Exterior of a Primrose School of Waterford Lakes

Primrose School of Waterford Lakes

Parent Testimonials

  • As a current Kindergarten teacher in a public school and a former Primrose teacher, I am beyond impressed with the curriculum and structure that Primrose Schools provides. The excellent consistency of the classroom routines and rules is carried over from the earliest classes through Kindergarten. This consistency certainly speaks to the success of many students in their social development and better adjustment periods in transitions. The academic curriculum and small group instruction in centers offers students specific instruction to their needs. With an increase in students being diagnosed with attention/focusing disabilities, I see that Primrose deters students from this by requiring and allowing them to focus on one task for an extended amount of time. The students in the VPK program here were at or above the level of many students just beginning Kindergarten in the public schools who come from other VPK programs/day care settings. One of the best things you can do for your child is invest in their education as early as possible so they enter Kindergarten at the top of the class, rather than at the lowest. Kindergarten will prepare your child for that level of success and even instill in them a sense of responsibility to learn. Other positive traits are encouraged through their character development curriculum, as well, which is certainly enjoyed by the students through the use of puppets. Primrose School of Waterford Lakes is NOT a daycare by any means and is indeed a school equipped with the teachers, materials, and desire to prepare your child for their greatest academic/social potential. (What's more is that the staff here are truy dedicated and care for the children as if they were their own.)


    Community Kindgergarten Teacher

  • From the moment we heard that Primrose was coming to our area we were delighted! We toured other Primrose schools before our school was built and enrolled once it opened. We are very happy with the curriculum and what our son is learning on a daily basis. I love that the staff, parents and children have many chances to interact during the monthly events. Our son loves going to school every day and always has some story about the day. We have recomended this school to our friends even if they don't live in the area because hopefully one will open around them and they can get to enjoy it just like we have. We are very thankful to Mr and Mrs Elsis for opening this facility, we hope our son stays there through Kindergarten because we know he will be provided with the educational platform he needs for future success.

    Miriam G


  • Since we moved to Orlando from Hawaii, my husband and I started to look for a great school for Hope, my two year old daughter. After an exhausting search we visited the Primrose School of Waterford Lakes. We did not hesitate to enroll her into the class after we inspected the school and grilled the staff because we were very impressed with how Primrose differed from all of the other schools and daycare facilities. So far, Hope has had a great experience with the Primrose School teachers and staff. This summer, my brother's family visited here from South Korea. They were looking for a good summer camp during their visit. For many reasons, I recommended Primrose. Noella, my niece, and Paul, my nephew, were in summer camp for three weeks, and even begged to stay one more week. The more time they spent at the school the more they enjoyed it. They also could confirm that their English skills improved a lot, especially pronunciation. If you can imagine our concern about the cultural and language barriers. I am so glad they had the chance to have many experiences during summer camp and meet new friends. My family was so satisfied with Primrose and are planing to come back to summer camp next year. Thanks for a great education and supporting our family!

    Echo D


  • My husband and I are extremely happy with Primrose and their standards along with their curriculum based programs. The staff is extremely professional and always willing to help and answer questions. More importantly, our son is always excited to go to Primrose. He is in love with all of his teachers, friends, and his daily classroom activities. He is constantly talking about school or school related topics. We have noticed a big growth in his social and communication skills since he has attended Primrose. We highly recommend Primrose to all of our friends and family.

    Loretta O


  • Our granddaughter Isabella started attending Primrose School of Waterford Lakes just a few months ago. In the short time Isabella "Lala" has been attending Primrose we have been so thrilled with her progress. She is a child that has come out of her shell, she is now interacting with the other children and her teachers. The teachers went above and beyond to try and help her catch up to her classmates. It really is amazing how she has grown in the last few months with learning her numbers, speech, music, reading, sharing, patience, listening, everything you want to teach your child but need outside help also from school. Everyday the teacher will give us ideas about things we need to work on at home so we are being consistent. We have tried to incorporate some school activities at home, puppets, books, CD's. The entire staff has been more welcoming then we could have ever imagined. A new parent is very nervous about leaving their child with new people but they tried to make it as easy as possible with multiple reassuring phone calls, daily updates, happy grams from the teachers. The communication between staff and parents is awesome. I love you can go on the web site and see what the activities will be for the month, what the menu will be for the week. She was having a lot of anxiety in the beginning but now I see a more confident proud child each day putting on her back pack. She absolutely loves going to school. It is amazing how your child will hold their head high when someone tells them good morning when entering the school in the morning and asking them how their day was when leaving and getting a sticker on the way out. We could not be happier with our decision to be a part of this school. We feel very fortunate we have found a school that the staff treats your child like they are their own.

    Rae-Lynn D


  • Primrose School Of Waterford Lakes has been a great addition to my family's life. Everything Primrose offers us has been more than anything we could have ever expected. We knew after my son's first day we had made the right choice. We are greeted each day with a smile and warm heart. The staff is very welcoming and passionate about what they do each and every day. My son is in the preschool program and has grown so much since his enrollment in school. His teachers understand child development and what the children need in their care. There is no greater feeling then to leave your child knowing that you don't have to worry because your child is in good hands. For that I thank Primrose School of Waterford Lakes!