Primrose School of Waco at Woodway

Our Staff

  • Vanessa Renteria, Director

    Vanessa Renteria


    I’m Mrs. Renteria! I relocated to Texas from California 4 years ago. I have been married to my husband for 11 years and we have two children. I have been working with children for 15 years. I have taught Sunday school, worked as a paraprofessional, pre-k teacher, and an elementary librarian. I got my Associate Degree in Elementary Education in 2011 and am currently studying to recieve my BS in Family and Human Development in May 2023.  In my spare time I like to go on mini adventures with my family, go thrifting, and I love to read!


  • Dawn Venable, Admissions Director

    Dawn Venable

    Admissions Director

    I’m Mrs. Venable.  I wanted to tell you a little about myself.


    I’m so excited to be at Primrose, to grow and hone my craft. The Primrose mission and vision is exactly what I strive for. I have been in early childhood education for 10 years and I am passionate about what I do. I take seriously my position as an early childhood educator and appreciate the impact I have on children’s lives. I have always embraced children as though they were my own, protecting them and loving them. My primary goal is for all children to feel loved and safe while in my care, helping them to connect in order to grow and learn. I look forward to building not only a relationship with your child but with you, the families, as well.

  • Justin Smith, Chef

    Justin Smith

    Apple of Our Eye

    My name is Justin Smith. I’m from Waco, Texas. I have two daughters and one on the way. I like Star Wars and playing video games in my spare time.

  • Salima Ali, Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    Salima Ali

    Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    I’m Salima Ali. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

    I have two children. My daughter Sarah just graduated and my son Aahil is going to high school. My husband Aslam is so supportive of me. I have been in education for 2 years. I worked at the Montessori Preparatory School. I’m excited to start working in Primrose School. I love to work with the children.


  • Theresa Campbell, Wonder Teacher

    Theresa Campbell

    Wonder Teacher

    Hello! My name is Theresa. I have been in childcare off and on for 20 years. I find comfort in seeing babies grow. I love teaching them the positive things in life. I love to work in my garden and spend time with my grandchildren.

  • Melodee Stump, Wonder Teacher

    Melodee Stump

    Wonder Teacher

    My name is Melodee Stump. I was born in Rhode Island and lived there for 19 years. I moved to North Carolina and lived there for 8 years, where I met my husband, Ray. Three years after we married we moved to Irving, TX and we lived there for 36 years. We have two children, one is 32 and has two children and the other is 26 and is a student at the University of Texas at Austin. We can't leave out our 14 year old fur baby, Kirbym a schauzer corgi mix. We relocated to Waco after my husband retired. I has been working for Primrose Of Las Colinas for 17 years, mostly with babies. I especially enjoy the infant room. It is fascinating to watch them grow and develop so quickly and to see their personalities begin to form, not to mention they are so cute and cuddly! I also realize the importance of quality care, being that I was a worknig mother for quite some time.

  • Jennifer Lopez, Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    Jennifer Lopez

    Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    I have been in childcare for 32 years and absolutely love working with children. My children and grandbabies are my whole world. For fun I enjoy shopping and going out to eat with family and friends. I am so excited to be back with my Primrose family.

  • Tammy Rogers, Wonder Teacher

    Tammy Rogers

    Wonder Teacher

    Hello! My name is Tammy Rogers. I have three children: 25, 23, 20. I have my first granddaughter that just turned 1 on December 8th. I come from a family with lots of children and I love keeping them all and spoiling them as much as I can.

  • Cierra Reese, Wonder Teacher

    Cierra Reese

    Wonder Teacher

    I’m Cierra Reese. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

    I started working in childcare right out of high school and have loved it ever since. I have worked in the toddler class for the whole 5 years that I’ve had experience. I have an amazing little rainbow baby named Caia Jade and she lights up my life. Sometimes I love relaxing to a good TV show with my little family, and other times I love being out and shopping. But at the end of every weekend, I am excited to come back to school and do what I love.

  • Jaime Rodriguez, Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    Jaime Rodriguez

    Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    I’m Jaime. I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I am a mother of two wonderful boys. . I met my husband when I was in middle school and have been happily married ever since, a true love story.I had my first child at the age of 16 and waited until I was 24 for my second. My oldest is 10 years old and my youngest is 2 and since then have had a passion for working with children.

  • Yulitzi Escobedo, Wonder Teacher

    Yulitzi Escobedo

    Wonder Teacher

    I am the oldest out of four girls. I currently attend Tarleton State University online. I plan to graduate in Fall of 2023 with a Bachelor's Degree in Child and Family Studies. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy reading and watching lots of movies. My favorite time fo the year is Christmas and winter because it just brings me so much joy.

