Primrose School of South Tampa

Our Staff

  • Christy Blackard, Onsite Franchise Owner/Partner

    Christy Blackard

    Onsite Franchise Owner/Partner

    Mrs. Christy Blackard has over 25 years of experience with Primrose Schools in Texas and Florida as an onsite franchise owner/partner. Prior to joining Primrose Schools as an owner/partner, Mrs. Blackard taught as an elementary teacher for over five years in the Texas and Florida public and private school systems. Mrs. Blackard holds a Bachelors Degree in Communications and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Texas. She also holds a Florida Staff Credential as well as Texas and Florida Director's Credentials (VPK-endorsed). Mrs. Blackard is the onsite Franchise Owner/Partner of Primrose School of South Tampa and is supported by her husband, Steve, and our fabulous Leadership Team led by Ms. Debra Temple. The Blackards live in South Tampa, their four grown children are all HB Plant High School graduates (and Primrose graduates), and Christy and Steve are proud that their two granddaughters attended Primrose School of South Tampa! The Blackards truly have made early education a way of life and enjoy contributing to the school and to our South Tampa communities.

  • Debra Temple, Executive Director

    Debra Temple

    Executive Director

    Mrs. Debra Temple has over 16 years of experience as a preschool director, having worked as a Primrose School Director since 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Connecticut as well as a Florida Staff Credential and a Florida Director’s Credential (VPK – endorsed). Mrs. Temple joined Primrose School of South Tampa in 2019 as our Executive Director responsible for all aspects of our school including curriculum, education, staff professional development, client relations, and school operations. As our Executive Director, Mrs. Temple looks forward to a long and trusted partnership with the families at Primrose School of South Tampa and to making a positive impact in our school and our South Tampa communities.

  • Chelsea Chaires, Director, Operations

    Chelsea Chaires

    Director, Operations

    Mrs. Chelsea Chaires, Director and Associate Partner, began her Primrose career as a lead teacher at our sister school over 12 years ago. As the proud mother of three children, she always knew she wanted a Primrose education for her own children (all three are Primrose graduates). Mrs. Chaires was the best two-year-old teacher ever and joined our Leadership Team at Primrose School of South Tampa in 2013. She is responsible for our School Operations Team -- admissions, enrollment, daily school operations, administration, and client support (the "front of the school"). She is supported by our administrative Assistant Director, Ms. Adams. Mrs. Chaires holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Florida Director's Credential (VPK - endorsed).

  • Jennifer Vasquez, Director of School Excellence

    Jennifer Vasquez

    Director of School Excellence

    Ms. Vasquez started her career in education at Primrose School of Tampa Palms in 2005 where she fell in love with early childhood education! Ms. Vasquez has over 17 years of experience. Her ECE journey included becoming a Lead Teacher with Primrose, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and joining the Primrose School of South Tampa Leadership Team in 2013. She spent four years in California where she was a lead preschool teacher while completing her college degree. Ms. Vasquez is our Director of School Excellence responsible for everything related to education, curriculum implementation and instruction, and all Primrose events as well as teacher professional development and teacher support. Ms. Vasquez is supported by our Manager of Community Relations, Ms. Pieper, as well as our Assistant Director, Ms. Feliciano.

  • Ms. Zenaida Feliciano, Assistant Director

    Ms. Zenaida Feliciano

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Feliciano is our opening Assistant Director and administrative assistant for Education and teacher support. She is originally from New York and joined Primrose School of South Tampa in 2013. Ms. Feliciano has over 18 years of experience in working with young children as a teacher and manager. She is the voice of Primrose who greets our parents and children at the reception desk, supports our operations and executive teams, and opens the school each day. She enjoys making a difference in our school and our South Tampa communities.

  • Gabriella Rivera, Assistant Director

    Gabriella Rivera

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Gabriella Rivera has been with our school since October of 2020 and has demonstrated a tremendous dedication to our children, teachers, families, and the school as a whole. Since 2022,  Ms. Rivera had taken on the role as Senior Support and quickly became invaluable to our team. She has been a wonderful mentor and support to our teachers and is always willing to jump in and assist in any way that is helpful to the team.  Her smile and cheerful energy is contagious and we are so lucky to have her here at our school! In November of 2022 Ms. Rivera joined the leadership team as our newest Assistant Director.

    Whether she is there to greet you at the front desk, or happily jogging down the hallway to assist in a classroom, Ms. Rivera is always available for a quick hello or to help out in any way!

  • Christy Blackard and Jana Radtke, Franchise Owner

    Christy Blackard and Jana Radtke

    Franchise Owners

    License # CTA432695 Jana Radtke and Christy Blackard (mother and daughter) have worked together at Primrose Schools beginning with the first school they opened in Texas in 1995! After struggling to find a quality, early childhood education option for her own children, Jana decided to build a Primrose School. "I was surprised at how difficult it was to find trustworthy childcare and was overwhelmed with the waiting lists for high quality options. Like all parents, I wanted my children to have the best experience focused on early education. After having my youngest children on the waiting list of a Primrose School for 18 months, we built our first Primrose School and I changed careers! It was the best decision I've ever made!" Jana holds a Bachelor's in Management & Computer Information Systems and a Master's in Business as well as an associates degree in early childhood education and a Florida Director's Credential. In her former life, she spent 20 years as chief information officer, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer with financial and insurance companies in Texas and Florida. Despite success in the corporate world, she missed work-life balance, one of the primary reasons she left the corporate world to invest in her first Primrose School.

    Ms. Blackard adds, "All four of my children (Jana's grandchildren) attended Primrose! Now we are pleased that my granddaughter (Jana's GREAT granddaughter) is a Primrose student!" The Radtke and Blackard families have made preschool education a way of life and have been dedicated to positively impacting children's lives through the unmatched Primrose educational experience. Ms. Blackard holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Communications and a Master's degree in Elementary Education as well as a Florida Director's Credential. "With deep roots in the Primrose community, we are incredibly devoted to bringing the best possible child care experience to our South Tampa communities. We understand the importance of instilling a love of learning during a child's early years, and we believe this is essential to building a new generation of bright students!", said Ms. Blackard. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience when it comes to your child's education. We are excited to provide the high quality care necessary to prepare your children for future success in school and in life!

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