Primrose School of Southwest Oklahoma City

Franchise Owners

Hello, I am Angela Martin. My mother, Helen Morris, and I are the proud owners of Primrose School of Southwest Oklahoma City. My husband and I were first introduced to Primrose during our own searc...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Taylor Dammen

Curriculum Coordinator

Michelle Odom

Food Service Manager

Lisa Wentworth

Infant Lead Teacher

Brianna Haggard

Young Infant Assistant Teacher

Brittani Dowdy

Young Infant Assistant Teacher

Lindsay Gill

Older Infant Lead Teacher

Brittany Ball

Older Infant Assistant Teacher

Lisa Spicer

Toddler 1 Lead Teacher

Michaela Rone

Toddler 1 Assistant Teacher

Alexis Lana

Toddler 2 Lead Teacher

Debra McDiarmid

Toddler Teacher Assistant

Ashton Wright

Early Preschool 1 Lead Teacher

Katie French

Early Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Ashley Wagoner

Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

Mary Redwine

Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Katie Luedecke

Preschool 1 Lead Teacher

Meagan Rose

Preschool Teacher Assistant

Nicole Broussard

Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Melissa Nye

Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Ashley Hall

Private Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Brittnee Allen

Private Pre-K II Lead Teacher

Gabby Barnes

Private Pre-K II Assistant Teacher

Samantha Jimenez

Pre-K/Explorers Teacher Assistant

TJ Cooks

Classroom Support Staff/Explorers Teacher

Rosa Meadows

Classroom Support Staff

Kelsey Martin

Classroom Support Staff