Primrose School of West Knoxville

Our Staff

  • Stacy, Area Director


    Area Director

    Stacy is excited to take over her new role as Area Director of the Primrose School of Farragut & Primrose School of West Knoxville. Stacy has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Social Work from East Tennessee State University. She has worked at Primrose schools since 2017 starting as a teacher in the Early Preschool 1 classroom to becoming the Education Coach and now Area Director. Stacy has over 14 years of experience working in childcare. I look forward to continuing to build trusted relationships with our current families and new ones to come.

  • Randi, Director



    Mrs. Randi Luttrell is a Knoxville native. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Health and Human Services, majoring in Child and Family Studies. She has over 10 years’ experience working with children and aiding them in their education.

    Randi joined the Primrose School of Farragut in the spring of 2016 as a director in training. She then took on the role as Director of the Primrose School of West Knoxville in January of 2017. Randi and her husband have two sons. One who graduated from Primrose in 2019 and another who began his Primrose journey in 2019.

    Randi is excited to continue her role, and be a part of the Primrose School of West Knoxville.

  • Tiffanni, Assistant Director


    Assistant Director

    Mrs. Tiffanni is very excited to join the Leadership team and take on the Assistant Director role at Primrose West. She has over 13 years of Leadership/Management experience, along with several years of Childcare experience ranging from nursery volunteering at her church, to being a classroom Teacher. Mrs. Tiffanni is a former Toddler Teacher at Primrose West and has a passion for children. Tiffanni has 3 children, her youngest is currently attending Primrose. She instantly fell in love with everything Primrose, from the exclusive balanced curriculum approach, to the atmosphere. She knew Primrose was just the place for her youngest child to attend and she enjoys working for such a great school.

  • Melissa, Education Director


    Education Director

    I was born and raised here in Knoxville and graduated from Bearden High School. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from The University of Tennessee Chattanooga. I have over 20 year’s experience in management and working with children. I am married and have a son who will graduate from West High School in May. I moved from The Primrose in Farragut after teaching PK for 3 years. I look forward to working with all the staff and families at Primrose West Knoxville.

  • Melanie, Administrative  Assistant


    Administrative Assistant

    Hello there,

    My name is Melanie and I am so happy to be a part of your child and family's life. I look forward to making a positive impact on every student that I come in contact with. I want to be a part of their learning and confidence building. I feel incredibly blessed to work at a place that encourages and nurtures a safe and loving environment. When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my husband and dogs. We have two wonderful kids who have somehow grown into adults. We are a close family that loves to spend time together.

  • Melody, Infant Teacher


    Infant Teacher

    Hometown: Knoxville, TN

    Education Background: Bachelors degree in wildlife and fisheries. Associates of science.

    Experience: I have been babysitting since I was in high school and have always loved being with children!

    Family: I am engaged and will be getting married oct 9 2021! No children of my own yet. Just two dogs belle and emit.

    Favorite Children's Book: dr seuss oh the places you'll go

    Personal Interest: Spending as much time in the mountains as I can! During football season watching the Vols!!

    What I'm most excited about this school year is getting to meet all the new families and watching the children grow!

  • Christina, Infant Teacher


    Infant Teacher
  • Megan, Infant Teacher


    Infant Teacher

    Hometown: Tehachapi, CA

    Family: Married with a daughter who also attends Primrose.

    Favorite Children's Book: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See"

    Personal Interest: Cake decorating & photography

    What I'm most excited about this school year is watching the children grow and learn new things.

  • Robin, Toddler Teacher


    Toddler Teacher

    I am originally from CA. I moved to Knoxville in 2015. I moved to Nevada in 2020, and recently moved back to Knoxville in 2021. I have two grown children, a son & daughter, and two grandchildren. I enjoy working at Primrose due to the quality of the Program, and love seeing the kids grow from infants on up.

  • Shykea, Toddler Teacher


    Toddler Teacher

    Shykea Hodge is a Knoxville native and a 2007 graduate of Austin-East High School. She is a mother to three beautiful growing boys, Jai’miere 14, Trayce 8, and Gaige 5. Shykea takes delight in looking after children and assisting with their fundamental growth. In her spare time she enjoys catering events and traveling with her family. Shykea’s perfect vacation would consist of sand, water, and adventures. Shykea joined the Primrose family Spring of 2022. She is eager to teach and get to know the children.