  • Tambra Mears, Wonder Teacher

    Tambra Mears

    Wonder Teacher

    Hi! I am new to Waco and excited to be here! I am originally from Crystal Beach, however I relocated to Waco almost 4 months ago. I am 25 years old and have an 11 month old husky and a 2 year old pet snake. I am very excited to be here!

  • Tyanna White, Wonder Teacher

    Tyanna White

    Wonder Teacher

    I’m Miss White. I was born in Dallas but have lived in Waco my whole life. Before I came to Primrose I worked at Golden Corral for 4 years and Midway ISD Panther Kids for 2 years. I am currently attending MCC for my associate’s degree in General Business but will eventually transfer on to get a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. On the weekends I enjoy golfing with my brothers.

  • Autumn Lewis, Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    Autumn Lewis

    Mentor Teacher and Wonder Teacher

    I’m Miss Lewis! I love animals! I have four dogs at home. I am originally from Oklahoma, but moved to Waco in my childhood. I am 28 years old and graduated college in 2016. I worked for awhile in food service but decided to get back into teaching because I missed working with children. In my spare time I love to spend time with my dogs, my friends, and my mom who I am very close with.

  • Christina Turner, Wonder Teacher

    Christina Turner

    Wonder Teacher

    Hello! My name is Christina Turner.

    I'm from a small country town called Bryan College Station, TX. I moved to Waco, TX in the middle of 2019. I have one child, a girl. She is six years old. I have been in early childhood education since 2007 and have worked with all age groups. I am so proud to be a part of the Primrose family.

  • Katie Barrera, Venture Teacher

    Katie Barrera

    Venture Teacher

    I'm Ms. Barrera or you can call me Ms. B.

    I am from colorful Colorado and moved to California following my husband in the military. When that adventure ended, we landed in Temple and Temple is where we plan to stay. I am so happy to come and teach at the Waco school. We have a hyper little boy that loves coming to Primrose. I am very excited to see all the excited little smiles!

  • Angelica Kinsman, Venture Teacher

    Angelica Kinsman

    Venture Teacher

    My name is Ms. Kinsman! I recently moved from California to Texas with my aunt. I'm really enjoying being here as it been a life changing experience. In June of 2017, I graduated with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Humphreys University. I have eighteen years of experience working with children, from infants all the way to elementary school age. I worked for the Child Abuse Prevention Council of San Joaquin County for two years providing childcare and resources for families in need. In my free time I love to travel state to state. I enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, and viewing wildlife at the Nature Wildlife Preserves.

    I am looking forward to getting to know your child and observe each one as they learn their skills and interact with their peers and teachers.

  • Caroline Durham, Venture Teacher

    Caroline Durham

    Venture Teacher

    I’m Caroline Durham. I was born and raised in Waco, TX. I went to Harmony schools from second grade into Senior year. I studied psychology at MCC. I believe I have found my calling in this line of work and I am very excited to see where this career will lead me.

  • Karen Escalante, Venture Teacher

    Karen Escalante

    Venture Teacher

    I’m Mrs. Escalante! I recently moved to Waco from San Antonio. I started working in childcare in 2015. I enjoy working with children because it is exciting to watch them learn and grow and there is never a dull moment working with children!

  • Wilma Barrera, Leadership in Training and Venture Teacher

    Wilma Barrera

    Leadership in Training and Venture Teacher

    I’m Wilma Barrera. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

    I am 31 years old. I was born in Madera, California. I moved to Waco with my parents when I was one years old. I did move around and lived in Florida, Arizona and Las Vegas.

    I’ve been working with kids for about 10 years. One of the things I love about working with kids is seeing them learn, have fun and grow day by day.

  • April Clark, Venture Teacher

    April Clark

    Venture Teacher

    I am Ms. Clark! I have 28 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. I am a mover and a shaker in life. At times I need to remind myself to slow down! I enjoy all things crafty. I am a proud Mimi of a 20-month old. I try to remember that in life it is the journey and not the destination. 

  • Kandi Jones, Venture Teacher

    Kandi Jones

    Venture Teacher

    I was born in Abilene, TX. I am an only child. I love all kinds of sports. I have always had a passion for children. I am currently getting my Bachelor’s degree at Tarleton State University. I got married in 2018. We don’t have any children at this time.

  • Maria Pat, Venture Teacher

    Maria Pat

    Venture Teacher

    I’m Maria Pat. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

    I was born and raised in Mexico. I moved to Waco, Texas in 2012 at the age of 14 to start at Midway High School. I am currently a student at McLennan Community College. I am working on getting my degree in education. I have worked at Hewitt Elementary’s after school care program for 4 years. I am so excited to put my skills to practice and spend time with my new students. I am sure we will all grow together as a group and every one of my students will be successful on their path to progress.

