Primrose School of Spring-Klein

Our Staff

  • Mrs. Kim Stinson, Director

    Mrs. Kim Stinson

  • Mrs. Fran Flammer, Assistant Director

    Mrs. Fran Flammer

    Assistant Director
  • Ms. Erica Seabrook, Administrative Assistant

    Ms. Erica Seabrook

    Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Kris Mayo, Area Director

    Mrs. Kris Mayo

    Area Director
  • Mrs. Julie McCluskey, Curriculum Director

    Mrs. Julie McCluskey

    Curriculum Director
  • Mrs. Griffin, Young Infants

    Mrs. Griffin

    Young Infants

    *Master Teacher*

  • Ms. Hernandez, Young Infant

    Ms. Hernandez

    Young Infant
  • Mrs. Ali, Young Infant

    Mrs. Ali

    Young Infant
  • Mrs. Pelikan, Older Infant

    Mrs. Pelikan

    Older Infant
  • Ms. Pamatian, Older Infant

    Ms. Pamatian

    Older Infant
  • Mrs. Hirsch, Toddlers

    Mrs. Hirsch


    *Master Teacher*

  • Ms. Adaszewski, Toddlers

    Ms. Adaszewski

  • Ms. Alvarez, Toddler

    Ms. Alvarez

  • Ms. Dennis, EPS I

    Ms. Dennis

    EPS I
  • Ms. Morales, EPS I

    Ms. Morales

    EPS I
  • Ms. Sadowski, EPS II

    Ms. Sadowski

    EPS II
  • Ms. Jolivette, EPS II

    Ms. Jolivette

    EPS II
  • Mrs. Dear, Preschool I

    Mrs. Dear

    Preschool I

    *Master Teacher*

  • Ms. Seabrook, Preschool I

    Ms. Seabrook

    Preschool I
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Ms. Rodriguez, Preschool I

    Ms. Rodriguez

    Preschool I
  • Ms. Jackson, Preschool II

    Ms. Jackson

    Preschool II
  • Ms. Chavez, Preschool II

    Ms. Chavez

    Preschool II
  • Ms. Barrett, PPK I

    Ms. Barrett

    PPK I
  • Ms. Anderson, PPK I

    Ms. Anderson

    PPK I
  • Ms. Ammerman, PPK II

    Ms. Ammerman

    PPK II
  • Ms. Jackson, PPK II

    Ms. Jackson

    PPK II
  • Ms. Strange, Kindergarten

    Ms. Strange


    *Master Teacher*

  • Ms. Herrington, Food Service Manager

    Ms. Herrington

    Food Service Manager
  • Ms. Cornejo, School Support

    Ms. Cornejo

    School Support

    *Master Teacher*

  • Don and Arlena McLaughlin, Franchise Owner

    Don and Arlena McLaughlin

    Franchise Owners

    The McLaughlin’s have been active owners in their Primrose Schools providing a combination of nurturing child-care services and a strong educational foundation for children in The Woodlands and Spring for the past 19 years.

    Education has always been important to Don and Arlena. Montgomery County’s exemplary rated schools are the reason the McLaughlin’s relocated to The Woodlands in 2001 with their sons, Caleb and Callen McLaughlin. Both sons graduated from The Woodlands High School and subsequently graduated from Baylor University. Along with Don, both are involved in developing and building 15 pre-schools for their family and other Primrose Franchise owners.

    Primrose philosophy that who children become is as important as what they know helped The McLaughlin’s make the decision to join Primrose and build and operate six pre-schools in The Woodlands and Spring.

    Teaching and mentoring children to give back to their community is something that Don and Arlena believe in teaching children. For the past 36 years, the McLaughlin’s have been active and held leadership roles in Chamber of Commerces, United Ways, Library Boards, Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs, Education Foundation, Advisory boards for Community and Economic Development, Crimestoppers, Rotary Clubs, Youth and High Schools Sports and their church. Don and Arlena are recipients of Primrose Schools prestigious Presidents Award for Excellence.

    In 1999, Don and Arlena discovered Primrose and knew from experience in searching for quality care for their boys that Primrose was unique in that it offered parents both educational child-care and excellent child-care services. The Montgomery County area was known for quality schools and they knew Primrose would be well received in the area.

    Our school’s have grown organically, with parents asking us to open a school in their neighborhood. Schools owned and operated by The Mclaughlin’s are in the Villages of Sterling Ridge-Primrose School of Sterling Ridge, Alden Bridge-Primrose School of College Park, Village of Creekside-Primrose School of Creekside Park, Grand Parkway and Riley Fuzzell-Primrose School of Harmony, Imperial Oaks, The Falls and Oakridge-Primose School of Imperial Oaks and Bridgestone Lakes and 2920-Primrose School of Spring-Klein.

    “We enjoy seeing and hearing the success of children who have experienced the foundation that a Primrose education provides,” says Arlena McLaughlin. “Many of our families have grown children and are still in touch with us. It is very rewarding to hear from parents that they attribute part of their child’s success to our Primrose Schools.”

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