophy and the emphasis on character development, and is passionate about ensuring our children grow through the Balanced Learning approach.

    “I believe in what Primrose instills in children and I’m thrilled to work to provide a foundation for each child's future by supporting our campus in implementing the Balanced Learning curriculum.”

  • Kaddie Seeton, Education Specialist

    Kaddie Seeton

    Education Specialist

    Kaddie Seeton is the Education Specialist at Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada. Kaddie began her career at Primrose Westlake Entrada in the Early Preschool program, ultimately growing to lead her own classroom as well as the program. Kaddie is excited to continue on the Leadership Team, utilizing her knowledge and experience with the Balanced Learning Approach to guide programs across campus. Kaddie is eager to work with teachers to ensure curriculum implementation happens with fidelity, and is also thrilled that her own son is now a part of the Primrose Westlake Entrada family. Kaddie believes in the Primrose Schools philosophy of early-childhood education and the Happy Hearts program, which emphasizes positive character development by incorporating our Primrose Friends throughout Curriculum.

  • Ms. Liz, Infant Classroom

    Ms. Liz

    Infant Classroom
  • Ms. Maddie, Infant Classroom

    Ms. Maddie

    Infant Classroom
  • Ms. Ali, Infant Classroom

    Ms. Ali

    Infant Classroom
  • Ms. Maddison, Infant Classroom

    Ms. Maddison

    Infant Classroom
  • Ms. Ashlei, Young Toddler Classroom

    Ms. Ashlei

    Young Toddler Classroom
  • Ms. Caitlin, Young Toddler Classroom

    Ms. Caitlin

    Young Toddler Classroom
  • Ms. Jackie, Toddler Classroom

    Ms. Jackie

    Toddler Classroom
  • Ms.Destynee, Toddler Classroom


    Toddler Classroom
  • Ms. Cortney, Toddler Classroom

    Ms. Cortney

    Toddler Classroom
  • Ms. Kayla, Early Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Kayla

    Early Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Cecilia, Early Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Cecilia

    Early Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Aileen, Early Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Aileen

    Early Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Hannah, Early Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Hannah

    Early Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Sarah, Early Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Sarah

    Early Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Jocelyne, Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Jocelyne

    Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Lindsey, Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Lindsey

    Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Lindsay, Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Lindsay

    Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Ashton, Preschool Classroom

    Ms. Ashton

    Preschool Classroom
  • Ms. Trona, Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Trona

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
  • Ms. Kelsey, Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Kelsey

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
  • Ms. Brenda, Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Brenda

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
  • Ms. Ali, Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Ali

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
  • Ms. Shelby, Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Shelby

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
  • Ms. Jessica, Private Kindergarten Classroom

    Ms. Jessica

    Private Kindergarten Classroom
  • Ms. Celestina, Explorers Classroom

    Ms. Celestina

    Explorers Classroom
  • Kevin & Mandi McCombs, Franchise Owner

    Kevin & Mandi McCombs

    Franchise Owners

    Kevin and Mandi McCombs welcome you to Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada. As Primrose parents themselves, the McCombs are committed to bringing the Primrose Experience they know and love to children and families in Westlake, Trophy Club, Roanoke and surrounding areas.

    With three children attending Primrose since 2005, Mandi and Kevin personally understand the value of Primrose’s nurturing and safe environment, the research-informed approach to learning and building meaningful relationships with teachers and families. As their connection to Primrose deepened, the McCombs recognized their desire to help steward children and make a positive impact in the community. Guided by their faith, it was abundantly clear that owning and operating a Primrose school was the perfect next step.

    “We both have huge hearts for pouring into people, especially children, and want to help guide and develop them to reach their fullest potential,” said Mandi. “As Primrose Franchise Owners, we’re able to apply that focus to every facet of our school. We believe who children become is as important as what they know, and we’re focused on building and maintaining a culture guided by the highest standards, open communication, valued relationships and a strong sense of community.”

    The McCombs are dedicated to investing in the children, families and teachers alongside their School Leadership Team. Mandi will oversee the day-to-day operations of the school and looks forward to sharing her career experience in operations, executive leadership and strategic corporate planning. Kevin will be in charge of the school’s financial and business operations, bringing with him nearly two decades of experience in the financial services industry primarily serving Fortune 1000 companies where his roles focused on relationship management, sales and marketing.

    The couple currently resides in Southlake with their three children, Jules, Berklee and Kye. Jules, Berklee and Kye are excited to be a part of the Explorers Program, a before and after-school care and summer camp for children ages 5 through 12. The school is proud to offer the exclusive, Balanced Learning® approach, which balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.

    “We vividly remember and can empathize with what it is like to drop off your child at school for the first time and every time thereafter,” said Kevin. “It’s a huge step, entrusting someone else with your child and feeling confident they’ll be safe and that his or her day is filled with joy. In our life, the phrase ‘Love & Family’ guides our every action and we are excited to extend this same principle to our Primrose families.”

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