Primrose School at Tatum

Our Staff

  • Monique Griffith, Director

    Monique Griffith


    Ms. Griffith has been with Primrose since November of 2012, she just recently moved to Primrose School at Tatum in March 2019. She has a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts. She has a 8 year old daughter she attended Primrose and is now in Third Grade. Each and everyday she strives for greatness, and wants to become a successful woman while raising her daughter. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her daughter, hiking and going to the movies!

  • Jordan Griffith, Assistant Director

    Jordan Griffith

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Grffith has been with Primrose since May of 2014. She moved from Primrose school of Fletcher Heights to Primrose School at Tatum in November 2021. She has a 5 year old son who has attended Primrose since he was 1 year old and is now off to Kindergarten. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family, camping, shopping and binge watch Netflix shows. 

  • Johana Mahan, Curriculum Director

    Johana Mahan

    Curriculum Director

    Mrs. Mahan has been a valued Primrose employee for 10 years! Mrs. Mahan has tons of experience in the classroom, she used to be an Early Preschool teacher and then a Preschool teacher and now the curriculum director! She works side by side with the teachers here at the school perfecting the curriculum and enhancing the daily activities. Mrs. Mahan is married with two boys who have attended Primrose as well! In her free time she enjoys decorating, crafting and spending time with her family!

  • Lillian Bulat

    Office Assistant
  • Greg Lung, Campus Environmental Manger

    Greg Lung

    Campus Environmental Manger

    Mr. Lung joined our Primrose Team in June of 2014! Mr. Lung is our go-to-guy, anything that goes wrong in the school, he is always there to fix or repair whatever it may be. We are so grateful to have Mr. Lung apart of Primrose family.

  • Kayla Rosinski, Lead Teacher - Infant 1

    Kayla Rosinski

    Lead Teacher - Infant 1

    Ms. Rosinski has worked at Primrose for a couple of years now, with a previous work background at Arizona Autism volunteering in classrooms for 2 years. Her professional goal in life is to be an Elementary School teacher and she is currently taking classes at PVCC in Education. In her free time, she loves to hike, hangout with friends and travel.

  • Brianna Lewis, Lead Teacher - Older Infants

    Brianna Lewis

    Lead Teacher - Older Infants

    Ms. Lewis is our Infant 2 lead teacher, she has been here at Primrose for 4+ years and has proven her dedication and love for children! She is currently in college to one day become a nurse! In her free time she hangs out with her family, friends and likes to travel, too! Ms. Lewis chose Primrose so she can watch and help students grow and because she loves kids! :)

  • Lacey Clevenger, Lead Teacher- Older Infants

    Lacey Clevenger

    Lead Teacher- Older Infants

    Ms. Clevenger has 5 years of preschool experience and also is a mom to two daughters! She eventually would love to become a Kindergarten Teacher. Some of her personal goals are to spend more time outside with her family! Ms. Clevenger enjoys hiking, camping and off-roading in her free time. She has chosen Primrose as her career path because she loves children and happy to have her daughter's here in such a safe environment.

  • Caitlyn McCoy, Lead Teacher - Young Toddler

    Caitlyn McCoy

    Lead Teacher - Young Toddler
  • Monica Hill, Lead Teacher - Older Toddlers

    Monica Hill

    Lead Teacher - Older Toddlers

    Ms. Hill comes to us with many years of experience from raising her nephew at a young age to having a 13 year old son. She graduated from ASU with a Degree in Business and is always trying to do her best and get all of her work done each day! During her free time, she loves to watch her son play soccer! We are so excited to have Ms. Hill be our YT assistant teacher!

  • Jocelyne Licerio, Lead Teacher - Early Preschool 1

    Jocelyne Licerio

    Lead Teacher - Early Preschool 1

    Ms. Licerio is new to Primrose but, has soared in her classroom! She and Ms. B make a spectacular team, they have a great rhythm and routine together that helps ensure the kiddos are safe, happy and healthy! She comes from a background of working with children since she was a teenager! Some of her goals are to go back to school to become an Ultrasound Technician, get her own house, improve her communication skills and buy a new car! We are so glad to have her on our team!