  • Rachel, Toddler Teacher


    Toddler Teacher

    Hey! My name is Rachel. I was born and raised in a small town in Georgia with my four older brothers and two younger sisters. I have worked with kids for as long as I can remember and love every minute of it. I am so excited to join the Primrose Team and can't wait to see all that it has in store for me! I will also be getting married in December!

  • Seema, Toddler Teacher


    Toddler Teacher

    Hello! My name is Seema. I moved to Knoxville with my husband and two kids in 2017. I have worked with kids from Infants to 5 years old. I love being around kids and I look forward to getting to know all of the Primrose families. I love being here and I am excited to help your kids to achieve their goals.

  • Dayhana, Toddler Teacher


    Toddler Teacher

    I was raised in Miami Fl but I was born in Cuba. When I'm not working I am most likely to be watching my favorite shows, hiking, cuddling with my dog, or spending time with my family. All my life I have loved kids and been babysitting my nephews and other babies. I'm super excited to be a Primrose Teacher. I look forward to working with all the families and coworkers at Primrose.

  • Christian, Early Preschool Teacher- Mentor Teacher


    Early Preschool Teacher- Mentor Teacher

    I was born and raised in Rockford, IL until I was 11 then moved here to Knoxville with my mother and we have lived here ever since. I have 2 wonderful boys Christopher 4 and Rashod 9 who are my world. We are huge sports fanatics in our home from football to basketball even baseball. I am currently attending school for my bachelors degree in Elementary Teaching because I absolutely love kids and seeing them learn and grow. I have a passion for kids and I hope I am able to provide a safe bright and positive influence to each child here at Primrose.

  • Peyton, Early Preschool Teacher


    Early Preschool Teacher
  • Shelby, Preschool Pathways Teacher


    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Jessie, Preschool Pathways Teacher


    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    I was born and raised in Morristown and only recently moved to Seymour about a year ago. I’ve always loved working with kids and I feel like it comes naturally to me. Doing this job has been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old. I enjoy spending my time with family and friends as well as drawing and painting in my free time. A favorite quote of mine is written by Dorothea Brande who says “ A child's mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled ” .

    I feel like this quote resonates with me because teaching from this perspective has changed how I view teaching as a whole. I am beyond excited about being a teacher here at Primrose. My goal is to be a positive influence and to help your children reach their fullest potential. I look forward to getting to know all of the students here at Primrose!

  • Claudia, Preschool Teacher


    Preschool Teacher

    I was born and raised in TX. I moved to Knoxville TN in 2017. I graduated from Pellissippi Community College with my associates in fine arts music. I've worked with kids from Infants through Middle school in the past 5 years.

  • Katherine, Preschool Teacher


    Preschool Teacher

    I am from Delaware. I moved to Knoxville in May 2021. I graduated from HS in 2018. I plan on furthering my education in teaching. I have 3 siblings, one with down syndrome. I am excited to get to know the kids & have a good year with them.

  • Carl, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Hello, Parents of Pre-K 1! My name is Mr. Carl and I am so excited to be a Pre-K 1 Teacher! I can't wait to get to meet & know you all!

    I was born & raised in Oakland, CA by a single mother of 6 children (now adults). Moved to Knoxville, TN in 2005 & I couldn't be happier to be a VOL. I have been an early childhood educator for about 5 1/2 years. Ever since I was a little kid, it has been a passion of mine to teach because I had wonderful teachers to look up to! This year is going to be great, & I can't wait to see what's all in store!

  • Kellie, Pre Kindergarten Teacher


    Pre Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello All! I am so excited to be part of the Primrose Family as a Pre K 1 teacher!

    A little bit about me- I was born and raised in Northern California. I have two kiddos, Bella (16) and Owen (15; Owen has Autism). My husband of 17 years and I moved to Knoxville 10 years ago & love it!

    I love to bake, cook, and veg out in front of the t.v.

    I cannot wait to see what this next year brings and see how much these kiddos grow!

