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Primrose School at Reunion

Parent Testimonials

  • We love Primrose so much! This morning when I dropped my daughter off I was reminded how much we love our school. I walked in and Ms. Yasamin the director welcomed Peyton by name with a big smile along with two other teachers. When I dropped her off she blew me a kiss and waved with a big smile as she walked away to play with her friends. Our child is so happy and has learned so much. She knows so much sign language that it makes it so easy to communicate with her and nothing makes us happier! We recommend Primrose to everyone we meet!

    Erin V.


  • I just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers at Primrose that we have gotten to know along the way. Right now my 3 year old daughter Cameron has been with Ms. Cathy Chavez for well over a year and is so happy to see her every day! Ms. Cathy makes every day bright for Cameron, and for our family. My son, Cole is currently enrolled with Ms. Katie and Ms. Rosie, and every day when I ask how his day was, he always mentions how he got to play with Katie and Rosie, and has a smile on his face whenever he says it. In the past, we have also been fortunate enough to work Ms. Beth in the infant room, Ms. Jena in the Toddler room, Ms. Olga (who Cole still talks about and loves!), Ms. Sam and Ms. Gia. I just wanted to make sure to thank all of you for making the last three years so easy every day.

    April F.


  • During the "flood" at our Primrose at Reunion School we were a little concerned about how our almost 3 year old would handle going to a new school, considering it took him about 2 months to get used to the Reunion school. When we walked in, he clung to me a little tighter, but everyone was very nice and helpful. The second he saw Miss Renea, or "Nea" like he calls her, he immediately relaxed and had no problem with us leaving. When we picked him up he said, "Momma this school is cool" I said, "Oh good, you like it here." and he said "YES." I thank you so much for making my son feel so comfortable and a special thanks to Miss Renea for helping him come out of his shell!

    Amy J.


  • Both of my children (1 daughter and 1 son) have attended Primrose since they were 12 weeks old, and I am so thankful for that. The education that they have received, even from that young age is unparalleled to any "daycare" facility around and I truly believe that because of that education they will be head and shoulders above the other kids when they begin elementary school - I am amazed every day by the knowledge that they have shown and continue to show at this young age (my daughter just turned 3 and my son is just 21 months)! I am also thankful for the staff at Primrose who every day welcome them with a huge hug and smile, especially the director of the school, Yasamin. I feel good every day, knowing that the two (soon to be three) most precious things to me are taken care of with such excellent care and loving attention.

    April F.


  • My two children and I recently went through a major transition, and part of that transition was locating a daycare close to our home that could care for my diabetic son, Timothy. I was thrilled to find Primrose, a school dedicated to nurturing and caring for my children, but also focused on developing and encouraging their cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative skills through hands-on learning and positive reinforcement. AND I was even more thrilled when Yasamin told me, without hesitation, the school would be open to accommodate a child with diabetes. We realized early on this was going to be a learning experience and challenge for all of us. But, I was fully confident in Primrose and the staff to care for Timothy and keep me informed throughout each day as to how he was doing. Timmy is an extraordinary little boy, but he did have some difficulty transitioning back to daycare in the beginning. I owe my deepest gratitude to Jianette Crook (Miss Jia) for taking Timmy under her wing. I could see an immediate difference in Timmy’s attitude and confidence once Miss Jia became the lead teacher in Preschool B. Every day she worked with Timmy, to encourage him and challenge him in class. I am forever grateful to her. Timmy continues grow and become more confident as he is now learning his letters in Pre-Kindergarten with Miss Conklin. He is so excited about school and comes home eager to tell me about his day, and to show me what he has accomplished. I Heart Primrose!...from the depths of my heart! I am thankful to Primrose and the teachers for their commitment to caring for my children, for their high-level of communication, and for their continued support to me as a parent.

    Amanda S.


  • Our 5 year old son, Miller, has been attending Primrose Reunion for almost 3 years since we were transferred back to Colorado in July 2010. Finding childcare for your children can be such a daunting task but Primrose made the transition easy. We couldn't be happier with the care and education he has received from the staff. They offer a warm, safe environment for Miller which gives us peace of mind. The facility is always clean and well-organized with lots of activities for the children. Miller loves his school and especially his teacher, Mrs. Lawson. He brings home his projects and talks about all of his "friends" and how his day went. I can see great improvement in his reading and writing his letters. He is learning new skills every day! We feel 100% confident in Primrose's abilities and their care and commitment to the safety and educational needs of all the children. We know you would be happy here as well!

    Danielle Y.


  • The staff at the Reunion school are always happy and greet you with a smile. They are very helpful and accommodating. The teachers genuinely care about the children and try to reach and cater to each child’s individuality.

    Julie H

  • My son enjoys his teaching staff.

    Kirk- A

  • All the teachers at Primrose have been fabulous. My child has a bit of attachment at dropoff and ms lisa, miss lupe, ms Louella have all been fantastic in making her not only feel comfortable but me too. Thank you! We've had a great experience at Primrose and its made a big different in our little girl over the last 2 years.

    Ashley C

  • We love the friendliness of the teachers and staff. Love the daily reports we get each day. Love the structure of the day! Ada is learning so much!

    Christina G

  • My family loves Primrose Reunion! We have had such a positive experience with both the staff and teachers, we can’t recommend Primrose Reunion enough !!! Our daughter loves to attend school here and has learned so much. Thank you Primrose Reunion for providing my daughter with such an incredible learning environment ! :)

    Victoria L

  • The teachers are caring and very dedicated! My son loves going to school and he comes home learning something new every day. Also, Primrose Reunion has done a wonderful job throwing events inviting parents to come into the classroom as well as supporting the community around them.

    Amanda W

  • Primrose at Reunion is wonderful! My children both love going there! The majority of my interactions with the staff have been amazing, with one minor exception. I am confident that my children are receiving the best possible care!

    Kelly K

  • We love the ease of pick up and drop off, the hours are perfect for what we need and Connor is learning new things every day. Dana is always available and easy to talk to with questions.

    Jennifer M

  • Ms. Cathy was an amazing teacher for our kiddo. Ms. Cathy is kind, loving, and really cares about the kids. My little one has grown so much from being in her class. All the teacher are so nice and friendly and are alway willing to help. The center is always clean ( minus Ms debras classroom, it smells like Urine). the food that is served is always great. If there is every a problem or concern i am listened to and the problem is fixed. We love primrose In commerce city

    Erica R

  • We have been at Primrose Reunion for almost 7 years and are sad that we have to leave due to relocating. We are staying with Primrose, just another location. The school has been great for all 3 of our girls. Our oldest went through Kindergarten and our twins are in Pre-kindergarten currently. It’s been a great experience!

    Amanda H