Primrose School of Wellington

Parent Testimonials

  • We began at Primrose when we had our first daughter and she was 18 months old. She is now almost 8, we have had two more children, and trust Primrose to care for all of them. To be a part of a school that employs teachers with so much love for our kids is such a stress relief to my husband and I. I can honestly say that in our time at Primrose never once have we ever questioned our choice to enroll at this school or considered other child care options. The owner, director and staff of our school are truly the best and we are blessed to have found such a great school!

    Amy D


  • We have had Briar at the Wellington Primrose since she was 10 weeks old. She is now in Private Kindergarten! We love everything about our Primrose! The caregivers and teachers are simply amazing. They take a true intrest in you and your family. They help you wipe the tears from the first drop off to the first day of Kindergarten, they take joy in your childs acheivements and concern in their disappointments. They welcome you every day by name and welcome your children. It is a wonderful place and I am so glad we found them, and chose them to assist us in raising our little one!

    Cyndi L


  • While on maternity leave I researched which schools were the best in my area and Primrose came up over and over again. I enrolled Bella when she was three months old and have seen her grow and develop so quickly with the help of Primrose. I am happy with the choice I made because they read, sing, and even do art at such a young age. They learn sign language and have special occasions like Ranger Day, Ice Cream Day, and the children make special gifts for Mothers and Fathers Day, etc. All of Bella’s teachers have been great and loving. As well as the Director of the school amazes me with her friendliness and knowledge of each person’s name. I feel a sense of peace knowing my child is being well taken care of and educated at Primrose School of Wellington.



  • Our son joined Primrose School of Wellington at the early age of 9 weeks old. After touring the school months earlier, we just knew this was the school for him. We wanted a place that offered an excellent curriculum, had an exceptional reputation and just felt right. Leaving him that first day I thought I would be in tears as I left the building, but the open welcome we received and the calmness that came over him as we handed him off made made our day. We both left with a smile on our face.To this day, my son now 17 months, literately squeals with excitement when you ask him if he's ready to go to school. He is thriving in the program. We have been so pleased with the curriculum and in the place of his development. His teachers and directors keep us informed with how he is doing as he is introduced to new skills and activities. He adjusts to change very easily and actually enjoys it! This is all from them knowing the right time to introduce him to new challenges. I can see how advanced he is when being around other children outside of school. He always has a huge smile on his face when we drop him off and pick him up. It is the best feeling knowing you are leaving your child in the hands of an exceptional staff while giving him the best opportunity to develop into a highly engaged, challenged, motivated individual. We are so thankful we chose Primrose School of Wellington. It was the best decision we ever made!

    Alyse W


  • I do not take it lightly that the care they receive is EXCELLENT. The fact that they are excited to go to school every day, and that I am completely comfortable leaving them at school, is so profound because it means that they are happy and receiving the best possible care. You know how us Mama’s can be – nobody can do it like we can do it for our children. I am most certainly guilty of that feeling, but our family at Primrose Wellington has really shown me that there are good people out there who will love and take care of my babies beyond my high expectations.