Primrose School of Sandy Springs South

Our Staff

  • Ms. Johnson, Director

    Ms. Johnson


    My name is Ms. Johnson and I am the Director. I am excited to be a part of the Primrose School of Sandy Springs South. I bring over 15 years of experience as a director at another preschool and 10 more years experience as a teacher and leadership team member. I am originally from North Carolina with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I really enjoy being in the classrooms and helping teachers connect with your children. I look forward to learning more about you and your child.

  • Ms. Hulet

    Director of Operations

    I am originally from Marietta, GA and recently spent 15 years in Virginia. I have over 25 years of childcare experience from teaching swim lessons, teaching Middle School, working in Admin for both after school care and in preschools. I bring over 5 years of Primrose experience and over 8 years of administrative experience. I am very excited to be a part of the Primrose family!

  • Ms. Morales, Curriculum Coach

    Ms. Morales

    Curriculum Coach

    Hello, my name is Ms. Morales and I am excited to work with our teachers and assist them in anyway I can. I have background experience with Primrose and I know that Primrose really is the leader in childhood education. My passion is to work with children and I believe that all children are different so we need to approach them in different ways. My vision is to make small positive changes in every child to grow the next generation of leaders. I have a BA in Spanish Literature and my CDA. I am so excited to be a part of the Primrose School of Sandy Springs South.

  • Ms. Miller

    Infant Educator

    I am originally from Atlanta, GA and have over 8 years of child care experience. I love to eat tacos and my weekends are spent watching movies while ordering food. My favorite children's book is "Jack and the Beanstalk". I am most excited about being a part of the Primrose family this year while getting to know your children.

  • Ms. Goodall, Toddler Educator

    Ms. Goodall

    Toddler Educator

    Hi, I’m Ms. Goodall, and I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I love mac ‘n cheese and attending spoken word events on the weekends. I have over 10 years of childcare experience and am pleased to join the team at Primrose Sandy Springs South. Erwin is my favorite Primrose Character because I am also energetic, lovable, smart, and loyal like we expect from dogs.

  • Ms Kirtley, Educator

    Ms Kirtley


    My name is Ms. Kirtley. I am glad to be continuing my career in Early Childhood education with the Primrose School of Sandy Springs South. With over 12 years of childhood experience, I am also a certified Dental Assistant. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and have enjoyed living in Georgia for over 15 years. I enjoy spending time reading and knitting as well as eating my favorite foods like pizza, salmon and tacos. Og the bookworm is my favorite Primrose character because like me, he loves to read. My favorite children's book is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. I am most excited to teach the children to develop new skills and learn from everything around them!

  • Ms. Benson, Early Preschool Educator

    Ms. Benson

    Early Preschool Educator

    I am so excited to be a part of the Primrose family. I am originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia and have over 4 years of Child Care experience. I hold an Associate Degree. I love eating seafood and pasta. On the weekends, I enjoy relaxing and spending time with my daughter. My favorite book to share with the students is "Oh, The Places You Will Go" and I relate most to Libby the Primrose character. I am very excited to witness the growth of each student from the beginning of my class to the end!!

  • Ms. Garrett, Private Pre-Kindergarten Educator

    Ms. Garrett

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Educator

    I am originally from Pasadena, CA and have over 5 years of child care experience. I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. On the weekends, I love to eat tacos and Eggplant Parmesan and spend time with my family by going to the park, reading, and painting. The book I would love to share with my students is "Peter Rabbit" and I relate most to Percy, the Primrose character. I am excited to teach your students and meet their families!

  • Ms. Sasmal


    I am very excited to become a part of the Primrose family! I am originally from India and I hold a Bachelor's of Arts. I love Indian food and taking long drives on the weekends. My favorite book to share with the students is "The Jungle Book" and I relate most to Molly, the Primrose character. I am most excited about meeting new students and colleagues at Primrose School of Sandy Springs South.

  • Raneet and Amit Khurana, Franchise Owner

    Raneet and Amit Khurana

    Franchise Owners

    Meet Raneet and Amit Khurana – proud Franchise Owners of Primrose School of Sandy Springs South. After years of dreaming of opening a Primrose school, the Khuranas are thrilled to see their dream become a reality as they bring the Primrose Experience of premier early education and care to the families of Sandy Springs.

    Raneet and Amit first encountered Primrose Schools in 2008, but their Primrose story began in 1999 when the newlywed couple migrated from India to the US. Soon after, the couple’s first daughter, Aarya, was born, and Raneet became a stay-at-home mom to care for her. When Aarya turned three, her parents enrolled her in a nearby preschool, but the Khuranas were not satisfied with the quality of care she received. Raneet and Amit were frustrated to find themselves in the same situation when their younger daughter, Aanya, began preschool a few years later.

    Inspired by her family’s struggle to find quality education and care for their own children, Raneet began considering opening a school that could fill the gaps she saw in her daughters’ preschool experiences. Together, the Khuranas began to explore early education and care opportunities, and after several years of searching, a family friend and Primrose parent pointed the couple to Primrose Schools.

    “The first thing that amazed us about Primrose was the Balanced Learning® curriculum, but as we learned more, we realized there was something special that goes far beyond excellent academics,” Amit said. “In each school we visited, we saw amazing warmth in the teachers and staff and were so impressed by the way teachers cared for their students. We are determined to build our own school around this same commitment to student growth and safety.”

    After visiting Primrose, Raneet and Amit immediately knew they wanted to open a school of their own, and after years of planning, the Khuranas are thrilled to open the doors of their school in early 2016. Raneet will handle the day-to-day operations and management of the school, drawing from her passion for education and an MBA in Finance she earned in India. Amit, who earned a Master’s degree in Commerce in India, will support the school as he continues his career as an Atlanta business leader.

    The youngest members of the Khurana family also look forward to supporting Primrose School of Sandy Springs South – Aarya and Aanya, who attend a local private school, are excited to visit the school for story times and other special events. They view upcoming Primrose students as the youngest brothers and sisters they have always wanted.

    “Amit and I miss our family members in India, but by opening our own Primrose school, we will gain hundreds of new family members in our staff and the children and families we will serve,” Raneet said. “We will treat the children as our own, and their safety, nurturing and balanced growth will be of utmost importance to us. We will give these children a great foundation so they can not only grow up to be successful in their lives and careers, but grow to be people of good character who care for each other and believe in doing what is right, always.”

    Primrose School of Sandy Springs South is located at 5188 Roswell Road. For more information, visit

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