Exterior of a Primrose School of South Elgin

Primrose School of South Elgin

Franchise Owners

Thank you for your interest in the Primrose School of South Elgin, proudly serving the Kane County, St. Charles and Elgin communities. The Daniel's opened the first two Primrose Schools in the Chic...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Christina Skudlarek, Assistant School Director

Christina Skudlarek

Assistant School Director

Nicole Rewinkel, Curriculum Director

Nicole Rewinkel

Curriculum Director

Venessa Arnold, Curriculum Director

Venessa Arnold

Curriculum Director

Angie Schaefer, Administrative Assistant

Angie Schaefer

Administrative Assistant

Diane Shorter, Infant Assistant Teacher

Diane Shorter

Infant Assistant Teacher

Brooke Rinker, Early Preschool Teacher

Brooke Rinker

Early Preschool Teacher

Carla Melnyk, Early Preschool Teacher

Carla Melnyk

Early Preschool Teacher

Lorie Bloomquist, Early Preschool Teacher

Lorie Bloomquist

Early Preschool Teacher

Jamie Gajewski, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Jamie Gajewski

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Megan Sheahan, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Megan Sheahan

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Anna Peters, Preschool Pathways Teacher

Anna Peters

Preschool Pathways Teacher

Diana Castillejo, Preschool Teacher

Diana Castillejo

Preschool Teacher

Christina Foreman, Preschool Teacher

Christina Foreman

Preschool Teacher

Kathryn Vickrey, Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Kathryn Vickrey

Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Carrie Wennstrom, Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Carrie Wennstrom

Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Teresa Krog, Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Teresa Krog

Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ashlee Johnson, Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ashlee Johnson

Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Karen Altner, Private Kindergarten Teacher

Karen Altner

Private Kindergarten Teacher

Lori Thermos, Explorer and Private Kindergarten Teacher

Lori Thermos

Explorer and Private Kindergarten Teacher

David Bloomquist, Kitchen Helper and Bus Driver

David Bloomquist

Kitchen Helper and Bus Driver