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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Natosha and Ehab Eskander with their family
Natosha and Ehab Eskander
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Natosha and Ehab Eskander


Hello, we are Natosha and Ehab Eskander, the proud Franchise Owners of the new Primrose School of Reynoldsburg. Since opening our first preschool, the Primrose School at Pinnacle in December, 2009, we have seen the positive influence of the school's top-notch teachers and curriculum on our own children, our students and the community. So we are truly honored to extend the Primrose experience to more children and families in the Reynoldsburg area.

As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to find a safe, nurturing and educational environment where you can leave your children while you're away at work. When we discovered Primrose, we instantly felt the welcoming environment that we know parents are looking for. We fell in love with the curriculum, the focus on character development and the partnerships formed with parents. The school made such an impact on us that we decided to open our very own. In fact, twoof our children graduated from our Private Kindergarten program at the Primrose School at Pinnacle.

The importance of education has always been stressed throughout our lives and Primrose embodies all the values that we hold dear. We have seen how a quality early education foundation has positively impacted our children and we hope to share the benefits with your family.

We look forward to meeting you!

See What's Happening in Our School

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    More Than a Daycare

    Our Balanced Learning approach to child care makes us different than an ordinary Columbus daycare. Right down the road from Mount Carmel Urgent Care and Rosebrook Village, we are conveniently located on N. Brice Road.

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    Programs for Any Age

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

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    We bus to the following elementary schools:

    Licking Heights-South Elementary, Licking Heights-West Elementary, Grace Christian School, St. Pius School, Blacklick Elementary School, Gahanna Lincoln Elementary School, Royal Manor Elementary School, Rose Hill Elementary School, Summit Road Elementary School, Taylor Road Elementary School, French Run Elementary School and Waggoner Road Elementary School

  • PP WT1

    Preschool Pathways Wonder Time

    Our Preschool Pathways students are learning about Dinosaurs! The students are making their own dinosaur fossils to make a dinosaur museum using salt dough! 🦖

  • Thumbs up OI

    Older Infant and Toddler Thumbs Up!

    Our Older Infant and Toddler students practiced rolling a ball during Thumbs Up today! Rolling a ball allows children to practice tracking movement, gross motor skills and helps with turn taking skills! ⚽️

  • Teddy Bear Picnic

    Teddy Bear Picnic

    Teddy Bear Picnic! Our students enjoyed a snack outside with their stuffed animals! 🧸

  • Teacher Appreciation

    July Teacher Appreciation

    Our summer has been packed full of fun because of our teachers! We gave our teachers a fanny pack, hat, and other goodies inside! We appreciate our teachers so much! 🤍

  • PreK STEAM

    PreKindergarten STEAM Lesson

    During our STEAM lesson, our PreKindergarten students created a washing machine! They each got to shake and wash an item. So inventive!

  • EP WT

    Early Preschool Early Art Masters

    Our Early Preschool students looked at things in nature!  After looking at things we do in the outdoors, they explored painting and the different textures nature and paint can both do.

  • Infant WT

    Infant Wonder Time

    This is A Vegetable! During Wonder Time, our Infants learned all about the different types of vegetables. They described each of their attributes and really focused on their colors with the help of Erwin the dog!

  • Steam

    What’s Beneath Our Feet

    What’s Beneath Our Feet? All of our classrooms are exploring what we find in our earth! Our students are becoming geologists, gardeners, arenologists, and agronimists with the help of our teachers! 🪴🌼🪨

  • PreK Noggin Joggin

    PreKindergarten 1 Noggin’ Joggin’

    Reach for the Stars! ⭐️ During Noggin’ Joggin’ today, our PreKindergarteners painted their own constellations! They have been exploring the night sky during this unit!

  • Todds art

    Toddlers Early Art Masters

    During Early Art Masters our Toddlers painted with toy food 🍕🥚🥠🥔! Our Puppet Pal, Erwin showed us the different foods we would be using and we discovered the different textures the food made on the paper with paint! 🎨

  • PP Noggin Joggin

    Preschool Pathways Noggin Joggin

    Our Preschool Pathways students learned all about how winter is cold! With the help of Ally the Bunny and Ms. Reed our students explored ice and spoke about how it feels! ☃️💙

  • EP Centers

    Early Preschool Child’s Choice Centers

    The Primrose Balanced Learning® approach provides teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate children's natural curiosity and to fully support each child while building problem solving skills and confidence. Our Early Preschoolers showed this approach we use every day by participating in Children’s Choice Learning Centers! We have all centers available for children to create their own autonomy and explore the classroom at their discretion. Our centers include Blocks Center, Math Center, Art Center, Dramatic Play, Reading Center, Writing Center, and Science and Sensory Center!