  • Marga Johnson, Mentor Teacher and Venture Teacher

    Marga Johnson

    Mentor Teacher and Venture Teacher

    I'm Mrs. Johnson, I was born and raised in Waco! My family and friends are my greatest treasure and making memories with them is my favorite thing to do! I have been working with children and families for over 14 years. I truly love my career and I consider it a blessing to be in this position! I look forward to getting to know the children and your family!

  • Megan Hatley, Venture Teacher

    Megan Hatley

    Venture Teacher

    I’m Ms.  Hatley! I grew up in Waco, but due to being a Navy brat and the military, I lived in Virginia for 13 years. I relocated back to Waco last year and I am so glad I did. I have 2 stepdaughters and am expecting another daughter this coming January. I love cats, Harry Potter, and all things Spooky!

  • Alexis Spence, Explorer Teacher

    Alexis Spence

    Explorer Teacher

    I’m Alexis Spence . I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I am currently working on my associates degree at MCC. My plan is to transfer to the University of Houston and get my Special Education degree. I have worked with children through the Boys and Girls Club and provided child care for children ages 6-13 in Fort Worth. In my free time, I like to do arts and crafts or go outside and exercise. I also like to hang out with my friends.I look forward to seeing the children learn and grow.

  • Amber Tucker, Explorer Teacher

    Amber Tucker

    Explorer Teacher

    Hi! I'm Amber.

    I'm 34 years young and love to have a good time. A good time to me is playing with kids and laughing until my stomach hurts. On the weekends I love to relax or go to a restaraunt or movies.

  • Kaycey Love, Support Teacher

    Kaycey Love

    Support Teacher

    I'm Kaycey Love. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a big time bookworm, usually reading 4-5 books a week. I'm an avid Disney fan and even did my college internship at Walt Disney World. I'm the world's pickiest eater, everything has an order and way to be eaten. I believe that Golden Girls is the greatest TV show and nothing anyone says could change my mind!

  • Emily Pullin, Support Teacher

    Emily Pullin

    Support Teacher

    Hi! I'm Emily! I grew up in Lorena, TX. I was homeschooled for my last four years of my school years. I enjoy spending time with family and really enjoy game nights. I'm super excited to spend my days with your kids and learn so many new things!

  • Jo McLaughlin, Franchise Owner

    Jo McLaughlin

    Franchise Owners

    Welcome to the Primrose School of Waco at Woodway!

    Jo McLaughlin was a working mother in 1993 at a cross roads; spend more time with her family or continue with her career path. She stepped away from her career to spend more time with her son thus beginning her Primrose journey as an Assistant Teacher at the first Primrose School in Texas shortly after it opened in 1993. Jo quickly fell in love with Primrose. When it came time to take the next step in her career, Jo knew Primrose Schools was the right partner because the Primrose curriculum represents the best for young students and the culture matched her values and leadership beliefs. Jo earned her B.A. in Early Childhood Education and continued to grow with Primrose. Her journey has given her the experience as an assistant teacher, a lead teacher, an office assistant, a director, an area director, and she worked for the Primrose Corporate Office for 14 years as a School Business Consultant and Training Specialist which ultimately led her to join Dr.’s Pratiksha and Noel Rigley as an Operating Partner/Franchise Owner in August 2018.

    Jo has been married to her husband Bob for 40 years. Bob is also a Primrose advocate and has worked with Primrose Schools for 20 years. Jo and Bob have a wonderful family of 3 children, 4 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren (some of whom are Primrose graduates). The family enjoys the great outdoors!

    Teaching and mentoring to give back to their community and church are a priority for Bob and Jo. Jo has volunteered with her local fire department and the Red Cross. Jo and her husband provided hurricane disaster relief in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Jo also understands the need to be prepared, to react, and respond to immediate emergencies in our communities with training she received with Home Land Security.

    In 2018 Jo was honored to partner with the late Dr. Pratiksha and Dr. Noel Rigley. As their former Corporate School Business Consultant, she witnessed first hand the exemplary approach to Primrose’s outstanding education, the accredited curriculum and character development program that their schools implement daily. 

    Dr. Noel Rigley supports Dallas area schools - Primrose School of Frisco West, Primrose School of Park Cities, Primrose School of Plano at Preston Meadow, Primrose School of Klyde Warren Park and Primrose School of Prestonwood.

    Together the ownership team has 65 years of Primrose service instilling active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts in young children entrusted to our care. Who children become is as important as what they know, is a belief that is at the core of our Balanced Learning approach. Our exclusive early learning approach balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence, and compassion. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and families in our schools.



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