Exterior of a Primrose School of The Westchase District

Primrose School of The Westchase District

Franchise Owners

Hello, I am Anne Emery. Along with my husband Hank and seasoned Primrose Franchise Owners Lou Ann and Michael McLaughlin, we are the proud Franchise Owners of the new Primrose School of The Westcha...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Felicia Molina, Office Assistant

Felicia Molina

Assistant Director - 12

Dana Jones, Curriculum Trainer

Dana Jones

Curriculum Trainer - 16 Years

Max Emery, Office Assistant - Since 2008

Max Emery

Office Assistant - 11 Years

Susan Wells, Office Manager

Susan Wells

Office Manager - 4 Years

Patricia Graves, Nutrition Specialist

Patricia Graves

Nutrition Specialist - 7 Years

MaQuan Navarro, Infant Teacher

MaQuan Navarro

Kitchen Assistant - 3 Years

KaKesha Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher

KaKesha Johnson

Infant Teacher & Mentor - 3 Years

Sidney DeWalt, Infant Teacher

Sidney DeWalt

Infant Teacher - 4 Years


Halah Aal-Mohammedameen

Infant Teacher


Elizabeth Benavente

Infant Teacher

Courtney Dural, Infant Teacher

Courtney Dural

Infant Teacher - 3 Years

Martina Irogbele, Infant Teacher

Martina Irogbele

Infant Teacher - 2 years

Patricia Sims, Infant Teacher

Patricia Sims

Infant Teacher - 4 Years

Gail Bailey, Infant Teacher

Gail Bailey

Infant Teacher - 4 Years

Jessica Varner, Young Toddler Teacher

Jessica Varner

Young Toddler Teacher - 3 Years


Ashika Pradhan

Toddler Teacher - 4 Years

Angelique Herbert, Toddler Teacher

Angelique Herbert

Toddler Teacher - 2 Years

Edith Valdez, Toddler Teacher

Edith Valdez

Toddler Teacher - 4 Years

Janaia A. Frasier, Early Preschool Teacher

Janaia A. Frasier

Early Preschool Teacher - 3 Years

Nasim Moayeri, Early Preschool Teacher

Nasim Moayeri

Early Preschool Teacher - 3 Years

Zahra Sarembafande, Early Preschool Teacher

Zahra Sarembafande

Early Preschool Teacher

Shinika Rose, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Shinika Rose

Preschool Pathways Teacher - 2 Years

Amethyst Albro, Early Preschool Teacher

Amethyst Albro

Early Preschool Teacher - 4 Years

Mikah Martinez

Mikah Martinez

Early Preschool Teacher

Kacy Mah, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Kacy Mah

Preschool Pathways Teacher - 1 Year

Firouzeh Mahmoudi, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Firouzeh Mahmoudi

Preschool Pathways Teacher - 3 Years

Lozetta Davis, Preschool Teacher

Lozetta Davis

Preschool Teacher - 2 Years

Tunisha Siverand, Preschool Teacher

Tunisha Siverand

Preschool Teacher

Rocio Salas, Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Rocio Pankhurst

Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher - 4 Years


Luticia Ralph

Pre-Private Kindergarten Teacher

Shirlyn Brown, Preschool A Teacher

Shirlyn Brown

Preschool A Teacher - 2 Years