  • PK Noggin

    Pre-Kindergarten 2 Noggin’ Joggin’

    Our Pre-Kindergarten 2 students learned all about kindness today while reading the Kindness Quilt! They also focused on the patterns while they looked at the quilt! At Primrose, our Balanced Learning® curriculum infuses character development lessons throughout the day! 💕

  • PP Leaf

    Preschool Pathways Leaf Collecting

    Today our Preschool Pathways students took turns examining various leaves. They noticed some of the differences and the similarities of the leaves. We also paid attention to the shapes of the leaves. After examining the leaves, they made their own leaf imprints! 🍂💛

  • Toddlers ring

    Toddlers Ring Stacking

    Our Toddlers worked together to put all of the rings back on the ring stacker. We each received a ring and took turns placing the rings on the stacker from largest to smallest. This is great for fine motor skills and for color identification!

  • Preschool Circle Time

    Preschool Circle Time

    Circle Time is one of the most important times of the day for our school! It starts our students off on the right foot and gets their brains moving!

  • Toddlers Thumbs Up

    Toddlers Bubble Play

    Today our Toddlers played with bubbles! This activity is great for developing tracking and depth perception as well as distance. Swatting at the bubbles are great for our hand-eye coordination!

  • PK Thumb Up Indoor

    PreKindergarten 2 Indoor Thumbs Up! Lesson

    Our PreKindergarten 2 students participated in a Thumbs Up! lesson that focused on kicking! Although it was rainy outside, our teachers made sure to still get that physical development time into their daily schedule.

  • PS Unit

    Preschool Vehicle Unit

    Our Preschoolers are learning all about vehicles this week from their unit Big, Strong Truck to the Rescue! 🚗🤩


    PreKindergarten STEAM

    Our PreKindergarten students made play dough to explore the states of matter during STEAM! We love to see our little scientists hard at work!

  • EP WT 2

    Early Preschool Wonder Time 2

    WE WORK IN A BAKERY! Today, our Early Preschoolers pretended that they are all bakers working in a bakery. They used modeling dough as our baked goods!

  • OI WT 1

    Older Infants Wonder Time 1

    Today our Older Infants learned about how farms help us grow foods that are good for us! They read a book all about the farm and used dramatic play toys to sort the foods with the help of Ally the Bunny!

  • Happy Hearts

    Happy Hearts

    Every Friday our students do a Happy Hearts® Lesson that focuses on character development! This month with the help of our Puppet Pals, we are learning all about courage. Percy the Rooster represents courage. We read books written by Dr. Laura Jana and Julia Cook that feature our very own Puppet Pals!! Proper character development does not just happen by itself. Research suggests that social and emotional development begins at birth and that the foundation for developing values is set before age five. Through age-appropriate discussions, literature, and role-playing activities, Primrose teachers model and encourage self-control, generosity, compassion, and gratitude to help your child develop into happy, empathic, confident, well-rounded , and respected individuals.

  • social media

    Follow us on Social Media

    We are on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok! @primrosereynoldsburg

  • PP Butterfly

    Preschool Pathways Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    It's Alive!!! Our Early Preschool and Preschool Pathways students are watching the life cycle of a butterfly during our unit this month! Every day they observe the caterpillars and talk about the changes they are seeing! 🦋

  • Toddler Indoor Thumbs Up

    Toddlers Indoor Thumbs Up!

    Today our Toddlers experienced an Obstacle Course! The key to this obstacle course was to perform the movements while staying on balance and not bumping into the obstacles. We are developing spatial awareness! Look how much fun they had practicing their gross motor skills!!

  • OI WT

    Older Infant Wonder Time

    Today for Wonder Time our Older Infants showed off what animal sounds they know! After they showed the teachers their animal sounds they looked at books with animals in it with the help of our Puppet Pals!

  • PreKindergarten 2 Dramatic Play

    PreKindergarten 2 Dramatic Play

    Our PreKindergarten 2 students are "PAW"FECT! This week our students are talking about "What's Alive" and our PreK 2 students were veterinarians in Dramatic Play using our Puppet Pals as their patients!

  • open house

    Open House

    We have an Open House every Wednesday from 4-6. Come and see our school!

  • Appreciation

    Appreciation Station

    It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!! Please stop by our front desk tomorrow and all week to show your appreciation for our teachers at our very own Appreciation Station! ❤️🍎

  • Older Infant Early Art Masters

    Older Infant's Early Art Masters

    Our Older Infant students went on a Texture Hunt during Early Art Masters today! They experimented with different textured items and dipped them in paint! 🎨

  • Wonder Time 2 Todds

    Toddlers Wonder Time 2

    At Primrose Schools, we teach and use sign language with infants and toddlers to help them communicate. We also encourage signing for peer communication and conflict resolution. Today during Wonder Time 2, our Toddlers looked at our Sign Language Cards: Outside, Bird, Butterfly, Dog, Fish, What do you see? In this picture our Toddler Teacher, Ms. Shank is teaching the students the word "bird" in sign language! After signing they played peek-a-boo with their toy animals and a scarf! When they lifted the scarf they used identifying words to figure out the animal!

