Exterior of a Primrose School at Tatum

Primrose School at Tatum

Franchise Owners

Thank you for your interest in Primrose School at Tatum. Owners Greg and Heather Legeza both attended the University of Cincinnati and moved to Arizona in 1997. Soon after they moved to the Peoria ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Ana Villalba, Lead Teacher- Infant 1

Ana Villalba

Lead Teacher- Infant 1

Roubina Gabrielyan, Lead Teacher- Infant 2

Roubina Gabrielyan

Lead Teacher- Infant 2

Erica Pina, Lead Teacher- Young Toddlers

Erica Pina

Lead Teacher- Young Toddlers

cowley pic

Megan Cowley

Lead Teacher- Older Toddlers

Jessica Antosik, Lead Teacher- Early Preschool 1

Jessica Antosik

Lead Teacher- Early Preschool 1

Sarah Cains, Lead Teacher- Early Preschool 2

Sarah Cains

Lead Teacher- Early Preschool 2

Sandra Suncin, Lead Teacher- Preschool 1

Sandra Suncin

Lead Teacher- Preschool 1

Sara Gleason, Lead Teacher- Preschool 2

Sara Gleason

Lead Teacher- Preschool 2

Louann Hawkins, Lead Teacher- Pre-Kindergarten 1

Louann Hawkins

Lead Teacher- Pre-Kindergarten 1

johns pic

Ericca Johns

Lead Teacher- Pre Kindergarten 2

Amy Ahart, Lead Teacher-  Kindergarten

Amy Ahart

Lead Teacher- Kindergarten

Kaylani Sugidono

Lead Teacher-Explorers

Debra Pina, Assistant Teacher- Infant 1

Debra Pina

Assistant Teacher- Infant 1

Janetta Reedy

Assistant Teacher- Young Toddlers

Angelina Westervelt, Assistant Teacher - Older Toddlers

Angelina Westervelt

Assistant Teacher - Older Toddlers


Amanda Harrison

Assistant Teacher- Early Preschool 1


Alexandra Mawyer

Assistant Teacher- Early Preschool 2


Charvelle Gordy

Assistant Teacher- Preschool 1


McKenzie Hathoot

Assistant Teacher- Preschool 2


Madison Daniels

Assistant Teacher- Pre-Kindergarten 1

Alexandra Simon

Assistant Teacher- Pre Kindergarten 2

Nancy Giammarino, Assistant Teacher- Pre Kindergarten 2

Nancy Giammarino

Assistant Teacher- Kindergarten