  • Ana Ortega, Lead Teacher - Preschool Pathways

    Ana Ortega

    Lead Teacher - Preschool Pathways

    Ms. Ortega is new to Primrose and has had a few years worth if experience, working in pediatrics and taking Early Childhood Education classes! She would love to continue working with kids throughout her future! Some personal goals of hers are to grow her knowledge, be able to expand it by learning everyday! Her hobbies are to play soccer, creating new things, DIY projects and painting!

  • Cecilia Harris, Lead Teacher - Early Preschool 3

    Cecilia Harris

    Lead Teacher - Early Preschool 3

    Ms. Harris has been apart of the Primrose Family since 2018! She started as a closer in a 2 year old room and worked her way up to a morning assistant in PS2! Before coming to Primrose, she worked at summer camps with Kindergarten students. One day, she wants to graduate with a Masters Degree and have her own business! In her free time, she enjoys crafting, cooking and baking.

  • Tatum Larsen, Lead Teacher- Preschool One

    Tatum Larsen

    Lead Teacher- Preschool One

    Mrs. Larsen is our new PS1 Lead Teacher! She comes to us with many years of childcare experience and is also a mom to 3 kiddos herself! Mrs. Larsen is

  • Gabriela Mendoza, Lead Teacher- Preschool 2

    Gabriela Mendoza

    Lead Teacher- Preschool 2

    Ms. Mendoza has taken care of children all her life! Being around and taking care of children has taught her patience and great communication. In her free time Ms. Mendoza likes to read, dance with her daughter Amy, spend time with her family even her fur babies.

  • Louann Hawkins, Lead Teacher- Pre-Kindergarten 1

    Louann Hawkins

    Lead Teacher- Pre-Kindergarten 1

    Ms. Hawkins has several years experience working with children from preschool to elementary ages. Her long-term goal is to become a teacher in an elementary school and live a happy life to the fullest. In her free time she loves to garden and be outdoors either swimming or exercising. Ms. Hawkins chose Primrose because of the structured program that Primrose offers.

  • Alexis Martin, Lead Teacher- Kindergarten

    Alexis Martin

    Lead Teacher- Kindergarten

    Ms. Martin had previously worked at Primrose and she loved it so much that she returned after finishing school! She is our fabulous Kindergarten teacher! Every day she comes to work with a smile on her face ready to start the day! She truly enjoys working with children and loves making a difference in children's every day lives. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She also likes trying new things and traveling to new places.

  • Taylor Algarin, Lead Teacher - Kindergarten

    Taylor Algarin

    Lead Teacher - Kindergarten

    Ms. Algarin has worked for us for 3+ years now, specifically in 5K! She is now co-leading with Ms. Martin in our Kindergarten classroom and we are excited to see their continuous collaboration. Ms. Algarin has a Bachelor's Degree and truly has a heart of gold, she loves her students to the fullest, cares about them and makes sure she is positively impacting them. We are very excited she is on our team!

  • Anna Shebell, Assistant Teacher - Infant 1

    Anna Shebell

    Assistant Teacher - Infant 1

    Mrs. Shebell has recently joined Ms. Rosinski in Infant 1, she has 14 years of experience working with children in the Paradise Valley School District. She wants to do her best in nurturing children and bring support to the students here at Primrose. During her free time, she loves to hike, take walks and travel with her family. We are so glad she is apart of our team!

  • Vivien Szatmari, Assistant Teacher - Young Toddlers

    Vivien Szatmari

    Assistant Teacher - Young Toddlers

    Ms. Szatmari started out at as a closer here at Primrose and instantly showed us how dedicated and caring she is with the students in our school. She has some experience working with kiddos and is currently studying Early Childhood Education at SCC to further her education as a Special Needs Therapist. In her free time, she likes watching movies, shopping or going to Starbucks! We are so glad to have her on our team!

