Primrose School of Suwanee

Our Staff

  • Ms. Maria Candeias

    Director of Operations

    I have been working at Primrose since 1996. I have helped raise many beautiful children. I’ve been married for 36 years and have 2 children, Laura and Paulo. Laura has been married for 4 years while Paulo is at Gwinnett Tech training to be an elementary school teacher. I was born in Portugal and moved to the U.S. in 1980. I lived in New York until 1996 when I moved to Georgia due to my husband’s job.

    I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family.

    Hometown: Lisvoa, Portugal

    Child care experience: 20+ years

    Favorite food: Salads

    Favorite weekend activity: Shopping

    Favorite children’s book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Primrose character I most relate to: Mia

    What I’m most excited about this school year: Meeting the new families and students

  • Ms. Maria Tanzeel

    Curriculum Director
  • Ms. Maimouna Diallo

    Lead Teacher - Infant
  • Mucktarin Choudhry

    Lead Teacher - Toddler
  • Ms. Asia Ameen

    Lead Teacher - Private Pre-Kindergarten
  • Ms. Saima Aamir

    Lead Teacher - Preschool Pathways
  • Sandeep & Anu

    Franchise Owner

    Meet Sandeep and Anu, the proud owners of Primrose School of Suwanee. Sandeep and Anu were born in India where they worked in the IT industry. Sandeep was a Finance major while Anu’s focus was Arts & Commerce. Sandeep and Anu moved after the IT company they worked for transferred them to the United States where they settled in Alpharetta GA. Sandeep and Anu have been married for over 20 years and have two sons; Sparsh and Akarsh. While working in the corporate world, Sandeep and Anu found peace of mind in Primrose Schools when they needed to entrust someone with the care and education of their sons.

    During the time their sons were enrolled at Primrose, Sandeep and Anu fell in love with the Primrose Approach and the quality education their sons received and want to provide that same piece of mind for you and your family. Their goal is to provide each family they serve with same level of comfort and quality experience.Their love for the Balanced Learning Approach and desire to make a difference, led them to leave their careers in the IT industry and begin the journey to deliver the same premier early childhood educational experience to Primrose School of Suwanee that their sons recieved.

    As parents themselves, they are dedicated to ensuring that every child receives a quality education throughout their Primrose Balanced Learning Journey. The focus on education, character development, heathy habits, and core values provided by the Primrose approach has touched their hearts and driven their desire to provide the same safe nurturing environment and individualized educational experience that was provided for their children. Sandeep and Anu are always excited and enthusiastic to add to the quality of the program at Primrose School of Suwanee as continuing research becomes available and integrated into the Primrose experience. They invite you to become a part of the Primrose School of Suwanee family so that your child can also have a premier childhood educational experience by starting their own Balanced Learning Journey.

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