  • Og's Story Time YI 1

    Young Infant 1 Og's Story Time

    Og’s Story Time Babies snuggle up to teachers while they enjoy simple picture books together. Reading aloud with infants is an important first step for language and literacy. Ms. Gerdeman is helping one of our Young Infant 1 babies enhance their literacy and motor skills at the same time!

  • Dramatic Play-PS 2

    Preschool 2 Children's Choice Learning Centers-Dramatic Play

    Let's Go Shopping!! 🛒🛍 During Children's Choice Learning Centers, our Preschool 2 students were able to role-play being shopkeepers at a special store selling collections. They took turns being the shopper while the other children were the storekeepers.

  • EP Wonder Time

    Early Preschool Wonder Time

    During Wonder Time, our Early Preschoolers explored colors in the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear!" They described each animals' characteristics, as well! ❤️

  • Young Infant 2 Wonder Time Photo

    Young Infant 2 Wonder Time

    Our Young Infant 2 babies used their visual tracking skills to watch a frog jump around from side to side and up and down. They also tried to make the frog jump themselves! 🐸💚

  • Kindergarten Small Group Math

    Kindergarten Small Group Math

    Now Enrolling for Private Kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year! Small class sizes is just one of the many benefits of our Private Kindergarten! Call the school today for more information!

  • PreKindergarten Small Group Literacy

    PreKindergarten Small Group Literacy

    Today our PreKindergarten 1 students heard the story “The Old Man in the Mountain” by Lara Winegar. After the story, they created their own model of the man in the mountain. They were encouraged to represent any of the three stages: whole, cracking, and when it fell apart. ⛰

  • Toddler Early Art Masters

    Toddlers Early Art Masters

    Our Toddlers explored color mixing during Early Art Masters! They learned what happens if you mix the colors orange and blue. Do you know what color orange and blue make? Ask our Toddlers if you want to know! 😉💙🧡

  • EP Wondertime 1

    Early Preschool Wonder Time

    Our Early Preschool class sorted books based on their size attribute. They sorted if the book was big and if it was little. After sorting they then explored the books on their own! We love to see our young readers! 📚❤️

  • Preschool Science

    Preschoolers are Scientists!

    Children are natural scientists. They use their senses and special technological tools to observe and investigate their world, recording and analyzing their findings through writing, drawing or taking photos. Look at our young scientists in our Preschool classroom! 🧪💚

  • Explorers Engineering Zone

    Explorers Engineering Zone

    Our Explorers created their own future city using recycled materials! They used the Design Thinking Approach in there Engineering Zone to create a city worth visiting! 🏢🏙

  • YI 2 Make it Rain

    Young Infant 2 Wonder Time

    Make It Rain! Our Young Infant 2 babies explored items that can scoop and pour water. While pouring the water, they visually tracked the objects as they floated in the water. 💧💙

  • Preschool Literacy

    Preschool Small Group Literacy

    With the help of Peanut the Pony our Preschool students read the poem, "Magnets, Magnets" that they sang to the tune of Frere Jacques! They then practiced identifying the letters 'Gg' and 'Hh' in the poem!

  • Pampers + Primrose

    Primrose & Pampers

    We have partnered with Pampers to have diapers delivered right to your child’s classroom. Now that’s something we all can get behind! Now included in your child’s tuition! Convenient, cost effective, and one less thing busy parents have to worry about! 💛

  • Small Group Math in Kindergarten

    Small Group Math in Kindergarten

    During Small Group Math and Math Centers our Kindergarteners learned all about addition! They used number bonds and manipulatives like counters, number lines, and rekenreks to help with their addition skills! 🧮🔢

  • I Spy Toddlers

    Toddlers Wonder Time: I Spy

    Our Toddler class played "I Spy" today during Wonder Time. The teacher described different characteristics of items (i.e. soft, yellow, square) and the students had to pick the toy they were describing. 💛

  • Urijah Book

    Exciting News!

    We are so excited to announce that one of our students is now a published author! Urijah Ulfig from our Explorers class wrote a book for his little sister and recently had it published. We are so very proud of him! It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you would like to check it out! Congratulations, Urijah!

