Primrose School of Sugar Land

Our Staff

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, Executive Director

    Mrs. Elizabeth Moore

    Executive Director

    Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, our Executive Director, has been with Primrose for over 10 years. Mrs. Elizabeth went to the University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Merchandising. She joined Primrose School of Sugar Land in October 2001 as the Operations Director and helped to grow the school along with her mother, our owner, Mrs. Lisa Cameron. She took a few years off spending her time in philanthropy as a Community Outreach Coordinator for The Blood Center and then as Director of Development for Memorial Hermann Healthcare, focusing her efforts at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. There she worked hand in hand with physicians to raise funds for their much needed projects including and Autism Clinic. She re-joined Primrose in 2008 as our Executive Director.

    Her favorite compliment of all time is when a little girl in Pre-Kindergarten told her, “Miss Elizabeth, you are the cherry on top”!

  • Mrs. Yvonne Southard, Director

    Mrs. Yvonne Southard


    Mrs. Yvonne Southard joined Primrose School of Sugar Land in July of 2016 with nearly 25 years of experience in the field of Early Education. Ten of those years have been in a Directors position ensuring the safety and well being of all children.

    Mrs. Southard is happily married with six wonderful children and now five grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling as much as she can.

    Mrs. Southard's passion for children and early education is extremely strong and is a part of who she is. She is dedicated to making a difference in children's lives not only to help them now but also to provide a better future for all.

  • Ms. Ezinne Nwabardi, Education Coach

    Ms. Ezinne Nwabardi

    Education Coach

    Ms. Ezinne Nwabardi joined Primrose School of Sugar Land in 2014 while going to school to get her degree in nursing.She began in the Early Preschool classroom.In 2016, she graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and left Primrose to become a school nurse.After two years of being a school nurse she realized her heart wasn’t in it and began work on a Master of Education in Special Population with a focus on the autism spectrum. She will be completing the program in May of 2022. While working as a school nurse and as she began her masters, she would always come back every summer to work here at Primrose School of Sugar Land because she missed the children. She has worked in every single classroom! We were lucky to have her come back during the summer of 2021 so that we could have her experience as a school nurse during COVID. Ultimately, we convinced her to stay with us as she finishes her master’s program, as our Education Coach. In this role she is able to support the teachers and assist with the assessments of the students. We are so happy to have her and feel like she is an invaluable part of our team.

  • Mrs. Van Tran, Assistant Director

    Mrs. Van Tran

    Assistant Director

    Mrs. Van Tran joined us in February 2022 as our assistant director. She worked at another Primrose location for almost 3 years as a teacher. She has taught in the Young Toddler, Early Preschool and Preschool Pathways classrooms. Van went to TSU studying pharmacy and was a pharmacy tech for 13 years and for a period of that time was the lead technician and was in charge of a group of fifteen other pharmacy techs. After leaving pharmacy, Van went to HCC and attained her Associates in Teaching with a focus in early childhood. Van recently obtained her Directors Certificate in January 2022 to be a licenced child care director.

    Van was born and raised in Houston, TX. She is married and they have a furbaby dog, Hamachi. They enjoy exploring the city and going on food tours. She feels food is a language that can be understood without words and can bring worlds together!

    One of her fondest memories of being in a classroom was working with a toddler who was just learning to talk and they finally said her name! Her favorite Primrose character is Billy the duck because he helps children learn that education can be fun through singing and music!

    We are excited to have Van with us!

  • Mrs. Traci Grover, Support Staff

    Mrs. Traci Grover

    Support Staff
  • Miss Angie Ramirez, Support Staff

    Miss Angie Ramirez

    Support Staff
  • Mrs. Michele Doucet, Cook

    Mrs. Michele Doucet


    Mrs. Michele Doucet joined the Primrose School of Sugar Land with 30 years of child care experience and a CDA (Child Development Associate) certification.

    Mrs. Doucet is originally from New Orleans, LA and lives here in Houston with her husband and their 2 dogs. When she is not working with kids, she loves traveling and enjoying some fresh seafood which she misses from her hometown!

    Mrs. Doucet's favorite children's book has been the same since she was a child, "The Tale of Henrietta the Hippo". She loves working Primrose mainly because she gets the opportunity to work with other professionals that have the same passion for children as she does. She loves being a part of the experience of growth in education and is very excited about the Primrose curriculum. One of her favorite memories as a teacher was earlier in her career when she finally saw a non-verbal child begin to pronounce words that she had taught them, what an amazing feeling!

  • Mrs. Norma Machhor, Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Norma Machhor

    Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Norma Machhor joined the Primrose School of Sugar Land as an Infant teacher in January 2014.

    Mrs. Machhor is originally from Syria and is a qualified Pharmacist in her home country. She has two sons, George, a doctor and Elie, who is still in college. She loves Mediterranean food and during her time away from school she enjoys spending quality time with her family, cooking, shopping and walking for exercise!

    Ms. Machhor's favorite Primrose Healthy Hearts character is “Percy” who represents courage and wisdom. She is most excited about Primrose because of the learning experience, watching all the babies grow and being a good team player!

  • Mrs. Litsa Evangelopolous, Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Litsa Evangelopolous

    Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Litsa Evangelopolous joined Primrose School of Sugar Land in March of 2002! Mrs. Litsa is originally from Katerina, Greece. She has two sons, Michael and George who have now finished school and started their own careers. She and her husband are now empty nesters.

