Primrose School of Rowlett

Parent Testimonials

  • "My daughter has been at Primrose School of Rowlett since she was one. She started out part-time in the Young Toddlers class, and now she is in Kindergarten! I cannot say enough good things about Primrose Rowlett. Obviously, most important, is her safety, well-being and happiness. And, every day when I leave her, I know she is in good hands. She loves going to school which is always a good sign. In addition, the curriculum used by Primrose is top-notch. I am continually amazed by the things that my daughter has learned and continues to learn daily. This is not your ordinary ""daycare"" where the kids are merely entertained and kept busy. These kids (all the way down to the Toddlers) are constantly learning. They are little sponges, and they know way more than most children their age. I will be so sad when we finally have to say ""goodbye"" to Primrose Rowlett. Everyone there has been so instrumental in these formative years of my daughter's life, and I am so grateful for all of them! Thank you to the owners - Marilyn and Don Aragon, the Assistant Director - Mrs. Singleton, and all the wonderful teachers who have made such a positive impact on my child's life! "



  • We began our journey with Primrose when our oldest child was 2 years old and our twins were 12 weeks. Prior to Primrose, we had our son in in-home care and were very apprehensive about any childcare facilities. I consider myself a picky person so finding the perfect spot was not going to be easy! We have now been at Primrose Rowlett for three years and would not have changed a thing! We can look back and truly appreciate the quality care and education our children have received. They have excelled past other children their age and the balanced care shows in all aspects of their lives. We decided to leave our oldest child at Primrose for private kindergarten because the Texas education system would only hold him back. Because of three years of education at Primrose, he his already on a first grade level. Our youngest son has asthma and has to take breathing treatments at school. The staff never bats an eye when we show up with the breathing machine and they encourage him through the process. The love, direction and support that the staff shows our family is amazing. We cannot thank Primrose Rowlett enough for the assistance they are providing with raising our children. We have always said it takes an army to raise a family and we are proud to call the owners, directors and staff our extended family!

    Mommy to Three


  • I found Primrose while looking for a Pre-K class for my, no 6-year-old, son. That was 3 years ago. My 3-year-old daughter and my 20-month-old son now attend 3 days a week. I made the mistake of thinking I would put them in a place closer to home, and that didn't work out. My children love the school, and they learn so much! Each class is designed for a fun learning experience. I drive the extra miles so that my children will have a great early learning experience. Everyone who works here is wonderful and caring, and they know all the children. My children are confident and don't have a problem with my leaving. It is a relief knowing how well taken care of they are.



  • Connor has been going to Primroses since he was 3 months old and he loves it! He never wants to leave when we pick him up and never cries when we drop him off. Primrose of Rowlett is like his second home.

    Mary Ann C.


  • I have 2 children at the Primrose school of Rowlett. They loved this year's Summer camp and looked forward to it every day. The afterschool program is wonderful ! My children's get to participate in a variety of activities - outdoor games, arts and crafts and they get their homework done which is a huge help. The staff really really care about children. The staff at the Primrose School of Rowlett are very friendly and positive and they have shown me that they will go the extra mile to help your children learn and grow.

    Lisa C.


  • We have 2 boys that have been blessed and loved by the Primrose staff. Preston wastwo and a half when he started at Primrose. He had been through 2 daycares and a in-home daycare before we were blessed by Primrose. We had been talking with our close friends, The Bishop's, about Primrose and how Shelby loved the place and how Preston should go there as well. I called and spoke with Mrs. Aragon one morning and she was telling me that she had some parents coming in to tour the school that day and that spots were filling in. So, I told her to put me on the list and I would be there in 20 minutes to pay the tuition to hold our spot. We did not know what we were getting ourselves into and that is when the journey started. Primrose Rowlett welcomed Preston in with open arms and have loved him ever since. They love to be involved with the kids, parents and community. They have sculpted Preston into an educated, social little boy. Preston excels in his school work and his team events due tothe program Primrose has put together.Then we get the invite from Primrose for my husband, Michael Lewis, to be Santa at the meet and greet for the kids. He has done that for 2 years in a row and plans on going until our little one, Parker Lewis, is off to public school. Just when we thought that Primrose couldn't get any better, Don and Marilyn Aragon (faces of Primrose Rowlett), decided to reach out to the Youth Baseball of Rowlett program and sponsor our team in the Rowlett community. These examples are what parents love about Primrose Rowlett. Primrose and my family were very sad the day that Preston left there to go to kindergarten at public school, but they were not Lewis free for one second. Our little one, Parker Lewis, attends Primrose now and is carrying on the legacy that his big brother left behind. When Parker was born, we had it set up for him to attend once he got to a certain age. Well, those plans feel through and my family was in a bind. That is until Primrose Rowlett found out about it, Mrs. Singleton and Mrs. Aragon did everything they possibly could do to help us get Parker in early. They called us about a week into our dilemma, not having a school for Parker, and said we will see you on Monday. It was the best feeling in the world knowing that this school and the staff will go to the extreme to help its families out. You WILL NOT find this at any other school (not daycare) like this one. Preston loved being at this school and visits often, when we are picking up his little brother. Parker loves this school, the staff and his teachers. The Lewis Family could not be happier with any other options that are out there, not even another Primrose location. Not only do we consider the staff, directors and owners friends, but family as well! Thank you Primrose Rowlett, we love you guys.

    Lewis Family