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Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning® approach in action.

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Latest News

  • Now Enrolling Fall 2017 Kindergarten

    We are now enrolling for our Fall 2017 Private Kindergarten Program! Primrose Schools' Balanced Learning approach to readiness means not only learning how to think critically, use mathematical concepts and love reading, but also how to share and show self-control. This makes for a positive transition into elementary schools. The small Kindergarten Classroom size allows for more individualized student attention making a positive learning impact on students for future success. In the tittle of his profound publication, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten", Robert Fulghum refers to more than learning reading, writing, and math. Watching a little seed grow in a paper cup reminds us of the delicate cycle of life. Crayons and paints take us to new magical worlds. Oh, to be five years old again! Please stop by or call today to schedule a tour. Come see what Primrose School of Springs Ranch has to offer and experience the difference!

  • Now Enrolling Private Prekindergarten!

    We are now enrolling for our Private Prekindergarten Program. Four year-olds love to play with language. They are fascinated with rhyming and will create countless silly word duos followed by giddy laughter. The Primrose Balanced Learning approach to readiness means not only learning critical thinking skills, using mathematical concepts, and learning to read, but also how to share and show self-control while continuing to foster their love of learning. Please stop by or call today to schedule a tour and experience the Primrose Difference!

  • Skills to Teach Your Child Before They Ride a Bike

    Dr. Steve Sanders shares exercises that teach children the motor skills they need to ride a bicycle.

  • Now Enrolling Preschoolers!

    We are now enrolling for our Preschool Program! Three year-olds are natural explores. Their inquisitiveness drives them to investigate their surroundings like a little scientist. How often have you looked around for your little one only to find her digging in your flower beds simply out of curiosity?! Stop by or call today to schedule a tour. Come experience the Primrose Difference!

  • Now Enrolling Toddlers

    We are now enrolling Toddlers. Toddlers are bursting with energy and a need to explore their environment. With independence as their primary objective, they begin to define themselves as individuals. Your Primrose Toddler receives gentle guidance and encouragement while actively discovering new wonders. Stop by or call today to schedule a tour. Come see what Primrose School of Springs ranch can do for you!

  • Expert Series: Sunscreen Tips For Young Children

    As summer approaches, Dr. Laura Jana shares some helpful tips to keep your child protected from the sun while playing outside.

  • Now Enrolling Infants

    We are now enrolling Infants. Babies are born as little scientists. They listen, watch, touch, smell and taste their surroundings. The Primrose Infant experience includes an abundance of delightful opportunities for your baby to enjoy, observe, and explore this new world safely and comfortably. Stop by or call today to schedule a tour to experience the Primrose Difference.

  • 360 Connect

    360Connect allows our teachers to capture your child’s special moments throughout the day, take photos and videos of your child in action, and share those with you periodically through email, with the ultimate goal of giving you a glimpse of his or her Primrose experience firsthand. You can even choose to share your child’s learning and play experiences with your friends and family.

  • Easy Ways to Teach Children About Conservation

    Help your child learn how to be environmentally friendly early on with these activities.

  • We are now NECPA accredited!

    Attention all military families, we are now NECPA accredited. This means you may qualify for tuition assistance through NACCRRA. Please visit for more program details and to apply for assistance.

  • This Drumming Activity Teaches Your Child About Sound

    Expert Rob Sayer shares how making homemade drumsets can help a child develop a musical ear.

  • Primrose Students Donated 50,000 Books Last Month

    We are so proud of our Primrose students who donated over 50,000 of their favorite books to hospitals, foster homes, and community centers during Og's Bountiful Book Drive!

  • Science Fun: Making Crystal Geodes

    Science meets art in this simple experiment.

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