Exterior of a Primrose School at Waterside Estates

Primrose School at Waterside Estates

Franchise Owner

Kelly and Jason Hammons welcome you to the Primrose School of Waterside Estates.

Kelly and Jason grew up in the Katy area. They are high school sweet hearts and both attended Sam Houston State Unive...

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Our Staff

Rebecca McFarland, Assistant Director

Rebecca McFarland

Assistant Director

Tasneem Khan, Cook

Tasneem Khan


Mr. Cody Underwood, Education Coach

Mr. Cody Underwood

Education Coach

Sabrina Ross, Infant Teacher

Sabrina Ross

Infant Teacher

Amanda Delgado, Infant Teacher

Amanda Delgado

Infant Teacher

Carol Boswell, Infant Teacher

Carol Boswell

Infant Teacher

Erlinda Osterdock, Infant Teacher

Erlinda Osterdock

Infant Teacher

Crystal Rodriguez, Early Preschool Teacher

Crystal Rodriguez

Early Preschool Teacher

LaKisha Simpson, Early Preschool Teacher

LaKisha Simpson

Early Preschool Teacher

Jazzmien Blakely, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Jazzmien Blakely

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Izabel Lima, Toddler Teacher

Izabel Lima

Toddler Teacher

Alyssa Taylor, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Alyssa Taylor

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Melanie Mejia, Preschool Lead Teacher

Melanie Mejia

Preschool Lead Teacher

Urvi Rana, Preschool Teacher

Urvi Rana

Preschool Teacher

Anne Daugherty, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Anne Daugherty

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Kirsten Colbert, Teacher

Kirsten Colbert


Destinee Jones, Preschool Teacher

Destinee Jones

Preschool Teacher

Megan Haynes, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Megan Haynes

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Michelle Rojas, Michelle Rojas

Michelle Rojas

Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

Desiree Martinez, Toddlers Teacher

Desiree Martinez

Toddlers Teacher

Linda Maldonado, Toddlers Teacher

Linda Maldonado

Toddlers Teacher

Jyssica Vela, Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Jyssica Vela

Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Lisa Elijah, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Lisa Elijah

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Karen Bolding, Toddler Teacher

Karen Bolding

Toddler Teacher

Renee Jones, Preschool Assistant Teacher

Renee Jones

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Lois Perry, Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Lois Perry

Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Cera Miller, Preschool Teacher

Cera Miller

Preschool Teacher

Leslye Acevedo, Toddler Assistant Teacher

Leslye Acevedo

Toddler Assistant Teacher

Rianna Maulik, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Rianna Maulik

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Heather Martinez, Infant Teacher

Heather Martinez

Infant Teacher

Julie Meraz, Infant Teacher

Julie Meraz

Infant Teacher