Exterior of a Primrose School of West Woods

Primrose School of West Woods

Franchise Owners

Primrose of West Woods is owned by Mike and Sue Burns. They have lived in the Arvada area for almost thirty years, and raised three girls of their own. In his prior life, Mike worked in human resou...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mallory Ford

Associate Director

Liz Capritta, Young Infant Lead Teacher

Liz Capritta

Young Infant Lead Teacher

Leesa Carver, Young Infants Assistant Teacher

Leesa Carver

Young Infant Support Staff

Lin Gonzales, Assistant Teacher Infants

Lin Gonzales

Assistant Teacher Infants

Vicki Versailles, Older Infants Lead Teacher

Vicki Versailles

Older Infants Lead Teacher

Lisa Denning, Lead Teacher Toddlers

Lisa Denning

Lead Teacher Toddlers

Stephanie Barr, Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

Stephanie Barr

Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

Erin Burns, Pre-K Lead Teacher

Erin Burns

Pre-K Academic Teacher

Barbara Capritta, Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Barbara Capritta

Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Judy Kolbe, Bus Driver/Support Staff

Judy Kolbe

Bus Driver/Support Staff

Katie Obenchain, Support Staff

Katie Obenchain

Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Christa Plant, Support Staff

Christa Plant

Assistant Teacher- Young Toddlers

Therese Batts

Therese Batts

Assistant Teacher- 4KI

Melissa Clubb, Kindergarten Room Assistant Teacher

Melissa Clubb

Kindergarten Room Assistant Teacher

Paige Plant, Support Staff

Paige Plant

Assistant Teacher - PSII

Tina Hoover

Tina Hoover

Assistant Teacher- Pre-K II

Scott Shaffer

Support Staff- Explorers