  • PreK 2 Caring and Giving

    PreKindergarten 2 Caring and Giving Drive

    Our PreKindergarten 2 classroom has gotten 87 donations for our Caring and Giving Drive! The drive runs until November 30th and we are so grateful we can donate these items to the Pataskala Food Pantry! ❤️🥫

  • Young Infant 2 Turkey

    Young Infant 2 Turkey Day

    To celebrate Turkey Day, our Young Infant 2 students celebrated by decorating their own turkeys! How sweet are these little turkeys! 🦃❤️

  • Og's Reading Bag

    Og's Reading Bag

    Each week, Og’s Reading Bag is sent home with a different child. They fill Og's bag with their favorite book and bring them back to read with their class! Our Primrose puppet pal, Og-the lovable Bookworm, shares his love of reading with each of our classrooms by reading alongside our students! 🐛📖

  • Wonder Time Butterfly

    Wonder Time in Early Preschool and Preschool Pathways

    During Wonder Time, our Early Preschoolers and Preschool Pathways classes looked at a butterfly's colors and designs on their wings! They even illustrated their own butterflies and looked at the symmetry of the colors. 🦋

  • Wonder Time 1 Stacking Rings

    Wonder Time 1 with Toddlers

    During Wonder Time, our Toddlers explored the stacking ring! They discussed the words bigger, smaller, and stack. They used their motor skills to stack the rings in order from biggest to smallest!

  • Early Preschool Noggin Joggin

    Early Preschool Noggin' Joggin'

    Our Early Preschool students discussed trees during Noggin Joggin! They explored the animals that lived in the trees and talked about how tall and leafy trees are! They even got to color their own squirrel!

  • Kindergarten STEAM Lesson

    Kindergarten STEAM Lesson

    Our Kindergarteners created their own weather vanes! They observed how the wind affects the weather and which direction the wind was coming from! Look at our mini-meteorologists!

  • Young Infant 2 playing with blocks

    Young Infant 2 Wonder Time 1

    Our Young Infant 2 babies learned all about colors, stacking, and playing with blocks! They explored if the blocks were the same and what their textures were!

  • Counting and Sorting in Preschool 2

    Preschool 2 Small Group Math

    Our Preschool 2 students practiced counting and sorting food objects! With the help of Molly the Cow, our students could sort by color, size, and shape! So proud of our young mathematicians!

  • Our Young Infant 2 babies explored books about families

    Young Infant 2 Wonder Time

    Our Young Infant 2 babies explored books about families and learned the signs for 'Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa!' We love our Primrose families!

  • Young Infant 1 and 2 observing calming bottles

    Infant Wonder Time

    Our Young Infant 1 and 2 babies talked about how to stay calm! They observed and explored calming bottles and we practiced breathing in and out together! We loved to see their curious minds watching the bottles!

  • This month we are Celebrating Cultures to show that are family's are alike and different in many ways!

    Celebrating Cultures

    This month we are Celebrating Cultures to show that our family's are alike and different in many ways! We are so thankful that the Wakim family could share the story "Strega Nona" so we can learn all about their family culture!

  • Our Kindergarteners showed their literacy skills by practicing writing their letters.

    Kindergarten Small Group Literacy

    The early years are critical for literacy development. From sign language and story time in younger classrooms, to phonics and eventually reading and writing in our older ones, your child develops important literacy skills and a love of reading. Our Kindergarteners showed their literacy skills by practicing writing their letters and by showing their letter sound knowledge during Small Group Literacy!

  • During Noggin Joggin, our Preschool 1 students looked at their thumbprints.

    Preschool Noggin Joggin

    During Noggin Joggin, our Preschool 1 students looked at their thumbprints. They looked how their prints are alike and different from their peers!

  • During Wonder Time, our Older Infants and Toddlers used mirror play to explore different parts of their face.

    Older Infant and Toddler's Wonder Time

    During Wonder Time, our Older Infants and Toddlers used mirror play to explore different parts of their face. They pointed out their eyes, ears, and nose! They loved checking out their features!

  • Today our PreKindergarten 1 students practiced writing the letters 'Gg' and 'Uu' while at small group literacy!  After practi

    PreKindergarten Small Group Literacy

    Our PreKindergarten 1 students practiced writing the letters 'Gg' and 'Uu' while at small group literacy! After practicing writing the letters, our students then searched for the letters in a poem.

  • Our Thumbs Up! curriculum is an important part of our Healthy Bodies program, as physical activity is essential to developing

    Kindergarten Thumbs Up! Lesson

    Our Thumbs Up! curriculum is an important part of our Healthy Bodies program, as physical activity is essential to developing a healthy lifestyle! Our Kindergarten Class practiced kicking with the inside of their feet to strengthen their control with a ball!

  • Young Infant 2 class explored books about animals (dinosaurs) they may see in a museum! They noticed their shapes, colors, si

    Wonder Time with Young Infant 2

    The Young Infant 2 class explored books about animals (dinosaurs) they may see in a museum! They noticed their shapes, colors, sizes and talked about their scaly skin.

  • Our Preschool students are helping mouse clean!

    Preschool Science and Sensory Center

    Our Preschool students are helping mouse clean like the mouse in "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!" We love using our science and sensory table!

We'd love for your family to meet ours.