    Mrs. Litsa loves shopping and swimming. She loves cooking food from her home country like pastitisio and moussaka, and baklava is one of her favorite treats.Each summer she tries to make it home to Greece to visit family and swim in the Aegean Sea.

    Mrs. Litsa’s favorite Primrose Happy Hearts Character is Libby the lamb who represents fairness. You will always find Mrs. Litsa singing in the classroom! She loves and adores the babies and takes great pride in providing a clean and safe classroom for the children.We are so lucky to have had Mrs. Litsa take care of our babies for all these years and look forward to the many years ahead.

  • Mrs. Diane Vazquez, Infant Teacher

    Mrs. Diane Vazquez

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Mirna Henriquez, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Mirna Henriquez

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Gloria Ybarra, Young Toddlers Lead Teacher

    Ms. Gloria Ybarra

    Young Toddlers Lead Teacher

    Ms. Gloria Ybarra joined the Primrose School of Sugar Land in 2002 and works as the Lead Teacher in our Young Toddler class. She joined the Primrose family with over 9 years of previous childcare experience.

    Ms. Ybarra, originally from Richmond, TX, has one daughter. She loves both Mexican food and seafood and cheers on the Texans football team. She enjoys going to the movies and shopping during her free time.

    Ms. Ybarra's favorite book is "Brown Bear" and her favorite Primrose Happy Hearts character is Libby who signifies fairness and is calm and thoughtful. Ms. Ybarra shares many of the same characteristics as Libby!

  • Miss Jalissa Booker, Toddler Teacher

    Miss Jalissa Booker

    Toddler Teacher
  • Dajah Collins, Young Toddler Support Teacher

    Dajah Collins

    Young Toddler Support Teacher
  • Ms. Kay Kiser, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Kay Kiser

    Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Kay Kiser, our Early Preschool I Lead Teacher and resident "Potty Training Queen", joined the Primrose School of Sugar Land in July of 1999, shortly after we opened!

    She has been working with children for over 25 years and loves them because they remind her to enjoy the little things in life. Ms. Kiser believes that Primrose provides a great atmosphere and a good education for young children. This helps them to develop to their fullest potential. Her favorite children's book to share with her class is, The Napping House. You might find Ms. Kay dancing with the children to the audio version of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.

    Her favorite Happy Heart Character is Percy the proud rooster who represents courage. She uses Percy to explain how children should have confidence in themselves. In her spare time, Ms. Kiser loves to relax and spend time with her two daughters and grandchildren!

    We are so very lucky to have had Ms. Kay with us all these years!

  • Miss Saba Khan, Early Preschool Support Teacher

    Miss Saba Khan

    Early Preschool Support Teacher
  • Mrs. Shazia Rizwan, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Mrs. Shazia Rizwan

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Heather Larson, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Heather Larson

    Preschool Lead Teacher

    Ms. Heather Larson joined the Primrose School of Sugar Land in 2016 with over 16 years of previous child care experience. She has a Child Development Associate specifically in Preschool and is currently working towards an Associate degree.

    Ms. Larson was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina where her mom and sister still reside. She made the big move to Houston, Texas with her father and has been enjoying her time here ever since. She is very creative and artistic and enjoys drawing during her time away from the school.

    Ms. Larson has found a connection with Libby the lamb, our Primrose Happy Hearts character since she promotes being a fair person will lead to positive interpersonal relationships. Her favorite children's book is Rumble in the Jungle and she loves sharing this book with the children along with her excitement and passion for teaching. She feels that early education is a great place to get children excited about learning and going to school. One of her favorite memories was a detailed 20-minute story from a 2-year-old telling her how he was a raptor that would protect her from pirates; the little one’s imagination was fascinating!

  • Ms. Ima Owor, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Ima Owor

    Preschool Teacher
  • Mrs. Ghufran Salman (Mrs. G), Preschool Support Teacher

    Mrs. Ghufran Salman (Mrs. G)

    Preschool Support Teacher
  • Ms. Michelle Moncada, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Michelle Moncada

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. Sara Bhai, Kindergarten Teacher

    Mrs. Sara Bhai

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lisa and Marty Cameron, Franchise Owner

    Lisa and Marty Cameron

    Franchise Owners

    Lisa and Martin Cameron joined the Primrose franchising family over 15 years ago when they opened Primrose School of Sugar Land in February 1999. They are now the longest standing franchise owners in the Houston market. Together with the help of their daughter, Elizabeth, the Executive Director, they run their school with the utmost prestige for early childhood education and care. They believe that Primrose provides the best early childhood education and care possible, based on a foundation of loving care. It is our hope that we can achieve a partnership with families through building trust and open communication, providing families with peace of mind. When asked why Lisa chose Primrose, she says, "Primrose provides the kind of childcare I always wanted for my own children when they were growing up - a balance of education and love." Their son, Robert, was six when they opened Primrose School of Sugar Land and in the Explorers class. Today he is our resident Tech Guru. Elizabeth's daughter, Caroline is now attending Primrose School of Sugar Land. "It's so rewarding to see a member of our family reap the benefits of the Primrose curriculum and the many years of our hard work."

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