  • Lucia, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher - Mentor Teacher


    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher - Mentor Teacher

    Hi! My name is Lucia Collins, I have been with my husband for almost six years, married for three and we have two of the sweetest little boys. I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Pre-K-3 from Xavier University and a Bachelor‘s Degree in Sociology from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. When I’m not working I am most likely to be caught reading, catching up on my many favorite shows, or spending time with my family. I am a firm believer in the kindness you put out is what you get back and I hope to help children learn and grow in an environment that provides them with opportunities to showcase their kindness.

  • Kim, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    I was born and raised in Southern California and lived there most of my life. I lived in Washington State for about 5 1/2 years. It was there that I began pursuing my life long dream of becoming a teacher. I earned my AA degree at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA and immediately continued my educational journey toward my Bachelor of Arts Educational Studies degree, which I completed in September, 2021, in Knoxville, TN. My mission is not only to teach young children, but to also learn from them. I look forward to my journey working with the young minds and the wonderful staff at Primrose Schools at West Knoxville.

  • Erica, Private Kindergarten Teacher


    Private Kindergarten Teacher

    I have always loved working with children! From baby sitting to high school Child Care classes to earning my bachelor's degree in elementary education. I love spending time with my 11 and 15 year old daughters and the rest of my family-including our two cats! I am proud to be included in the Primrose family, and look forward to making new friends!

  • Katie, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher


    Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
  • Cecilia, Kindergarten Assistant/Explorers


    Kindergarten Assistant/Explorers

    I graduated from Bearden High in 2019 and have lived in Knoxville for most of my life. I am currently a student at the University of Tennessee, where I study the English language, creative writing, and educational psychology. Go Vols! I am very devoted to both reading and writing, with a hobby for novel-writing on the side.

    I love spending time with my family and friends, and cooking up new things for them, both in the culinary and literary realms.

    I believe that no child should ever be left behind, and that the education and upbringing of children, from infancy and into their older years, is one of the most fulfilling and vital ventures that can be had in life. I am honored to be a part of the Primrose staff and even more excited to help your child move forward in their time here at Primrose.

  • Mary, Explorers Teacher


    Explorers Teacher

    I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Knoxville 8 years ago. I am currently going to school for my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I love working with kids and adore all of them at Primrose. I also love to travel and to be outdoors with my dog, Boo and my boyfriend.

  • Mrs. Mary, Support Teacher

    Mrs. Mary

    Support Teacher

    Hometown: Knoxville, TN

    Education Background: BS Elementary Education from University of Tennessee

    Experience: 31 years with Knox County Schools, 34 years in all.

    Family: Married with 32 year old step daughter and a 19 year old son.

    Favorite Children's Book: Charlotte's Web

    Personal Interest: Caring for my 95 year old precious mother.

    What I'm most excited about this school year is beginning a new chapter in my life!

  • Sarah, Support Teacher


    Support Teacher

    Hey! My name is Sarah Wooten. I was born and raised here in Knoxville. I helped raise my brother when I was 13 years old. I have been babysitting for the same family for 7 years. I enjoy going to restaurants with my family & friends, singing along to disney songs, playing with my dog Max, and watching design shows such as fixer upper.

  • Ruby, Support Teacher


    Support Teacher
  • Hailey, Support Teacher


    Support Teacher

    I am from Knoxville, TN born & raised! I have been in child care for almost 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of it! I love the color purple and Chik-fil-A! I have loved being at Primrose and can't wait to see all that it has in store for me!

  • Shannon, Support Teacher


    Support Teacher
  • Mitzi, Food Service Teacher


    Food Service Teacher
  • Amanda & Jeremiah Webb, Franchise Owner

    Amanda & Jeremiah Webb

    Franchise Owner

    Welcome! We are Amanda & Jeremiah Webb, the proud owners of the Primrose School of Farragut and West Knoxville. We are both extremely excited to continue our Primrose experience and to bring such a highly accredited preschool to the Knoxville area. Prior to opening the Primrose School of Farragut we were proud owners of the Primrose School of Johnstown Road, located in Gahanna, Ohio. Our Primrose School means much more to us than just a job. It is a foundation of which we have put our faith and confidence in to nurture, guide and teach the children of Farragut. We are confident in the Balanced Learning Curriculum set forth and believe in the positive effect it plays in providing children with a strong foundation and love for learning. We are excited for you to see the Primrose difference and to continue our Primrose journey in the West Knoxville area.

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