Primrose School of Suwanee West

Franchise Owners

Hello, my name is Denise Corsaro, and I am the proud owner of the Primrose School of Suwanee West. I have two sons, both of whom were Primrose kids. As a parent myself, I understand the importance ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mr. Sean Quinlin

Director of Operations

Ms. Melanie Moore

Office Assistant

Ms. Kimberly Williams

Nutrition Specialist

Ms. Janice Smith

Lead Teacher - Young Infant

Ms. Jackie Orwig

Assistant Teacher - Young Infant

Ms. Maureen Noble

Lead Teacher - Older Infant

Ms. Hannah Pence

Assistant Teacher - Older Infant

Ms. Shannon O'Rear

Afternoon Assitant Teacher - Older Infant

Ms. Chantique Wilson

Lead Teacher - Toddler

Ms. Courtney Gotts

Assistant Teacher - Toddlers

Ms. Kris Arnold

Lead Teacher- Early Preschool

Ms. Taylor Hunter

Assistant Teacher - Early Preschool

Ms. Diane Berson

Lead Teacher - Preschool I

Ms. Emily Livingston

Assistant Teacher - Preschool I

Ms. Sherell Williams

Lead Teacher- Preschool II

Ms. Sulma Mejia-Orellanna

Assistant Teacher - Preschool II

Mrs. Sharon Golden

Lead Teacher- Private Pre-Kindergarten I

Ms. Bre'onna Huggins

Assistant Teacher - Private Pre-Kindergarten I

Ms. Whitley Richenberg

Lead Teacher - Private Pre-Kindergarten II

Ms. Christina Nickel

Lead Teacher- Private Kindergarten

Ms. Lindi Gertson

Lead Teacher - Georgia Pre-Kindergarten I

Ms. Allison Thiery

Assistant Teacher - Georgia Pre-Kindergarten I

Ms. Dimitriya Uzunova

Lead Teacher- Georgia Pre-Kindergarten II

Ms. Jasmine Purvis

Assistant Teacher - Georgia Pre-Kindergarten II