Primrose School of South Gilbert

Parent Testimonials

  • Thank you for everything you are teaching our son! He is learning so much. His artwork is adorable. We love that he is learning to talk and sign. We love that he is learning to play new games, explore the playground, share toys and more!



  • I would like to take this time to THANK both Chris and Susan Bartlett for taking the time to make their school TOP NOTCH! You can tell they are dedicated to the school. From the moment you walk thru the doors all the way to the class room, It shows ! You see pictures of the kids and the art work that was completed up and down the hall ways. The teachers are updating the boards with new information constantly. You can clearly see the objective each week and what the focus is on thru the week. Everything is clearly posted. In case you miss the weekly and monthly schedule you are provided with a copy in the take home folder each week. The teachers have a very clear direction on what is expected of them. I can’t say enough good things about Primrose. Teachers provide the learning foundation very early on. My son Connor has grown so much in just 4 weeks. My husband and I have moved from St. Louis, MO and found out that the school’s in Arizona were not top rated like the schools in St. Louis. We did some research and found Primrose. After doing a walk thru of the school with Susan and asking allot of question my husband and I knew this was the school for Connor to grow. Connor knows what is excepted of him thru the day since the day is so structured the student knows what comes next. Every day Connor comes home with school work that he learned that day. That is great considering the other school he went too would only provide art work from time to time that was completed. I can talk to Connor about what he learned each day. Lunch is served as a Family Style setting. I was not to found of this idea since Connor is a very picky eater. I come to find out that Connor has never ate so well since he started going to the school. The chef focuses on a Healthy Diet. Just wonderful ! The school is very clean. I try to find things to pick out and I just can’t. This truly is a great school ! You have truly done a OUTSTANDING job Chris and Susan Bartlett !

    Jen G.


  • We are the parents of two beautiful boys, ages 4 and 6 months. My husband and I switched our oldest son to Primrose for the structure and curriculum. When we were pregnant with our youngest, there was no question where we would send the baby! We have had great success with our eldest; he has begun to read and do math. He simply amazes us with his sentence structure, vocabulary and math skills. Our youngest has the staff right where he wants them. They all fawn over him (it’s not just him, but we‘d like to believe it is) and provide the love and care he needs to thrive. We are more than happy to be a Primrose parent and thank the awesome Primrose teachers & staff for their continued efforts to make Primrose the best place for our children!



  • I am a new mom and new to Primrose School of South Gilbert. My biggest concern and top priority was finding a safe, clean and reliable care center for my son when I went back to work. My husband and I took many tours of other daycare facilities in the East Valley and Primrose was by far the best! The minute we walked into Primrose of South Gilbert we felt welcomed by the staff and we knew this was the care center for our son. Since starting at Primrose, he has thrived both physically and socially. Knowing how hard it was for me to leave my son, Primrose sent me flowers to my work wishing me the best on my first day back. I don’t know of any other care center that would do that for their families. The teachers love our little guy like he is one of their own and we are so happy to be part of the Primrose family.

    Jennifer H.


  • I cannot say enough about the quality of care at Primrose of South Gilbert. Primrose of South Gilbert is without a doubt, the best thing we have done for our son. He has changed from a shy, scared and timid child into a confident and outgoing little boy in his short two months at Primrose. He turned one and was not talking and was scared of everyone. We started at Primrose and his whole demeanor changed. Since starting Primrose he has started talking up a storm and using sign language. We love everything about Primrose but the best thing is the staff. My son’s teachers love him and he loves them. You can see in their eyes their love for the students and their actions follow. Every day I pick my son up his teacher is sitting on the floor with him or interacting with him in a loving way. I knew Primrose was a wonderful place from the moment I walked in the door but they have far exceeded my expectations.

    Charity R.


  • Primrose is hands down the best preschool in the East Valley ... and we toured A LOT of schools before finding this one. We continue to be impressed daily with the cleanliness of the campus, the warm and friendly environment you feel instantly when you walk through the front door, the nurturing spirit of the teachers, the amazing curriculum and the flexible hours. This school has made such a positive impact on my son both socially and developmentally. He comes home daily singing songs from school, talking about his "buddies" in his classroom, and tells me what he learned that day in class. The staff and teachers truly do go above and beyond, which speaks volumes to how much they care about each individual child & family. I feel content each day knowing my son is in great hands, he's safe, he's learning and most importantly, he's happy! We can't wait until our newborn daughter can start!!

    Jill J.