  • Sam Roberge, Assistant Teacher - Older Toddlers

    Sam Roberge

    Assistant Teacher - Older Toddlers

    Ms. Roberge has had many years working in childcare, she took Early Childhood Classes and was a nanny for many years! Some goals she is working towards are to have a set career, enjoying what she does and making something great of herself! In her free time she likes to play basketball, go to the gym and to be active! We are so excited to have her on our team!

  • Lauren Kasper, Assistant Teacher - Early Preschool 1

    Lauren Kasper

    Assistant Teacher - Early Preschool 1

    Ms. Kasper is our EPS1 assistant with Ms. Licerio, Ms. Kasper has been with us for a few months now and has truly taken on the role in our EPS1 class. She has proven much dedication and loves working with the little ones. Ms. Kasper has formed such great teamwork with Ms. Licerio and have created a smooth running classroom and we love to see that! :) 

  • Jazmin Ortiz, Assistant Teacher- Preschool Pathways

    Jazmin Ortiz

    Assistant Teacher- Preschool Pathways

    Ms. Ortiz is our new EPS2 Assistant! She has helped family care for their kids for many years and has also attended child development classes! Ms. Ortiz likes to go shopping, get her nails done and watching movies! One day, she would love to continue her education and become a nurse. She chose Primrose because she loves our educational process, seeing her kiddos grow and learn lots each day!

  • Felycity Lipsey, Assistant Teacher- Preschool 1

    Felycity Lipsey

    Assistant Teacher- Preschool 1

    Ms. Lipsey is our PS1 assistant teacher, alongside Mrs. Larsen! Ms. Lipsey comes to Primrose with a few years of experience working in Coop and with students that have disabilities and is currently attending GCU, studying Psychology! She plans on pursuing her education to get her Doctoral Degree in a few years! In her free time she likes to hike with her dog, paint, draw and clean!

  • Heather Childers, Assistant Teacher - Preschool 2

    Heather Childers

    Assistant Teacher - Preschool 2

    Ms. Childers is our PS2 assistant! She has a background of babysitting friends and family and took child development classes in high school. Ms. Childers wants to continue her education to become a high school teacher one day, she wants to learn sign language and loves to watch movies during her free time. Ms. Childers chose Primrose so she can help young minds develop and grow in the best way! :) 

  • Greg and Heather Legeza, Franchise Owner

    Greg and Heather Legeza

    Franchise Owners

    Thank you for your interest in Primrose School at Tatum. Owners Greg and Heather Legeza both attended the University of Cincinnati and moved to Arizona in 1997. Soon after they moved to the Peoria community, their son Derek joined the family and their daughter Kylie followed closely behind. Because of the lack of quality educational childcare in the area, Heather decided to quit her job as an elementary school teacher to stay at home with their children. Having a background in early childhood education, Heather knew what she was looking for a child care facility. After spending several days touring facilities, Heather found that the only thing that was available was basically, babysitting. Heather was looking for more, and it just was not available. After visiting a Primrose School in Cincinnati, Ohio, they knew Primrose was exactly what the Peoria community was in need of and decided to purchase a Primrose franchise in 2004. They were looking for more balance in their lives and a better quality educational opportunity for their children. Like so many parents in our community, they understand that a child's early years are crucial elements to a well rounded early childhood education. The Legeza's agreed that a private, preschool setting would benefit their family and the Peoria/Cave Creek/Phoenix community. Primrose Schools recognize the importance of balance to parents: the need to juggle successfully work and family life and to find educational childcare that provides peace of mind. Primrose's exclusive Balanced Learning curriculum accomplishes this with purposeful play and nurturing guidance. We are so lucky to have been doing this since 2004 and then opening Tatum in 2013. Thank you for your interest in Primrose School at Tatum. We are so excited to offer a quality educational private preschool to the Cave Creek/Phoenix community. We look forward to partnering in your child's education. Sincerely, Greg & Heather Legeza

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