Primrose School of Tampa Palms

Parent Testimonials

  • The regular teach in my son's room was out sick. Ms. Carroll was filling in that morning when I dropped my son off. She was so pleasant when we walked in and she quickly greeted my son. She told him good morning and that his normal teacher was out and that she would be back in a couple of days. Ms. Carroll then asked what he wanted to do and talked with me briefly. I was very comforted by how she handled my son and made him feel welcomed and comfortable since she is not normally there in the morning and it was a change to his routine. This experience is one of the many reasons, as a parent I am so pleased with the Primrose School my son attends.



  • Primrose has been awesome to our family. Our daughter Layla has been with Primrose of Tampa Palms, in Tampa, FL since she was 6 months old. Initially, it was very difficult to place our infant/first child in "daycare" but honestly, it was the best decision we've made concerning her. Even if we had the luxury of staying home with her, she would still go to Primrose Schools. We believe that it is vital to Layla's growth and development. Our family (and Layla) has enjoyed having her at Primrose. We are pleased to see her developing relationships with the teachers and staff and creating friendships with her classmates. Layla is learning new things on a continuous basis, and many of our family and friends make note of this. On a regular basis we hear how impressed others are with Layla's sign language skills, speech and comprehension (of multiple languages), and overall cognitive and behavioral development. What more can we ask for...? We heart Primrose.

    Christine P.


  • I just want to share how wonderful of an experience it has been to have my daughter enrolled in the young toddler program. She has been going to Primrose for almost 3 months now and it has been her first experience away from family. She has blossomed incredibly! The initial transition was tough, more for mom, than for her. Her fabulous teachers, Mrs. Munoz & Mrs. Davila are now her 'other mothers'! I especially appreciate how they cherish and respect our culture and speak with her in Spanish, at our request. They have really helped her learn so much in such a short period of time and for that I am forever grateful! They are so compassionate and professional and wonderful with what they do. I could not have asked for a better first school experience!



  • As a parent, one of the most important and daunting task is finding the right place/person to care for your child(ren) in the event you are unable to albeit due to work, appointments, etc. In a household such as mine where both parents work full-time, it is an absolute necessity. Finding the right childcare/early learning center is a task that cannot be taken lightly. For me and most, it must have the right mix of people-from management, teachers, and staff to children and parents, a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as implement education with a strong and appropriate curriculum (because yes, babies, toddlers, and preschool age can learn seemingly anything and everything even at their age). A childcare center must also have management and teachers who are open to wholesome communication and are approachable, respectful, and understanding. After all, our children are our most precious and prized possessions. It is important to have that support and feel welcomed to voice concerns or ask questions if any were to arise. Compassion is also a necessity. When you are unable to be there for your child(ren), you want to leave them with people who truly care and love them, because let’s face it, childcare is not for everyone. Kids get hurt, become sad or afraid, have moments of frustration, etc, so having their child(ren) with someone who cares and can comfort and encourage them in your absence can bring the peace of mind a parent needs. As a mother, among other factors, these are some of the most important to me, so finding a center that could fit the bill was my mission. I found that in Primrose Schools, specifically Primrose School of Tampa Palms. My child had been there for a number of years, and the school had done so much to shape who she was as well as teach her so many fundamentals of early learning. We were happy. We considered ourselves lucky even… Nonetheless, there came a time when we had to consider other schools after our family grew by one due to finances. It was a very emotional and reluctant departure from Primrose; but at the time, it was very necessary. We became introduced to other schools in the area and was able to seamlessly transition our children to the new environments. However, it quickly became apparent that Primrose had set the bar too high for other schools to compete. Truthfully, there were a lot of good points and things that we loved about the other schools, but as a whole, they paled in comparison to what Primrose brought to the table. So simply put, we did what we had to do to bring them back to the school we knew and loved. I know how hard it is to find a good school for your children, so if you find it to be as difficult of a decision as I have, consider my experience. I will venture to say that you will not go wrong in choosing Primrose Schools of Tampa Palms. We didn't. We heart Primrose.

    Grateful Mommy


  • My children are the most important things in my life. We moved our 18 month old to Primrose last month and my only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner. My daughter has gone from a frustrated biter to a relaxed toddler that can use sign and other communications to express herself at school. In 15 years of parenting I have never experienced a more loving and nurturing environment outside of the home. Even the area director knows who we are. Each and every interaction blows me away. We truly heart Primrose :)

    Sabrina P.


  • My son has Ms. Zimmer for a teacher in the Pre-K/Kindergarten class at Tampa Palms. Ms. Zimmer is wonderful! Today, when it was time to pick-up my son, she was vacuuming the letter rug. She was cleaning, however she turned that moment into a teaching opportunity with the kids. The kids took turns spelling their first name hopping from letter to letter on the carpet while she vacuumed. The kid needed to move to the next letter before she "vacuumed" them up. The kids thought this was fun and did not realize they were learning! What an innovative way to teach kids how to spell their names while cleaning up the room. Ms. Zimmer is creative, caring, empathetic, and does a great job of keeping her kids on task. My son LOVES going to school and has learned a lot. My older daughter went to Primrose and skipped Kindergarten because Primrose had done such a great job of prepping her for school. We LOVE Ms. Zimmer and we LOVE Primrose! Primrose is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher!

    Christine W.