Primrose School of Walnut Creek

Our Staff

  • Ms. Blackwell, Area Director

    Ms. Blackwell

    Area Director

    Ms. Blackwell is the Area Director for Primrose School of Walnut , School of Grand Peninsula and Primrose School of Southwest Arlington. She began her Primrose career in 2004 as a teacher in the three-year-old classroom. She became a director in 2005 and Area Director in 2008. Before joining Primrose, Mrs. Blackwell ran a registered in-home daycare for 15 years. She whole-heartedly believes in the Primrose vision of delivering the best and most trusted early education and care for children and families across America. She is the model for treating each family and child with integrity and fairness, and she serves each family with enthusiasm. We are lucky to have Mrs. Blackwell to lead our school.

  • Ms. Williams, Master Trainer

    Ms. Williams

    Master Trainer

    My hometown is Clinton, MS . I have had my director’s certification since 2012 and have worked at Primrose since 2009. My favorite food is pasta and my favorite children’s book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I have been in childcare for 14 years.

    You see, at Primrose Schools we’re more than a team of professional teachers and child care education specialists. We’re also a family, and we care for every child as though he or she was our own. And like your home, our school provides a secure, nurturing environment that fosters self-discovery and a love of learning.

    I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family.

  • Ms. Tomerlin, Assistant Director

    Ms. Tomerlin

    Assistant Director

    My name is Ms.Tomerlin and I am the afternoon assistant teacher in the Infant II classroom. I am from Slidell, LA and we relocated to the Mansfield area for my husband’s job. I have had the pleasure of owning a dance studio in Louisiana for many years and being an instructor of dance for 20 years. It makes me happy to work with children and gives me joy to make a difference in their lives. I am looking forward to spreading joy to each family and child.

  • Ms. Holsinger, Infant I Lead Teacher

    Ms. Holsinger

    Infant I Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Hammond, Infant II Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Hammond

    Infant II Assistant Teacher

    My name is Ms. Hammond, and I am the assistant teacher in the Infant II classroom. I am from Ft. Worth, and I have been working with children for longer than I can remember. Being a mother of three adult children as well as being a grandmother to three grandchildren has given me all the experience needed to teach children. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my children who I am super proud of, spending quality time with my grandbabies, drawing and making gift baskets. Working at Primrose has been a very rewarding experience for me. I love the learning process and seeing the babies’ eyes light up when they learn something new. The thing I am excited most about this year is getting to interact with all of the babies and getting to know the families and staff at this school.

  • Ms. Estrada, Infant II Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Estrada

    Infant II Assistant Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ms. Estrada. I graduated from the International Leadership of Texas and a current student at Tarrant County Community College. I am fluent in Spanish. I wanted to work for Primrose School of Walnut to further my experience in childcare. It is very satisfying to know that I am helping someone understand a new concept. I believe that children teach us just as much as we teach them, that people come in all shapes and sizes and colors and that everyone should respect that. I am excited for my first year of teaching, getting to know them, and help them learn.

  • Ms. Wabali, Toddler Lead Teacher

    Ms. Wabali

    Toddler Lead Teacher

    My name is Ms. Wabali and I am the Lead Teacher in the Toddlers classroom. I am from the Republic Democratic of Congo in Africa. I currently reside in Grand Prairie, Texas and I am a graduate of Texas Women’s University. I’ve been an infant/toddler teacher for many years. I have a passion to working in childcare and seeing the eyes of children opening when they are learning something new brightens my heart. One of the many attributes that make me a good teacher is the care that I have for each child knowing that each one has a special and unique quality about his or herself. I am looking forward to having your child try new things and gain knowledge and understanding with each new experience.

  • Ms. Warren, ​Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Warren

    ​Toddler Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Warren is an assistant teacher in the Toddler classroom and is from Dallas. She has attained her associate’s degree from Texas College and is attending UTA to complete her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Ms. Warren has a passion for teaching children and enjoys reading and math. She loves to relax on the weekends, which includes taking nice long naps. Ms. Warren’s favorite children’s book is Cat in the Hat. Her parents are her role models because they have guided her and given her the courage to battle for what you want in life, no matter what obstacles she may be confronted with. She is excited to engage with her students to help them learn new things while building an individual bond with each of them.
  • Ms. Melgar, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Melgar

    Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    My name is Ms. Melgar and I am the assistant teacher in the Pathways classroom. I am currently a student at Dallas Community College pursuing a degree in Education. Most of my life I’ve been a babysitter for my family, as well as helping my mom who is a single parent with my brother who has autism. Teaching is a fulfilling career because you can have an impact on the new generation and help shape the world. My flexibility, determination and dedication is what I believe makes me a great teacher. I adore children and love watching them grow and love being able to provide a structured environment for them. If I could teach a child one thing, it would be to be confident in themselves. I have enjoyed my experience at Primrose so far because I like how the curriculum encourages play as well as the importance of music in the lives of children.

