Primrose School of West Allen

Parent Testimonials

  • We have been part of the Primrose family since July 2010 and could not be any happier. The teachers and staff have always been loving and patient with our son while giving him the structure and balance that he needs to thrive. The school offers excellent communication and shares pictures and curriculum with us regularly so that we can be involved. We only wish that we knew about Primrose in West Allen sooner!

    Marie P


  • To all parents that are looking for the perfect preschool for your child... look no further. Primrose of West Allen has truly been a blessing for my family. Like all parents, the thought of allowing someone else to teach and watch over your child for a few hours without you there can be daunting. Those fears that come with finding the best preschool for your precious child will be calmed when you meet the teachers and staff at Primrose of West Allen. As parents of an only child, you can imagine how we researched schools. We wanted to find the place where she would thrive the most. When we entered Primrose of West Allen, we were welcomed with open arms and knew immediately that this was the place for us. Primrose of West Allen has exceptional teachers that take a developmental approach to learning that insures that children can experience the excitement and wonderment of learning on a daily basis. We truly believe that our daughter will not only be prepared to enter kindergarten, but more importantly she will be a lifelong learner. And for that we will be forever indebted and grateful!

    Michelle C


  • We love Primrose West Allen! The staff and teachers are excellent and so great with all the kids. My son loves them and you know they love him too! I wouldn't want it any other way. He has learned so much in his 2 years at the school. I couldn't be happier or say enought nice things about our experiences at Primrose.

    Amber B


  • Having two children (Baby Boy and 4 Year Old) at Primrose has given me insight into how well the classroom environment is managed for babies as well as older children. The organization, classroom curriculum, responsiveness, and overall chemistry is second to none. Since my wife is a teacher, she has a great deal of knowledge in regards to what a child is expected to learn before they enter the classroom environment. She is amazed at how well Primrose meets these expectations.

    Rohit M


  • From the moment we walked into Primrose looking for infant care we knew Primrose was the perfect place for our son. Mrs. B and her team of infant care givers was the best! We have been at Primrose for 4 yrs now and I've never thought about leaving. We've had such a great experience. My son loves school and the teaching is top notch! I hear girl friends moan about there child's school and the problems and situations they are faced with. I walk away thinking how blessed I am that I chose Primrose as I don't have all the drama these others experience. I recommend Primrose to anyone whose looking for great child care for there children.

    The Browns


  • I *heart* Primrose because Primose *hearts* my children. As a new mom 8 years ago, I was honestly dreading my return to work after maternity leave. Who in the world could take care of and love my child the way I did, I thought. Then I met Ms. B and the staff at our school and knew right away that he would be okay. I've since had my second and she is in the pre-k program now and just today told me "Mom, I can walk to class by myself. I don't need you to walk me anymore because I'm a big girl." It brought tears to my eyes because not only was I proud of her and the comfort and confidence she has in our school but also because I know this is our last year there and that tugs at the heartstrings. These wonderful women (and Mr. Jones :-) ) have taught my children so much and cared for them the only way a mother would expect...with love and kindness. Ditching the paci and potty training are two common concerns for moms of toddlers. It was literally no big deal for us because Primrose did all the work. I can't say enough about the values our school have instilled in my children. I'm ever grateful for all they have done and continue to do for my family.

    Sara L