Primrose School at The Flatirons

Our Staff

  • Rachel Reinhardt, Director of Operations

    Rachel Reinhardt

    Director of Operations

    Hello! My name is Rachel. I graduated from from Indiana University in 2013 with my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I love helping children learn and grow. In my spare time I like to camp, ski, travel, and spend time with my family. I look forward to helping your child grow and learn here at Primrose.

  • Wendy McCandless, Operations Manager

    Wendy McCandless

    Operations Manager

    Hello! I’m Wendy. My family and I moved to Colorado from Pittsburgh in June of 2010. While in Pittsburgh, I worked in a public school for 17 years. Over the course of my service in PA, I worked with children in 2nd through 4th grade. When I am home, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my husband and two children.


  • Destiny Moua, Assistant Director/Education Coach

    Destiny Moua

    Assistant Director/Education Coach

    Hello everyone! My name is Destiny. I’m a Colorado native and I love everything that this beautiful state has to offer! I have always had a passion for working with children. I went to Regis University for nursing but am now dipping my toes in the early childhood education field and I love it. I am also a certified yoga instructor and when I am not in the classroom you can find me on my mat teaching yoga! I am so happy to be a part of the team at Primrose School at The Flatirons.

  • Mr. Doug, Kitchen Manager

    Mr. Doug

    Kitchen Manager

    Hello, I’m Douglas and I appreciate the warm welcome I received from the Primrose teachers and the families of these wonderful children! I grew up in the deep south, however I’ve lived in the Colorado area for 25 years! I love Colorado and I love cooking! I’m sure my skills will help Primrose achieve our Balanced Nutrition Program.

  • Ms. Fiorella, Primary Infant Teacher

    Ms. Fiorella

    Primary Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Anali, Primary Infant Teacher

    Ms. Anali

    Primary Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Lexi, Primary Infant Teacher

    Ms. Lexi

    Primary Infant Teacher
  • Ms.Sydney, Primary Older Infant Teacher


    Primary Older Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Kodi, Primary Flex Teacher

    Ms. Kodi

    Primary Flex Teacher

    Hello! My name is Kodi. I am new to childcare and education. I am excited to learn all about this new world I will be entering. I love kittens, horses and dogs. I have 3 cats and one dog. Between that and my 6-year-old son, I have a busy home! I am so excited to help the kids grow into wonderful human beings.

  • Ms. Savannah, Primary Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Savannah

    Primary Toddler Teacher

    Hi! My name is Savannah. As a child I was super super energetic, and I wasn't afraid to make friends. When I was in elementary school I would go door to door to see if any other kids wanted to play outside. Usually I am the one that isn't afraid to be silly even if it embarasses me. I enjoy being with my family and friends, and spending time with them is really important to me. I am an honest person and love getting to know things about people and what they like and where they are from. I enjoy working with children and I am happy to be a part of the Primrose Team!

  • Ms. Jessica, Primary EPS Teacher

    Ms. Jessica

    Primary EPS Teacher

    Hello, my name is Jessica. I have been a early childhood teacher since 2018 and working with children for 8 years. Being a teacher has been my passion since I was 7 years old. I went to Northeastern Junior College for Early Childhood Education. Spending time with my family and friends mean the workd to me and in my spare time I love to sing and go hiking whenever I can. I love teaching the little minds of our future!

  • Ms. Alma, Primary Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Alma

    Primary Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Lindsey, Primary Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Lindsey

    Primary Early Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Caroline, Primary Older Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Caroline

    Primary Older Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Rachel, Primary Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Rachel

    Primary Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Athena, Primary Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Athena

    Primary Preschool Teacher

    Hello! My name is Athena, but some of my students call me "Ms. Peanut". I am new to my teaching career and so far, I love it! My grandmother and aunt were both Preschool teachers, so it must run in the family! I love spending my time cooking, listening to music or watching anything nerdy. I am a huge geek, and love anything that has to do with Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Anime. I love working with children and I am excited to see where that takes me!

  • Ms. Cassie, Primary Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Cassie

    Primary Preschool Teacher
  • Ms.Jolie, Primary Preschool Teacher


    Primary Preschool Teacher
  • Mr. Harold, Primary Preschool Teacher

    Mr. Harold

    Primary Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Brittany, Primary Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Brittany

    Primary Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Aylin, Primary Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Aylin

    Primary Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    My name is Aylin. I love spending time with my loved ones! One of my favorite thing to do is go fishing with my brothers. I enjoy spending time outside! I have always wanted to become a teacher so I am very happy to be at Primrose School at the Flatirons. I cannot wait to meet your child and your family!

  • Ms. Sarah, Primary Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Sarah

    Primary Pre-K Teacher
  • Mr. Dakota, Primary Pre-K Teacher

    Mr. Dakota

    Primary Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Ashley, Primary Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Ashley

    Primary Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ashley! I grew up in Middle Tennessee and graduated in 2012 from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Fine Art and Exercise Science. In school I met my now husband, Nick, at a swing dancing club on campus. After graduation he, I, and our dog Bailey, moved to Orlando, FL so I could fulfill a lifelong dream of working at Walt Disney World. In December 2015 we moved back to Tennessee which led me to work with children in a before/ after school program. In 2016 we made the move to Colorado. I have since then aspired in teaching where each day I get to mold young minds in creativity and knowledge.

  • Mr. Sam, Primary Pre-K Teacher

    Mr. Sam

    Primary Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Heather, Auxiliary Teacher

    Ms. Heather

    Auxiliary Teacher

    Hi my name is Heather. I recently got married to my husband Bryan and we have a beautiful daughter, Kaylan and two fur babies, Norman and Luna. We are a very active family. We spend our weekends hiking or paddle-boarding. We are passionate about travelling and travel often. We are big vegan foodies and love supporting our local vegan food trucks and restaurants. We have big hearts for all animals and love visiting and supporting the nearby farm sanctuaries. Any day we can snuggle animals and show them love is a good day to us. I am strong in my faith and thank Jesus Christ my Savior for the many blessings he has given me. God is so good.

  • Ms. Amy, Auxiliary Teacher

    Ms. Amy

    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Mr.Kevin, Auxiliary Teacher


    Auxiliary Teacher
  • Greg and Kim Patrick and Charles Tash, Franchise Owner

    Greg and Kim Patrick and Charles Tash

    Franchise Owners

    Greg and Kim Patrick and Charles Tash feel honored to be the Franchise Owners of the Primrose School at The Flatirons. Greg, Kim and Charles feel there is no greater privilege or responsibility than being entrusted to care for someone’s child. They pledge to provide every child in their school with a safe, loving and fun environment in which they will flourish and learn the skills that will help prepare them for success in their lives ahead.

    Please stop by The Primrose School at The Flatirons and say hello to Greg, Kim and Charles!

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