  • Ms. Jones, Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

    Ms. Jones

    Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

    Ms. Jones is the lead teacher in our Pathways classroom and comes to us with 18 years of childcare experience. She loves teaching as it gives her the opportunity to help students learn and grow from someone who accepts them for who they are and will build upon each student’s individual abilities. The Primrose character she relates most to is Og the Bookworm because she loves to read to her students to help increase their vocabulary and stimulate their imagination. Ms. Jones’ favorite book is The Enormous Potato. On weekends she enjoys doing Zumba and spending time with her children.

  • Ms. Jackson, Preschool I Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Jackson

    Preschool I Assistant Teacher
  • Ms. White, Pre-Kindergarten I Lead Teacher

    Ms. White

    Pre-Kindergarten I Lead Teacher

    Ms. White is our Pre-Kindergarten I Lead Teacher. She graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Education and specializing in Early Childhood. She has 23 years of teaching experience and enjoys helping children develop a love of learning and mastering new knowledge. She feels that successfully helping students to realize their unlimited potential and joy of learning makes her a great teacher. If Ms. White could teach a child one thing, it would be for them to know they are important to society and as such, can successfully accomplish anything they want to. She feels she relates to our Primrose character Percy because he is loving, proud, wise, and cheerful, and believes learning can be fun. The most exciting thing about this past school year was making new friends and being an inspiration for families and co-workers. Ms. White’s favorite book is Stellaluna. On weekends, she enjoys getting out in nature, camping, hiking, fishing, and kayaking with her family and her dog.

  • Ms. Garza, PreKindergarten II Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Garza

    PreKindergarten II Assistant Teacher

    Ms. Garza is the assistant teacher in our PreKI classroom. She currently attends Mountainview College working towards her Associates of Arts degree. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her favorite children’s book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. One of the things Ms. Garza is most excited about this school year is seeing the education growth in her students from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year. Having the opportunity to see the smiling faces of her students daily is the highlight of her day.

  • Mr. Vera, Explorers Teacher

    Mr. Vera

    Explorers Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    My name is Mr. Vera, and I am a teacher in the Explorers classroom. I am a graduate of Mansfield High School and currently I attend Tarrant County Community College where I am pursing a dream to get into the music or film industry. My first experience with children began when I could take care of my niece and baby sit for my family on the weekends. Teaching the younger generation to become better adults and how to be of service to others is the most selfless act of kindness and this is one of my goals when I work with children. I also love art and enjoy helping children find their artistic side. If I could teach a child one thing, it would be to be original and to remain open-minded at all times.

  • Ms. Bruton, Support Teacher

    Ms. Bruton

    Support Teacher

    My name is Ms. Bruton, and I am a Support Teacher at Primrose School of Walnut Creek. I am from Ft. Worth and have over twenty years’ experience teaching children. I am the mother to four wonderful children and a few of my hobbies include reading, spending time with my family and teaching children to reach their full potential. I have a twin sister and she is my role model and inspiration as she has always supported me in reaching my goals. I am very excited to teach at Primrose and I look forward to getting to know all of you and learning more about the children here and encouraging them the best way I can.

  • Sherman & Jaime Hatch, Franchise Owner

    Sherman & Jaime Hatch

    Franchise Owners

    As a family with both parents working outside the home, Sherman and his wife were unable to find a quality child care facility with an educational environment that met the standards they were looking for. Soon thereafter they were introduced to Primrose Schools and discovered the emphasis they have in education, health, and the well-being of preschool age children. Realizing this would be a great fit for their family as well as others, they opened their first Primrose in Mansfield in 2001 (Primrose School of Walnut Creek). In 2007 they opened their second Primrose located in Grand Prairie (Primrose School of Grand Peninsula), and opened their third location in Arlington (Primrose School of Southwest Arlington) in February of 2017. Sherman, his wife Jaime, and their five children reside in Mansfield. Their children range in age from 15 to 21, all of whom attended Primrose. Sherman & Jaime are on-site each day at the schools to make sure everything is operating smoothly. When not at the schools, you can usually find them with family and friends, either at a sporting event or traveling.

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