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Franchise Owner of Primrose School Lisa and family
Lisa Hegner
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Lisa Hegner


Welcome to Primrose Schools!

I'm Lisa Hegner, the proud owner of Primrose School of Shady Hollow.

Our Primrose journey began when I was pregnant with our first child as we started to explore high-quality childcare center options in the area. My husband, Keith, and I fell in love with Primrose the second we walked into the school and immediately wanted to enroll. While we were waitlisted, this just further proved to us that there was something special about this school. It was clear that Primrose creates a fun, educational and nurturing environment for each child and family.

Prior to opening our Primrose School, I worked in Human Resources for large corporate enterprises for 15 years. Over the years I have yearned to invest my time and energy into a local business of my own. I have seen the positive impact that Primrose has had on children served; socially, emotionally and intellectually that I decided that I wanted to open a Primrose school.

Austin is home, and I take great pride in bringing an exceptional academic program to our community. It is my mission for Primrose School of Shady Hallow to be a place full of laughter, learning and growth where families are able to have a peace of mind knowing that their little ones are cared for. I am excited to meet you and your family!


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