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Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning® approach in action.

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Primrose Students
Tend to Outperform
Their Peers.

Find out why our Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, Happy Hearts® philosophy makes the difference.

Franchise Owners

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Kelly and Marti Davis

Latest News

  • Valentine's Friendship Celebrations

    Our Primrose West Plano school will be hosting a variety of events to celebrate Valentine's Day this month!

  • Og's Bountiful Books

    Throughout the month of February our Primrose West Plano students and families will be collecting books during our Primrose Promise Giving Event: Og's Bountiful Books. At the end of the month we will donated all collected books to the Children's Medical Center in Plano.

  • Pointers for Parents: Caring

    Through our Happy Hearts Character development program we strive to help our families raise socially responsible children by focusing on lessons and activities to promote compassion and caring qualities.

  • Power of Early Education

    When it comes to early learning, Primrose shares the same goal as parents - we aim to maximize a child's learning during a very important time in their life. We believe, and our outcomes show, that the most effective way to help each child reach his or her full potential is to ensure they are exposed to information in different ways using a balance of proven learning theories.

  • Primrose 360Connect

    The Primrose School of West Plano is a 360-degree partner in your child’s learning experience. We are excited to announce that we are now using Primrose 360Connect. Our Primrose 360Connect™ communication tool brings your child’s daily learning and classroom experiences directly to your fingertips every day.

We'd love for your family to meet ours.