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Primrose School of Strongsville

Our Staff

  • Sarah McCleary, Director

    Sarah McCleary


    Name: Sarah McCleary

    Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio

    Child Care experience: 10 years! First as a Preschool teacher, then grew into Administrative roles, first as an Assistant Director, and then as a Center Director.

    Education Background: I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and Education from Baldwin Wallace University.

    Favorite food: Tacos, ice cream, and everything Italian!

    Favorite weekend activity: Exploring Downtown, the Lakeshore and the Metroparks!

    Favorite children’s book: The Harry Potter Series

    Primrose character I most relate to: Katie the cat because she teaches us how to cooperate and care for one another.

    What I’m most excited about this school year: Getting to know all of our teachers and families and building a community!

  • Rachel Formoso, Curriculum Director

    Rachel Formoso

    Curriculum Director

    Name: Rachel Formoso

    Hometown: Brunswick

    Childcare experience:7years

    Education Background: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education

    Favorite food: Seafood

    Favorite weekend activity: Nature walks

    Favorite children’s book: Wish by Matthew Cordell

    Primrose character I most relate to: Billy because I love music

    What I’m most excited about this school year: I’m most excited to further build this Primrose family and to see our students flourish in their classrooms.

  • Meg Angelini, Assistant Director

    Meg Angelini

    Assistant Director

    Name: Meg Angelini

    Hometown: Pepperell, MA

    Education: Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Teaching Certification

    Favorite food: Steak and potatoes

    Favorite weekend activity: Camping/Swimming

    Favorite children's book: The Little Engine that Could

    Favorite Color: Green 

    A little about me: I was born and raised in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.I spent 5 years teaching in rural Maine. I love camping, hiking and being in/near the water. I have a son Ronan, who goes to Primrose. 

    Fun fact: I have run a marathon.


  • Danielle Kuhn, Food Service Teacher

    Danielle Kuhn

    Food Service Teacher
  • Alex Burns, Teacher

    Alex Burns

  • Christiana Mauk, Teacher

    Christiana Mauk

  • Halle Seymour, Teacher

    Halle Seymour

  • Heather Lucchese, Teacher

    Heather Lucchese

  • Jess Hughes, Teacher

    Jess Hughes

  • Kati Ropchok, Teacher

    Kati Ropchok

  • Kayla Sapara, Teacher

    Kayla Sapara

  • Megan Abel, Teacher

    Megan Abel

  • Melissa Bucher, Teacher

    Melissa Bucher

  • Michelle Ostrowski, Teacher

    Michelle Ostrowski

  • Nardeen Habashy, Teacher

    Nardeen Habashy

  • Nirmala Balasubramanian (Mrs. Bala), Teacher

    Nirmala Balasubramanian (Mrs. Bala)

  • Shelly Beal, Teacher

    Shelly Beal

  • Sidney Rihvalsky, Teacher

    Sidney Rihvalsky

  • Stacy Haines, Assistant Pre-K Teacher

    Stacy Haines

    Assistant Pre-K Teacher
  • Taunya Lackie, Teacher

    Taunya Lackie

  • Tiffany Morris, Teacher

    Tiffany Morris

  • Amanda Markovich, Support Staff

    Amanda Markovich

    Support Staff
  • Donna Scholl, Support Staff

    Donna Scholl

    Support Staff
  • Shailaja Garine, Support Staff

    Shailaja Garine

    Support Staff
  • Shazia Syed, Support Staff

    Shazia Syed

    Support Staff
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Avery Schee, Seasonal Support Teacher

    Avery Schee

    Seasonal Support Teacher
  • Emily Novak, Seasonal Support Teacher

    Emily Novak

    Seasonal Support Teacher
  • Neha & Kanak, Franchise Owner

    Neha & Kanak

    Franchise Owners

    Meet Neha Dayakar and Kanak Chatterjee - the proud franchise owners of Primrose School of Strongsville. They are very excited to bring the Primrose brand of premiere early childhood education and care to the families and community of Strongsville. Having lived here for over 15 years and with both their sons born here, they are proud to call Cleveland home.

    As full-time working parents, they are very aware of the challenges that families face while seeking premium quality childcare. Their two boys, now 9 and 6, were in preschools from the time when they were 12 weeks old, all the way through Pre-K. This gave them the unique opportunity to experience different childcare providers as needs evolved, and as Primrose parents, Neha and Kanak experienced firsthand the positive impact this had on the children as they were guided through a safe and nurturing, learning environment. Primrose’s Balanced Learning curriculum empowered the teachers to focus more time on developing the childrens’ curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion, and less time on worrying about coming up with a plan on what to teach on a daily basis.

    Having grown up in different parts of the world and being exposed to different cultures and education systems, they feel strongly about the values and outcomes of a solid foundation for our children’s generation. There is more to education than just the academics, and they firmly believe in extending such opportunities within the community of Strongsville and Cleveland. As such, the Primrose School of Strongsville is committed to delivering a high quality experience to prepare your children for a bright and prosperous future.

    They look forward to meeting with and welcoming you to the Primrose family!

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