Primrose School of Symmes

Parent Testimonials

  • I am happy all the way around with the Primrose School of Symmes from the teachers to the staff.. We are always greeted with smiles... My daughter love going to school everyday... If we have a problem with something they really listen to what we have to say... We really appreciate the care our children receive at Primrose. The teachers and management take special interest in the children and their development to help each feel unique and valued.... I love it!!! Thanks Primrose, The Kumar Family.



  • "My daughter Kaitlyn loves Primrose of Symmes and I do too! Everyday I drop Kaitlyn off knowing that she will have a great day and when I pick her up it is confirmed! I looked at 15+ daycares in the area and can honestly say that Primrose of Symmes is far and away the best. I knew the moment I walked through the door that Primrose of Symmes was a cut above the rest. For me, the most important part of any daycare is the teachers and it is obvious that Primrose believes this as well!

    Ryan T.


  • "Ever since our first visit to Primrose School of Symmes, we were treated like family and sincerely wish to express our gratitude to our entire Primrose Family for everything they do and everything they are in our lives... Our schedule has changed so many times between our work schedules - not ever a flexible and understanding - Thank you!! Our child is our only child and we have learned so much from the teachers and the program... from potty training, to great routines, developmental direction and guidance, working with our childs individual personality... Thank you!! Everything is so appreciated.... such a loving environment, and great connection to the community with the different charity activities.... the fun extra programs that are brought in with the Tumblebus, the Soccer, the Farm Animals.... I could go on - We love Primrose!! And then the great traditions we enjoy every season - the parades, the embracing of the cultural diversity, the yummy food! Thank you again for everything - we are SO happy and thankful to be part of the Primrose Family!!"

    Sonja M.


  • I fell in love with Primrose for many reasons from the wonderful staff to the great education my daughter is receiving. I have watched her grow both as a good person and intellectually over the past few years. I love the character development program and how this has positively impacted her. She goes to school excited and comes home full of stories of what she did during the day. We listen and sing to the music class CD each day in the car and it is great to see how she is developing musically. She has struggled with her writing and gets frustrated easily with it but her teachers are a constant support. I think her "best day" recently was a day she got a happy gram from her teachers because of the progress she made both in writing and taking feedback. Weeks later she beams when she talks about it. Her teachers give great feedback on her day. I love that they post what they did during the day and we have the best conversations about what she learned. It also makes it easy to reinforce what she is doing at school. She loves the extracurriculars such as Tumblebus. Overall, I am thrilled with the Primrose School of Symmes!



  • I heart primrose symmes because of the wonderful teachers both of my girls have had over the years. They have taught them manners and values and lifeskills that make me a proud and happy mama!

    Jaime C.


  • I just want to mention that I have always loved Lilly going to Primrose, but after a few weeks ago and her first steps, and all the love that is radiating from the infant room, it just solidifies that we made the right choice. I truly love and appreciate Lilly's teachers and all the staff at Primrose.

    Joanna K.