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Amanda and Eric McDaniel
Amanda and Eric McDaniel
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Amanda and Eric McDaniel


Hello, we are Amanda and Eric McDaniel, the seasoned Franchise Owners of Primrose Schools in South Riding and Aldie. With over a decade of expertise in early childhood education, we are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can thrive.  As parents, we understand the importance of quality educational child care and found that in Primrose Schools. The exceptional curriculum, teaching methods, and passion of those involved in the brand deeply impressed us, and we felt compelled to bring this wonderful experience to more families.

We started our journey in early childhood education with the opening of Primrose School of Atlee Commons in Hanover County in 2008, and then expanded to the Primrose School of South Riding. Our passion for instilling a love of learning in children's early years has now led us to open our second location, Primrose School of Aldie. Our commitment to providing the best possible care and preparing children for future success is evident in all that we do.

As leaders in educational child care, we are passionate about positively impacting the lives of families in the South Riding and Aldie communities. We invite you to experience the Primrose difference and look forward to meeting you soon.

Amanda McDaniel
M.S., Physics, University of Virginia
B.S., Physics, Virginia Tech

Eric McDaniel
Ph.D., Physics, University of Virginia
B.S., Physics, West Virginia University

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